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  1. It's good if you work hard. The money depends on where you live and what deals the gyms in your area charge. In Edinburgh, average cost is around £30 an hour. Hope you've sorted things out with the travel agent!
  2. This is sooo cool!! Contratulations!! I love stories like this. Well done on getting your life back ontrack. My bf is a personal trainer and he deals with people who are trying so hard but just can't do it. I think it's amazing how you stayed focused and you are living proof that you can do it if you really set your mind to it. You will love Disney . Looking forward to reading all about it next year! Congrats again!!
  3. Awesome start to you TR! I'm going to Italy in September, can't wait! Looking forward to seeing more
  4. Awesome Cake!! Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good one
  5. Loved this!! Totally makes me want to go back to Disneyland soon and also become part of the media! Awesome.
  6. Agreed! I love Legoland. Great TR Elissa - KT is getting soo big.
  7. Wooow!! That was awesome!! I love Japanese Mickey. His voice is sooo funny. Can't wait to go to one day go to Japan. Amazing.
  8. Wow, you guys scrub up well! Lol!! Where was the kilt Divv & Scottish Steve?? Congrats to the happy couple, I really love the train idea!
  9. ^ Haha!! - Love this!! I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding! I'm not really from a Royalist part of the UK but I really like Prince William and Prince Harry. I think they come accross as quite down to earth and not really that pompus. I really rate how Diana brought those boys up with some sort of normality and I really think it shows, especially with William marrying someone he loves -not making the same mistake of Charles & Diana, having their friends at the wedding and not having the traditional guest list of just other royal families and heads of state and other little things like having hen and stag doos. I think both William & Kate and Harry will bring The Royal Family forward and I'm glad that one day William will be our King.
  10. I LOVE THIS!!! So excited to see Beast's castle and all the new stuff. I wanna go back soooo badly. Adam - I live vicariously through your TRs. Awesome!
  11. Love it! Thanks for the update - I'm really excited to see the work has been started on Fantasyland and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.
  12. ^ Ditto. WIth for me, Everest being a very close second. I like TOT because of the theming. I'm actually not a huge fan of drop rides but the whole atmosphere of TOT is great and I kind of get immersed in it when I ride. The castmembers are always great there too.
  13. If I remember correctly, I only had to wear dress clothes twice. Once for when we were signing contracts etc and the other for our kind of induction to the park. They were not too strict actually, as long as you look smart, they are ok with it.
  14. I love love loved the TRex cafe! It's totally random and the food was really nice. I recommend the Cotton-tini's! My vote also goes to BOMA. It's amazing, It's a buffet but in my opinion it totally kicks all the other buffets ass
  15. Well, I am going to ruin this with my cheese tastic taste in music but this year, so far I am going to see Olly Murs (UK X Factor Contstant) 2 nights of Take That So excited that Robbie Williams has rejoined! Rihanna and possibly Bon Jovi too. I am also looking to get Katy Perry tickets, so if any of you UK people know of anyone with spare tickets for Glasgow/Newcastle let me know
  16. I'm not sure if this will work during busy times. Especially when Mickey needs "to for a drink" and the FP queue builds up again. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  17. I personally love rides that are themed. I think it makes it that more memorable and exciting. I think it can help make a ride that's not that great a little more enjoyable. My favourite themed ride is a toss up between Tower or Terror @ WDW & Florida Mummy. In both rides the queue is awesome and the castmembers always play up to the theme which in my opinion makes them just a little more awesome.
  18. So I've been out the TPR loop for a while and I must have missed this on FB. All I have to say is LOL!!!! Seriously, some people just need to get a grip. I haven't read the thread in question but I get the jist, it's official, the world is full of stupid people. (TPR members excluded) Sorry you had to take such extreme action Robb but good for you in taking the higher ground and not rising to the stupidness. I just want to say I have been a TPR member for almost 6 years (since I was 18!!) I've grown up with this site. It's humour and quirkiness has kept me coming back and actually helped me get over a fear of coasters. I may not be part of Robb & Elissa's close group of friends, hell, I've not even met them personally but I respect what they do and the service they provide. I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of meeting them and I'll be at the bar with another beer to say thanks.
  19. Yay for TPR trip reports. You make my morning commute so much more fun!
  20. I'm actually devastated that we have slimey eton boys running our country!!! Makes me sick. Hope Alex Salmond doesn't take any cr@p!!
  21. Ewwww @ the Twilight Moms! What's that all about? I think this is really funny, I suppose we should be grateful for the fact that they are actually normal names. I would never name my child after a character, I'd rather name them something original. Don't get me started on spellings!! No one ever spells my name right, even people in my office who I see/email everyday get it wrong!! Its on the bottom of the email!!! Grrrr....
  22. Wow!! I actually love this!! Can't wait to meet the new and improved Mickey! Amazing!
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