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  1. ^ TPR usually gets to it, and provides tons of great coverage of the event and what's new and going on, etc.
  2. ^ Um ..... actually ...... Nov.12th is the Friday. Veterans Day is on Thursday/11th. They got the day wrong, looks like.
  3. ^ Yes, finally! The announcement has popped up all over my Broadway theatre sites, etc. Now I wonder when it's to be released? Next year's Christmas time? We'll find out soon enough.
  4. The last pizza to try, brought me back to the top of the menu list. The red list, with my getting the Margherita pizza w/Prociutto on it. And it was as good, as I remember the same pizza with salami on it, when I started this 'thing.' https://viateverepizzeria.com/ It was a wet afternoon, last Wednesday. A reminder of what I was having - with everything spelt the correct way too, lol. Nice that a group of friends get together, for pizza and chat. \ Ready for it. Lookin' good there! And .... it was good! And I think I enjoyed it more, than with salami on this pizza! All done. And I "nearly" finished it all off, w/o taking any back to the partner. But I guilted myself out.
  5. The PNE has decided to re-run it's Drive-Thru Lights Extravaganza this winter. Very nice. https://www.pne.ca/winterlights/ Our Drive-Thru Experience last December got cancelled while we were driving to the entry gate! Very disappointing, but we understood what had happened, and why. It was just bad timing on our part, and not checking the site online. Lesson learned!
  6. Just curious, but how much did that (above) meal set you back? I know all about what's being offered at PYM, but just wondering, thanks. By the way .... ordering food only on mobile is going to screw us, since we don't got phones. Hmmmph
  7. You used to be able to do that. But not anymore. Except still showing that you deleted "something."
  8. "End of The (Cream) List...." There were only two "cream based" pizzas to try - and this second one really caught my taste buds into something new .... whipped potatoes on a pizza! I saw it before, in the menu, but I really had no idea how delish it would be, with this particular "topping". This became my go-to cream pizza for the win! This place has won several awards and food mentions over the years. Here we go. Last one on all three lists. But ..... whipped potato on it ....? And ... I was not alone as I usually am on this weekday. Two tables behind me! People are catching on to the new opening time. Darnit. More suds than beer! I let it sit awhile. A gloomy kind of day, it was. Back view of all those decals. (o; What's this? What's this? I thought it said "cappicolo" not "prosciutto"....! Must have, next week. <drool> Beautiful. And it was done. And the partner "got that slice".
  9. So, now that the time's come and gone ...... So yeah, this has gone by ..... <sighs>
  10. Lyrics, heard on the radio... "Smoke with me, you know the weed's good..."
  11. This is just a suggestion but .... maybe that's (one of the reasons) why the Primeval Whirl Twins got taken down? Animal Kingdom is getting a new coaster, in their place with more space added to it, themed to dinosaurs? I mean, it's a nuts suggestion, but hey. Ya never know, hmmm? P.S. ~ I had to look up "Infinity Coaster" just to be sure I understood what's coming. And... I saw The Smiler in Alton Towers as an example of one. Which made me realize, with juuust some more space, this could fit pretty good, into the old Whirls' space. Just saying... I also know that Disney and other theme parks and franchises (usually) team up with coaster companies they've already used before. Still, it's possible, yes? No?
  12. Last Wednesday, I had one of the two "Cream Sauce" pizzas available. I'm not too sure what the Italian translation of this is, but I must say, it was really good, with an entire (what I tasted) melted mozzarella base on it. Definitely tasty, and worth getting again. "cream sauce." I should ask what this 'cream' actually is, on a future visit. Our apartment neighbours' roof is finished! Looks lovely. Loved the pancetta and zucchini on this pizza. All done, with a little slice left for David.
  13. Formule X Drievliet Family Park (The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands) TPR 2008 Europe Tour
  14. ^ Heh, definitely 1980's style hair, too.
  15. The Original "Let It Go" song. (1984) Sung by Canadian artist, Luba.
  16. R.I.P. Peter Scolari - w/Tom Hanks on tv's old "Bosom Buddies," on "Newhart," and lots of recent tv and film appearances
  17. I have to ask ..... did somebody lose their wig in there?
  18. on reflection ......... we have bought waaaaaaay too much candy for this Halloween's give out!
  19. Can't wait till Playland(PNE) finally gets it all together and bring back haunt houses and haunt zones next year. I miss them, so(il) much! This all looked great, Chuck. Was there any foodstuffs to .... enjoy? And/or spirits (the liquid kind) as well?
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