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  1. Agreed. I never liked any of the movies, especially the roller coaster scenes. Actually, I always laugh when they come up. It's a pitty that they're making a new movie....bet it'll be just like the other two.
  2. "Destroy all vampires" - The legion of doom
  3. My favorite are the lap bars you see on mega coasters such as Behemoth or Nitro. Least favorite are the OTSR's on Flight deck at Canada's wonderland...or any vekoma really.
  4. Nothing really all that new here, but this article was published in the paper I got today. It talks about the new things in Orlando and Tampa, and includes HRRR. Link
  5. It kind of looks like some kind of green tail light that you'd see on buses or trucks. Or maybe it's a top view of a lamp?
  6. Just sent one of Flight Deck over at Canada's Wonderland.
  7. LMAO! Completely epic! Makes me laugh everytime. "Damn you rug!"
  8. Awesome playlist. I like a few of the songs on it...except the country ones of course. Anyway, glad to see that they've got people on the ride, even though it's just employees.
  9. I just heard that as breaking news a few hours ago this morning. I was surpised when hearing about it. Looking forward to updates.
  10. The ride ops at Dueling Dragons seem to like having a bit of fun. They sometimes say random things out of nowhere, and I remember the time that DD was stopped because of weather. After some of the lightning and thunder calmed down a bit, this one guy in line said "Why can't we get on the ride now?" So the ride op replied with something like "Well, it's 125 feet tall, made of steel, and there's lightning outside. You can try it if you'd like, I won't tell anyone." Of course, it was a joke, and I had to laugh. Then there's these two ops for Behemoth at Canada's wonderland. One had his arm
  11. I like how they change to a quicker strobing mode as the train reaches the top of the lift.
  12. New Divide - Linkin Park EPIC song. Recomended for everyone to listen to.
  13. I'm a big Eagles fan, and always have been...but these were horrible:
  14. Transporter 3 on Amazon: 10 bucks.
  15. Roughest coaster I've been on is Flight Deck over at Canada's Wonderland. Thought I was going to get a concussion on that thing. Even Minebuster was smoother.
  16. I haven't been out of Florida very much, so my list isn't that great. Use to live in: New Jersey Been to: Pennsylvania Ohio Illinois (Chicago O'hare airport) North Carolina (Charlotte Douglass airport)
  17. I love robotics, used to watch Battle Bots and Robot wars until they were canceled. (Or at least I think Battle Bots was canceled, don't see it on anymore)
  18. Awhile ago, I came across a video of workers adding a train to each side of Dueling Dragons. It's not that great, and there's no sound, but still.
  19. Did someone warn that there's lightning?
  20. Just uploaded this avatar. It's the Audi seen in Transporter 2...or one of them at least. Lol. I'm sure they used more than one.
  21. TheHulk


    So I've been looking around, trying to find how many G's Behemoth pulls. I haven't had any luck so far, and was hoping maybe some of you would know. I don't need anything exact, just an estimate or whatnot.
  22. I actually got back from this trip about a week ago, but it took some time to get the pics uploaded, resized, and deciding what order they went it. My week after the trip was pretty busy as well, and that's why it took a bit to get them up here. Now being a big plane enthusiast, I got quite a few pics of the planes as well. Part 2 coming soon. Lots of pics to upload. Even though it just about killed me because of a headache, I still rode and loved Flight Deck. I need my credit. The F-14 prop by Flight Deck The "money shot" for Flight Deck. Again...PAIN! But wouldn't you know
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