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  1. Never been so glad to see a crane. Hopefully things pick back up on the lift and the entire thing can get moving forward once again.
  2. The accident itself is sad, and I'm hoping that the kid makes a full recovery. The comments though just put a funny moment into a serious situation.
  3. Movie on demand: Transporter 2 $3
  4. I found it in a catalog called Walter Drake. They always sell the strangest things. This is beyond anything I've seen from them though.
  5. ^ Is correct < Drools while watching newly posted videos of Manta V Has procrastination issues
  6. Was browsing through a catalog earlier, and found this. Yes, they ACTUALLY make ass wipers! I know how some of us were thinking up of such a thing in the "WTF is it?" thread....and it exists! LMAO! For proof that this isn't photoshopped, here's the whole page that it was advertised on: http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq264/DanielCraig007_2008/Asswiper4.jpg Maybe the Sham Wow guy or Billy Mays should start selling this! The product and the item picture are enough, do you really need the graphic? LOL!
  7. Thanks a bunch for the pics and video. That ninth pic is making me have second thoughts on the cars without the graphics being better. Adding things to the little rays really made a difference for me. Great to see some people riding it as well...lucky. Lol.
  8. ^ Is right. That'd be pretty cool to do. Lol < Wishes to see a space shuttle launch V Was kicked out of a space shuttle while it was in space!
  9. Saw this on the news a few days ago. Simon's expression makes me crack up all the time. But seriously, I believe the show is called Britain's got TALENT. Not Britain's got the looks or whatever.
  10. No, it's only rude if they try to talk (sign) with something in their hand. Does Billy Mays think everyone is deaf?
  11. 7/10 I like the black and white style and the glowing text
  12. Actually just thought of this. Whenever visiting IOA, I always ride Dueling Dragons multiple times. After so many times, I really don't get that feeling anymore. (Except for the air time when the Fire dragon is going over Ice in its zero g roll. That always gets me...in a good way. Lol)
  13. ^ LIAR! < Manta will be the first flyer V Has akward dreams about Manta
  14. I've had a similar thing happen to me when I was over at BGT. I rode Sheikra a few times during the day, then went back at night. On that night ride, I noticed that I didn't get that feeling on the drops. (Believe I rode Montu and Kumba before this as well) Then about a year ago, I went to Disney and went on Space Mountain. There were those feelings agin. My suggestion, just give it a rest for awhile, and hopefully, you'll get that feeling once more.
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