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  1. As the title says, just post pics of a few funny reactions from people while on a coaster. It can be your picture, or from another site. Just make sure to give credit to other people's pics. http://www.rcdb.com/ig3570.htm?picture=51 Wonder if the kid's gonna grow up to be a coaster enthusiast.
  2. ^ EPIC FAIL!!! So would this person rather that hunters kill animals for sport and not food? Not to mention that there must be something that slaughter houses are hiding from us. Somehow they must make meat without harming animals!
  3. The lifts on Big thunder mountain are the loudest I've heard in terms of actually hearing a coaster for myself in person, but I've seen videos of S:TE, and I think it easily takes the cake. The Incredible Hulk is pretty loud too, but I just love that sound.
  4. I've always wanted to see an A380 for myself, yet alone fly on one. Like most though, I'd be watching the tail cam the entire time. And to think, when you fly a 747 on Flight Sim, all the other planes seem tiny...now imagine an A380 in real life.
  5. ^ Is hiding proof of being an ACE member < Is dying of coaster drought V Was attacked by Alien Polar Bears
  6. Probably not, but I can hope! Have you ever had a roll back on a coaster?
  7. People will come up with ANYTHING now a days. Wherever it was that you heard this, you need to laugh in their face. XD It's like saying the next great astroid with come blazing through and destroy everything. And I don't see them "slowly shutting down construction". There's still work being done on the station and the bottom of the lift. Why waste the effort if you're not going to get it all done?
  8. I swear, I fell in love with this truck the moment I saw it. Wish it were mine. And to think that I didn't think much of the new 150, until I came across this one. Truck of the year!
  9. Seriously, I have no idea. All they said through the commentary about this perticular F-16 was that its wings fold to make it looked like a wrecked plane for Hollywood scenes. I know they do in fact fold up though, saw 'em like that as we were leaving the place.
  10. Earlier I got back from the Florida International Air Show, which was held for two days. Saturday (the 21st) and Sunday (the 22nd). I went to Sunday's, and there was quite a bit of wind. Therefore, the jumpers in the parachutes and smoke cancelled their jump. There was still a guy with a handglider though...and he flew it paralized from the waist down. It's always great to see people like that doing things some people say they can't. Anywho, this is my first trip report, and of course, the camera had to spaz out on me and run low on it's batteries. Therefore, some of the pictures had these red
  11. This thing is looking GREAT! Can't wait to get over there and ride it sometime.
  12. A poster of Space Shuttle Columbia: $7 on ebay.
  13. I swear, everything you post in this thread looks irresistable. What's your suggestion for cutting onions though? I've tried different things, and still, it gets your eyes watering like sprinklers.
  14. Yep. Two women couldn't ride Dueling Dragons because of...certain reasons to put it nicely. Not even those seats worked. Is there any coaster out there that you really don't like at all?
  15. Cobra rolls have always been one of the best elements for me, along with zero g rolls.
  16. LOL at the worker with the saw pointing at the ground. GREAT update by the way. Wish I could head over there myself and see this beast going up, it's just that it'd be a hassel for everyone but me.
  17. Revenge of the mummy at USF Had a headache that day, and there was a long wait time.
  18. This has been a favorite of mine, but I didn't mention in my first post: Operation Repo The excuses and arguments some people put up on that show is hiliarious.
  19. That loop is insane! Can't wait for the first drop to finish up now...or even get started.
  20. One thing to say...TO had it coming. Like us Eagles fans are always saying, he's cancer. He's driven by a self centered ego.
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