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  1. Haha!! Hilarious!! Brightened up this extremely cold morning.
  2. My last coaster was Speed: The Ride at the Sahara Las Vegas. I actually had no idea about the ride at all. We came into the Sahara via the monorail, so I didn't actually see the layout before hand and I just expected it to be actually quite like Manhattan (Bore) express. I was wrong. I really enjoyed it though, it was quite fun riding a coaster "blind".
  3. Yay for Jelly Bellys!!! I bought those bean boozled beans when I was on the West Side but I'm still to chicken to try!! Lol! Great update as per! Look forward to seeing more! Btw, were you guys staying at the La Quinta Inn LAX??
  4. Im going to Disneyland next week!! Soooooooooo excited!!!!
  5. Omg. So excited. I can't wait, that robotic arm thing looks awesome. I really hope that does feature in the ride. Fingers crossed for May 2010!
  6. Can I join the brit crew?? Coasters and alcohol sounds like fun!! Great TR - Its Been 10 years since I was at flamingo land and it looks alot better than what I remember! Doesn't look any warmer tho! Lol!!
  7. I would LOVE for this to happen!! But I doubt it will in time for when I am there in about 3 weeks lol!
  8. Wow, Elissa! Thats so awesome!! My friend from work took part in the British version a few months ago and it was pretty hardcore. Someone broke an arm or something so he managed to get into the final stage but he was so tired he couldn't finish it! Lol!! Hope you done well!!!
  9. Im really sad that MJ is dead! I don't know why but it has really affected me. I grew up listening to his music, I actually used to think he was a girl!! Lol!! and I was probably one of the minority who did not believe any of the accusations and charges brought against him. At this moment, I really feel for his kids. Although I don't think he was a "conventional" father in the sense, It still must be extremely tough on them.
  10. I need a full time job! Anyone want to employ me? I'll make you tea.
  11. It definitely feels like Summer now, TPR mini updates and sunshine! Lovely!! Great updates, Scandi is now another place on my wish list. Look forward to seeing more
  12. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Want it thaaaat Waaaay.... I love old school BSB!!
  13. Great TR Big Mike. What an awesome experience! I can't believe it has a loop, I really did not think it would work.
  14. Lol!!!! This is hilarious!! Imagine explaining to your family/boss that you now have a criminal record for farting.
  15. Again, thanks guys!! If anyone has anymore suggestions, keep them coming!
  16. Thanks for all your help guys!! Well, we're pretty open to everything!! We like shopping, eating, touristy stuff, sight seeing. We'll have my 13 year old sister with us, so maybe museums and "arty" things will be out of the picture. We are all hockey fans and were hoping to catch the ducks but its the off season So would you guys say Santa Monica is the best beach? We were thinking of heading to Newport, is it any good? Also, my sister quite fancies going to knotts, again, would you guys say it was worth it? My Mum n Dad don't really like coasters, so we don't wanna go somewhere where they would be bored. And, I hear there is a water park near by, is that worth a look? Again, thanks for all your help!!
  17. Howdy... My family are heading to the Anaheim area for 6 days in July/August. It's not a credit holiday or anything like that, as its my Mums 50th and also my Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary. We are staying at the Hilton Anaheim, then afterwards we are heading to VEGAS BABY!! Wooop! (Can you tell I'm excited?? Lol!!!) We have currently planned 2 days @ Disney, 1 day for sight seeing in the Hollywood area and one day at the beach. Can any of you suggest any cool non-theme park activities in the area/surroundings for our remaining days? We have had a wee look around, but nothing seems to jump out at us! Also, if any of you have any suggestions of anything we can do in Hollywood/the beach, that would be awesome too! Also, as far as I am aware, we are not hiring a car.. but would be open to the possibility, if something is really worth seeing. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks! Chrissie
  18. Loving it as always Big Mike! Im going to Vegas in August, shame I missed you by like 4 months! lol!
  19. This is an awesome TR Dave! I'm going to Vegas in August (unfortunately not with TPR) and I'm really excited now!! Look forward to seeing more
  20. ^^^ His belly button is weird!! Divers look awesome in speedos. Esp French Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie...Mmmmm.....
  21. Lol!!!! Good luck with that.... Scotland = Rain
  22. Salon Mickey looks really nice! What a cool perk! Looking forward to the rest!
  23. A couple of weeks ago I went to see Lionel Richie. Amazing
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