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  1. Thanks soooo much guys!! Your help is really appreciated - Yes! I will tell you the results when its all done! Something I just found out today.... Apparently there is something up with the WDW visitor survey. If you have done it and it only let you complete 3 questions OR 3 pages, please do it again as you didn't get the full survey! Thanks again!!
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm doing a university project on corporate culture and I am using disney as an example. In order to help me with my project, I need your opinions on Walt Disney World! If you HAVE been to Walt Disney World, please complete the following survey http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=36bq9u44ws5upnz532964 If you Have NEVER been to Walt Disney World, please complete the following survey (NB If you have NEVER been to WDW but have been to other Disney parks,please complete THIS survey) http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=a42uthkx43b651n532991 Thank you soooo much for your time and effort, it really is appreciated!! If you have any questions, post them here or pm me! Thanks again and have a magical day!! Chrissie
  3. I'd like to thank the TPR Orlando Update for distracting me from my work! You guys are awesome. Can I come next year?
  4. When I went in 2004 we did a night time swim! We went to Discovery Cove after the park had closed and there was only around 100 people there. We got to snorkel with the stingrays and sharks and then got to go and have a dolphin interaction session which basically was small groups of around 6 playing with the dolphins. We also got lovely photos with the dolphins. After the dolphin session we got changed and there was a huge buffet with dancing. It was amazing! Im not sure if they still do it or would do it in January, but it was cheaper and shorter than the regular package. I would definitely recommend doing it, it was awesome! Here are some pics from our time there. Me and My sister with Akai Me kissing Akai the dolphin
  5. ^^OMG - That Clown is seriously freaky!! Anyone have any ideas for what I could be with a Black Tutu?? I know a witch is an obvious one, but I wanna be something different!
  6. Awww! She is sooo cute, especially in her little Princess dress. I'm glad you managed to get her to wear it. I love dressing up. I want that girl's elmo outfit lol!
  7. I can't decide!!! I soooooooo wanna go on the West Coast trip, I have been dying to get to California forever! But Its my Mum's 50th and my parents 25th wedding anniversary so I dunno if I can get out of it lol! How many spaces are on the West coast trip?
  8. Day 2!! Day 2 was spent at Parc Disneyland. It was an awesome day, with decent weather which was a bonus! Incase you forgot where we were How come Eric looks so lame in real life?? When hes really hot in the cartoon?? Lol! Anyway, that concludes Day 2! Stay tuned for Day 3. Simba SCAR!! Or Scarf as my sister used to call him Disney pointing or giving us the finger?? You decide!! The floats were really detailled, with some great characters. This parade was awesome. I really enjoyed it!! Parade Time!! Hi Lou!! Big thunder from the boat. I can't get enough of it!! Just after I took this picture, some weird custodial castmember screamed in my ear. It was freaky. Tut,tut,tut.... Never in Florida.... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Back to fronteirland for a quick ride on BTM Hmmmm! Mickey Mouse Doughnut thing. It was gorgeous. He's got the right idea. Doing this while drunk would be funny. Must try it sometime. The Alice Maze. Next up was the tea-cups!! We were spinning super fast! Death stare. Im sure he enjoyed it tho. I love the carosel!! Florida or Paris?? Ooooh!! Trains. Indiana was ok. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be Wow! Look at that! Miracles do happen. Nope But this is Disney... If I wish with all my heart, my dreams will come true... I spy with my little eye, is Indiana Jones open?? We decided to kill some time and do the treehouse! CLOSED!!! We headed over to the next credit of the day - Indiana Jones!! I really do love this castle! This was sooo funny. This guy just like sat on his kid and the kid started crying and then ride started moving. Hilarious. Traffic Jam!! I've been taking driving lessons, so I decided to show Simon my awesome new driving skills. I dunno what its trying to tell me here? Loser?? Simon's awesome score. Ready for action!! So like,OMG,Woody, I totally kicked Zurg's Butt... Our fast passes were valid in like half an hour, so we decided to visit French Buzz! Appearances can be soo decieving. We decided to give the death machine one more try. WRONG - In the wrong land, in the wrong costume carrying his LUNCH!!! WTF?? Walt would be soooo angry right now. Disneyland Paris had so many good ears! Here is me modelling the the pluto variety. In the end I opted for classic Minnie.
  9. So in September I was in Disneyland Paris for a few days. This was my first time in a Disney Park outside of WDW and I really enjoyed it. Although, I definitely think the Americans are soooo much better at doing Disney but that just could be my trained Disney eye being picky!! On to the Photos... Again, I was expecting a Wishes like fireworks, but they were lame too. Candelbration was cute. It was basically a giant birthday celebration where you had to make a wish while they lit DLP's Birthday candles Fantillusion was kinda a let down There was like 6 floats! Uh-Oh...Here comes the boss... Look busy!! Super Pretty! I love night time Disney Santa Fe at night So after walking round the park for a bit, we decided to head home and hit the park a bit later as this was the only day of our trip that it was open until 11pm. So here is us waiting for the bus I like how they take your photo BEFORE the pain starts. Look how happy we are. *Sobs* This is how a grown man feels after riding Space Mountain Mission 2. It will ruin your life. Tomo..I mean discoveryland! BTM!! I LOVED Paris BTM. It was sooo good. But more of that later. The Prince of Splash returns to Frontierland - Only there is no Splash. Oh Well. First ride of the day was pirates. I have to say, I did miss Johnny Depp. Skull Rock. Amazing. We decided just to take a walk through the park to get a feel for the place. Adventureland was sooo pretty! I liked it better than FL I LOVED the castle here. Oooooh! Have we been transported to Florida?? I'm walking right down the middle of main street USA.... NOTED! Pretty Pretty Pretty! I really wished I was staying there We tried! But we were soooo 2 years ago It was Sunday morning when we left Paris for DLP and no where was open So We started our day as all good tourists should Oh Look, A to Scale replica of Disneylands Castle! Hi Clint! Here is our room at Hotel Santa Fe. It was really nice. Yes that is my bright pink suitcase, I will need a volunteer to carry it on future TPR trips Look at the excitement - Me on the RER on the way to DLP!!
  10. Jealous!!! Awesome update! Look forward to seeing more.
  11. ^Ditto!! But mines will be from the capital city because we're clearly the best This is a really cool project!
  12. Lol!! Thanks for clearing up my confusion. I would say it was a joyful but quite painful experience. Lol!
  13. Haha, shows how much I know... Or how little the tv station here is actually showing. My bad
  14. I wish British politics were as exciting as American politics. I think that the American people will vote for change. Its happening here in the UK, The current party have been in power for around 12 years now and people are just sick of the way that things are bein run so are willing to switch alliences in order for change. Its not a bad thing at all. I look forward to the election!
  15. ^ I guess thats because baseball is largely an American Sport. As far as I am aware its not really played or as popular in the rest of the world. I've been LOVING the olympics this year. My favourite is the diving. Team GB have been doing pretty well. We've got alot of good young 'uns coming through, so hopefully we will kick your asses in 2012
  16. Im so confused. How come it was open the first weekend in June when I was there?!
  17. Hahaha!! This made me laugh! Me too!! Im glad someone else experienced this as well. It was awful!! Maybe its just rough for Scottish people?? Lol!
  18. This is a great TR. Your photos are amazing, they really capture the spirit of Disneyland. Makes me wanna go there sooooo much now Lol! Looking forward to more
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