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  1. Everyone here says congratulations guys!!! Thats so cool, she has my name in her name too. haha. -Justin
  2. ^ Reservoir Dogs... One of my favorites, love Tarantino, and Mr. Blonde is nuts! Get Away from her, you BITCH!!!! -Justin
  3. ^ A Clockwork (your icon ) Orange Interesting choice, believe it or not, last month was the first time I watched that movie... and the movie was almost something I couldn't stand to watch, but when I watched it again all the way through I enjoyed it much more. The first half is just VERY brutal. A man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal. -Justin
  4. ^ Constantine We tolerate it because it's common; it's trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore. I'm setting the example. What I've done is going to be puzzled over and studied and followed, forever. -Justin
  5. ^ Batman Returns, fine choice... Feed me Seymour! I'm hungry! -Justin
  6. ^ Taxi Driver, a double Martin Scorcese Post, nice... Every night thousands of these parasites stream across the border like some f***n' pinata just exploded. -Justin
  7. Cool, I read a topic before it hit the homepage. I remember seeing construction of this when it first went vertical but never saw anything afterwards. This really DOES look wicked! Maybe I can get out there some day and ride it. I have to agree with everyone I love the colors of the track, this is a great go for Zierer. -Justin
  8. That is from 8 1/2. Great film, didn't realize that many people were familiar with it. I ordered Spaghetti with Marinara sauce, but instead got egg noodles with ketchup. -Justin
  9. Im about 90% Italian with a tiny bit of english in me. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather died before he got wed with his lover, and therefore she gave birth to her son, giving him her last name. She (Taylor) was english, he (De Retti) was Italian. Kindof interesting to think if they would have got married my name would be Justin Michael De Retti Im also the second generation Italian-American in the family, and proud of it! -Justin
  10. 1). I'm an Italian with an english last name (long story) 2). I'm a workaholic 3). I have two main interests; Theme Park Anything, and Movies 4). I hate sports. 5). I can make my voice sound like Barney (seriously) -Justin
  11. ^ Dangit! I heard that line somewhere, I think I might have seen the movie on TV but dont know the name! Dennis Hopper quote right? Well... I'll continue here, even though I didn't guess right? I do wish we could chat longer, but... I'm having an old friend for dinner. -Justin
  12. Ordinary People (Never saw the film but recall seeing something like that in a fan made trailer) Heres an easy one... They're coming to get YOU, Barbara... -Justin
  13. ^ I believe thats American Beauty. I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm out of bubblegum. -Justin
  14. As much as I think thats a cool idea, it wont happen. That would be an interesting idea though; being that theres two stations. Back for floorless, front for floor, or whatever... but anyways, the change doesn't really matter to me. Either way I'll still enjoy SheiKra, I dont know if taking the floor away was necessarily a GREAT decision, but IMO... I like SheiKra no matter what. I'll just miss putting my feet on the rail before falling! I dont know why that was FUN? haha Guess I'll have to go all the way to Europe now to do that! -Justin
  15. I believe I see myself in that edited shot of SheiKra's trains... cool. Anyways... I didn't know what to think of this at first, I kindof thought it was lame, and the more I thought of it the drops will be different without the floor. On the other hand I wonder why they didn't do it in the first place, maybe they intended to but wanted to see how the ride would run first and then take the floors out later, oh well this will be cool I hope, will still miss putting my feet out in front of the bars on the drop though. -Justin
  16. For not being a credit whore this is going to sound weird; But is this the same fair that will be in Tampa on February 8th? If so, I'll get a new spinning mouse! Woohoo! I remember that Zyklon, the ride-op had a scary looking mouth and told me the name of the coaster because I didn't know it. They also had some weird coaster that looked like a Zierer Four-Man Bob I think themed as an Indy race or something? Oh well, it will be interesting. Maybe I'll head out this year; they DID have some neat flat rides in one of the years I went. I rode my first KMG Fireball there and they have a WICKED Mondial Top Scan (which I could spend all day on!) -Justin "Glad you had fun!" P.S. - Being a floridian too, I know that 50' sounds bad, but we have to be thankful we dont live up North where 50' would sound scorchering right now!
  17. Wow wes, that was brilliant! I enjoyed it alot, the camera work, creative design, inside jokes, and awesome amount of imagination! This is truly a great video! Should be remembered as a TPR icon! Very clever, I love it! -Justin
  18. Actually looks like a pretty cool little park. Its good to see something different here for once. I do like the atmosphere of the park (or what I see), and it looks like they have some good theming as well. Thanks for sharing! -Justin
  19. Congratulations! Heres some suggestions, don't know if you'll like any but its worth a try Belladonna Marice Alvey Cynthia Denise Alvey Emily Breanne Alvey Heather Marie Alvey Lindsey Nicole Alvey Lisa Nicole Alvey Sorry if that was too many, had a whole bunch of thoughts and ideas -Justin
  20. Wow cool.. and great find. I thought that was an interesting little video really. Was that Ron Toomer in the video or just a random Arrow engineer? -Justin
  21. Yes! I loved Alien Encounter... and miss it. I agree, Alien Encounter was so cool. Long Live Alien Encounter!! -Justin
  22. I tried the trailer and it didn't work? The newest one I'm familiar with is the one here: http://www.ifilm.com/presents/spiderman3 It doesn't have any Venom shots but theres alot of spoilers and its a quite well put together trailer, Im interested to see that other one now just to see Venom. -Justin
  23. Yes! Thats it! I have allitle shelf that goes above my computer (in the picture) and have my RNR train, and two Alien Encounter toys on there with Stitch sitting ontop. I looooooove Stitch (even though I dont like his ride) and Skippy! -Justin *scratches head* hmmm... Skippy & the Yeti Ball as a TPR mascott? Well maybe just Yeti Ball EDIT: Is this picture too big? I tried resizing it but its not seeming to go down for some reason? Skippy, Alien, RNR, and Stitch!
  24. Yay! I have the plastic ones too, Elissa! I got the Alien and the skipp(ies)y in their little tube thingy, although the Skippy Fried is evil I love the small size Skippy! -Justin "Yay for Yeti Balls and Skippy!"
  25. Wow! Those were really fun, it looks like Yeti Ball is a pimp! I never managed to get a yeti ball yet, but I was lucky enough to get a Skippy! -Justin Skippy! Yay!
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