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  1. Key to something in an oil rig? Key to a machine that operates a wrecking ball?
  2. Behemoth was the opener for my 2009 season, then I went on Flight Deck. Never go on that with even the most minor of headaches. I was on a timed schedule and wanted to get it in. My headache was increased by about a thousand.
  3. I realize I mixed hangtime with airtime. But hell, when I made that post, it was late and I had just gotten back from long hours and flights at the airport. Not to mention I was half asleep and went to bed shortly after.
  4. Hangtime dosn't bother me at all. I ride ring of fire from time to time, and I love it.
  5. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/dpgo_model_swine_flu_fc_200904302454394 Now this article and model just makes it seem to be much worse than a flu outbreak. More like a zombie virus. Nice knowing you guys on TPR, looks like us east coasters could become the walking dead within a few weeks in a worse case scenario.
  6. With its magical evolving powers...duh.
  7. ^ Might wanna take out the thing. But I can't wait for this thing to open. Hopefully I can head down to Orlando in time and ride Manta.
  8. This whole thing reminds me of that skit I mentioned earlier that MadTV did while the Bird Flu was around:
  9. Hydra really stands out in my opinion. I like the green of the hulk as well, and red track with blue supports on sheikra.
  10. I should start up a company selling Hazmat suits at a discounted price. But seriously, there's what...about 20 or so cases here out of how many people in the entire US population? Not to mention that everyone who has it in the US is recovering. Not worried about it at all. Now we need to have some comedy show come up with something where porky pig, wilber, or piglet gets the Swine flu. Mad TV did so with big bird and the bird flu.
  11. If Robb ever gets around to sending you a TPR Bag o' crap, he should put in a dildo just for you. As far as the item goes, I'm completely clueless. The chain helps a bit, but not much.
  12. ^ I think HamsterTums beats out everything else.
  13. Do you want it to have the same name as a coaster? I know some people like to name their pets after certain things.
  14. Thanks for the replies, I'll make sure to take them into consideration.
  15. I'm taking a trip over to Toronto on May 2nd-4th, and I'd love to get to Canada's wonderland while I'm at it. They open on the 3rd, so I'd expect big crowds. Do any of you have tips as to what rides I should get to first and what times would be best? Behemoth is my main priority, followed by their other coasters, and the flat rides being my last. Thanks in advance!
  16. ^ I believe this post indeed deserves to be post of the week.
  17. ^ Is affraid of small places < Kicks lockers when someone is in them V Is secretly a unicorn by night
  18. Still have a bunch of lanscaping work to do, and this is only a small section of the park shown. http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt160/TransporterAndCrank/rctpark.jpg The dark blue coaster in the background is Raven (a flyer), the lighter one to the right is Terminal Velocity.
  19. Because they're Cubs, not quite old enough. Why does it have to be so hot in Florida?
  20. I'm not sure if anyone saw this, but the official POV vid for Diamond Back is up on youtube. The one in the link is edited by someone, but I like how it shows the riders towards the middle of the video. Lol. Just wish it would be the sounds of the coaster instead of music. If I ever get back up to Ohio, this would definatly be on my list.
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