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  1. Just saw Slumdog Millionaire (rented from Redbox) A great film, not sure if I would say that it was the best of 08', but it was among some of the better pictures for sure. It had a great story that was told in a unique way, and overall felt very "heartwarming" and much like an underdog story (like Rocky). Slumdog Millionaire: 8/10 -Justin
  2. This is coming along great! I am really starting to wish I could be here on opening day to ride it, but I'll just have to check it out when I get back in the Fall. That landscaping is also very nice, I'm going to be really interested to see how it turns out around the splashdown type area. -Justin
  3. Apparently, from what I've heard (sources inside of Universal) there is a problem with Rip, Ride, Rockit, which may delay it even further. Supposedly the track (drop from the lifthill) does not line up appropriately with the loop. Even the slightest INCH away in track connections is obviously a major problem. If this is however the case, it is important that Universal will work diligently with Maurer Sohne, or the construction crew, to fix the issue. If this was a miscalculation, this is quite a flaw, however it could have been due to a footer being misplaced (something I see highly unlikely since the rest of the track lines up). What ever happens, we can continue to be patient with Universal to assure that safety is a first priority here more than anything. Again, Do not take me up on this, as it is not 100% confirmed, but it is something fairly certain as these are by someone pretty reliable and that would not make false information up for the heck of it. -Justin
  4. Very nice find! Thanks for sharing the link, this is something I appreciate a lot! I'm going to film school... so this kind of stuff interests me. -Justin
  5. Woops, my fault. Apologies to whoever posted it, I had skimmed through, but didn't see it, must have just overlooked it. -Justin
  6. I don't think this has been posted yet... so here's an update, Orlando Sentinel posted article from March 4th: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-bk-manta-roller-coaster-seaworld-on-track,0,4731496.story And some photos showing off the coaster trains, 18-20 has some nice shots of the coaster train itself, with the very large "Manta" in the front car. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-manta-roller-coast-seaworld-orlando-photos,0,3267909.photogallery -Justin
  7. Cool update. I didn't get to go this year, but I drove by it a lot going to classes. The starflyer must be new this year, I dont know how that would considering they're already scary enough when they're permanent built. Did they have the top scan this year? I couldn't tell. That is always fun to ride at least. -Justin
  8. Great TR! Thanks so much for sharing. Anytime I see anything of Disneyland Paris it makes me want to visit more and more. It has such a beautiful atmosphere and nice setup, its a shame to have not seen the park yet. -Justin
  9. I got One Hour Photo at this awesome Pawn Shop that sells movies for $2 each (nice deal eh?). I ended up picking up One Hour Photo, which I had wanted to see for awhile. I loved it. The movie is a very dark, creepy, and psychological thriller with great character study. I really enjoyed it alot; the camera shots, cinematography, characters, (tons of white) colors, and setup reminded me SO much of a Kubrick film. Anyone interested in this kind of stuff should check it out, it's quite intriguing for an independant film as it's made, and Robin Williams delivers a GREAT performance. One Hour Photo: 8/10 -Justin
  10. As far as live musicals or shows go, I haven't seen any. As far as film musicals go... I've only seen a small amount, but some of the ones I really like are Wizard of Oz, Rocky Horror Picture, and Most recently Across the Universe which I thought was amazing... Little Shop of Horrors is also entertaining with some fun songs too. -Justin
  11. I just saw Eraserhead, and um... wow... This is definately not everyone's cup of tea, but this is for sure one of my new favorite movies. Probably one of the most artistic, insane, and oneself interpretation of a nightmare charisma. Simply fascinating. Eraserhead: 10/10 (Most likely... I am amazed) -Justin
  12. Upon second viewings I would probably say an 8/10 for Valkyrie and a 8/10 for Benjamin Button, though I still enjoyed them, not as much as the first time. I did see Mr. Brooks for the first time, not exactly my kind of movie, it felt kind of mediocre. Maybe Dane Cook ruined it for me, I also felt the 'imaginative self' was out of place somehow. Valkyrie: 8/10 Benjamin Button: 8/10 Mr. Brooks 6/10 -Justin
  13. Just saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for class. I haven't seen this film before, actually not keen on Westerns, but I suppose this one was okay. It was entertaining and didn't take itself too seriously, yet remaining on the line of being a historical melodrama. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: 7/10 -Justin
  14. Wow, Amazing! This was incredible to see as well as hear about; I never knew about these DeLorean shops to be honest, and since they have one in Florida, I'd be quite interested to visit. How many DeLoreans were actually signed by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale? That would be really cool to have in a strange way... I love Back to the Future, definately one of my top 10 films of all time. -Justin
  15. Wow! Saw Valkyrie and Benjamin Button over the holiday week, as well as Bedtime Stories with the family, which was a cute family film, I suppose. But Valkyrie and Benjamin Button were the highlights, both sitting atop of the list of some of the best films of 2008, right aside Dark Knight and Wall-E. Valkyrie: 8/10 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: 8/10 -Justin
  16. I'm looking forward to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Public Enemies, and Inglorious Basterds (Its spelled that way...), but I suppose since this is a blockbuster topic I'll put a vote in for Up. Pixar never lets down. -Justin
  17. Picked up Almost Famous in the $5 bin the other day. It was kind of a blind buy but overall I was pretty entertained by it, and thought the performances were the main hightlight of the movie. Almost Famous: 7/10 -Justin
  18. Thats how I felt after a week! I just went on my first cruise this year on the Norwegian Gem around Europe, it was an absolute blast! I can't wait to get on another. I have heard really good things about Royal Caribbean and would really like to go on one of their ships someday. It's easy to see how you guys would love cruises so much, they're such an unforgetable experience! The photos are great, and it looks like you guys are having an awesome time. That zipline looks insane! Anyways, good to see everyone is enjoying themselves, thanks for sharing your experience with us all! -Justin
  19. Great TRs! I enjoyed going through all of them. It makes me miss BGE, I really enjoyed the park, probably alot more than I do the one over here. I had no idea they trimmed Big Bad Wolf's drop now! Thats dissapointing... I can see how you wouldn't think much of Hurler, I don't remember it at King's Dominion since it was so long ago, but it was horrid at Carowinds. As for Dominator, are they really going to keep the loop a different color? Seems odd... Overall thanks for sharing! I enjoyed them, just make sure to get some more awesome shots of Volcano next time. (just kidding) -Justin
  20. Got a chance to see The Man Who Wasn't There tonight. Great film. Great, great film. Probably my second favorite Coen Brothers film right behind No Country for Old Men. The Man Who Wasn't There: 8/10 -Justin
  21. Thanks for the image update! They sure are getting Manta done fast, of course excluding foliage, buildings, groundwork, and themeing, the trackwork should be done pretty soon. It's kind of weird to think that Manta's trackwork may be completed before Rip Ride Rockit's track has even gone vertical. -Justin
  22. I got a kick out of the Snowball attack photos and captions, Robb. Anyways, thanks for the update! I hadn't heard about Grinchmas at Universal Hollywood until just a day ago or so, so I was interested to see how this would turn out. Looks like a definate good thing for families and the Snow Play Areas would even amuse me. (Stupid Florida with no snow!!!) -Justin
  23. Just saw Step Brothers. I don't know... I am not particularly a Will Ferrell fan or care for most of his comedies, so I didn't care for it that much. I do however really like Stranger Than Fiction and think that after seeing this, he has A LOT of potential to be a great actor if he would just do something different than his comedies that seem to be the same over and over again. Just my opinion though... Step Brothers: 6/10 -Justin
  24. I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I saw this pic. It might just be the angle though. -Justin
  25. Wow, I didn't know they did Grinchmas at Universal Hollywood? Is this the first year or have I just been out of the loop? Alex, theres about 12 pages of pictures you can check out of the event here if you're interested; I don't know how much different Hollywood's is from the one here in Orlando, but I'm sure its probably the same basic setup besides the fact that Florida's takes place at Suess Landing at Islands of Adventure. -Justin
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