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  1. So Mrs. Fackler, explain to me how government regulation would have prevented your son from sticking his foot out on BTMR. Thats right. It wouldn't.
  2. Only been on two stand ups (Georgia Scorcher and KD's Shockwave). I have to go with B&M on this one. I don't know why, but there is something that I really like about Georgia Scorcher.
  3. The front of my favorite train (paint job wise) on my favorite coaster, Rampage at Alabama Adventure.
  4. This is something I have thought about doing for a couple of years now. I think this might be the year to actually do it. You guys provided some great information!
  5. That was just what the state of Alabama did when the same thing happened here. In Jan of 2002 and in Oct of 2004 two seperate overpasses at the I-20/59 and I-65 interchange were destroyed when tankers exploded under them. They worked 24-7 after both accidents.The first one took 37 days to reopen, the second one 47 days. The key was in who they got to rebuild it. They were actually re-built by one of the best know construction companies in Alabama (Brassfield and Gorrie, who also built the Georgia Aquarium and Visionland).
  6. Easy fix. Give the contractors a completion date. Give them a $25,000 per day bonus for every day they finish ahead of schedule. If they miss the deadline, fine them $25,000 per day. It will amaze you how quickly it gets rebuilt
  7. You can't. Zorb won't sell them. I had a friend that waned to buy one and he e-mailed Zorb and they told him they didn't sell them to the public due to insurance regulations I believe.
  8. Laps in one day- 39 on Cannonball Run at Waterville USA Consecutive rides- 14 on Rampage at Alabama Adventure Most I knew of someone personally doing was 93 (yes 93) laps on Zoomerang at AAdv. I thought he was crazy but he seemed to enjoy it.
  9. Awesome that Shapiro followed through on his hope to have "major" capitol ready on opening day. Sounds like one of my favorite parks is off for another great year. Oh...and when I visited SFFT last April Polty was running two trains. Don't really see why, cause they probably could have run one and had the same capacity.
  10. Am I the only one that thinks its a little stupid for SFNE to build two kids areas in one year or are they just really short on family ttractions?
  11. He introduced the same bill before and even he voted against. He just wants the media attention.
  12. I laugh at a Pac 10 fan making fun of a SEC offense, cause the SEC could just as easily poke fun of a Pac-10 defense. I want a bumper sticker: "Honk if you got beat 41-14 by an SEC team in a BCS game"
  13. They didn't re-paint the train. The "rainbow" style train is being re-furbed. They also replaced the seats in the blue train about 1- 1and a half months ago, but a couple of the new seats have tears in them. They also painted the pavement blue before this season.
  14. Sea World San Antonio pics taken from my trip last month: I'll start out with the Donkey pic!
  15. ...Hello Alabama Adventure. Today the park announced they are changing their name. They also announced their summer concert series and some of their future plans for the park including RV Campground, an animal park, A hotel w/ indoor water park, among others. The press release can be found here http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20060327005997&newsLang=en
  16. Voted for Other US (Goliath) because it is the closest to me.And It looks cool.
  17. 1st Coaster: Rampage (April) Last Coaster: Zoomerang(September) Not really any highlights though.
  18. New Pics Goliath's lift is up! http://www.laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 Pretty Superma....er.......Goliath lift!
  19. Deja Vu freaked me out a bit when I rode it. Other than that I haven't really been scared by a coaster. Now my first ferris wheel ride is a different story.
  20. When I went to PKD a couple of years back the longest I had to wait for anything was like 20-30 minutes for Hypersonic/Volcano (weekday). It seemed like most of the people there went straight to Volcano at opening so I went to FOF and Anaconda first. Hypersonic had signs saying it would open at 1, but it opened at 12 and I had maybe a 5 minute wait. At BGW I loved Escape from Pompeii. The train ride around the park and the river cruises were also fun. The ride that I didn't really like was the log flume ( It felt like you were hitting a speed bump every few seconds.) Have a great trip!
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