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  1. The land would be "open", with some of the shops and such, but the major attractions could open/close at anytime. The only attraction that has been predicted to open/close irregularly is the Forbidden Journey, as Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff were existing rides and don't really need to be soft tested. Ahhh, ok! Thanks! I guess it just happens on an ad-hoc basis? I'm going in a few weeks so was hoping to experience some of it.
  2. This volcanic ash is really not funny! I wanna go see my friends this weekend!
  3. I think the fanboys will be happy with the overall theming etc . Can anyone tell me how soft openings work? I've never actually been around a newly opened ride/land.
  4. Awww, Louden Castle!! Only in Scotland would you have such a recycled Theme Park! I've never been, so hopefully I'll be able to make it next time without any drama! Ha! Looking forward to seeing more
  5. I have refrained from posting in this thread as I didn't wanna read any spoilers..... But I LOVE Glee!!! I am such a gleek! The sectionals episode has just aired in the UK and I'm so excited about the new episodes. Altho, I *heart* Puck, I have to say I do have a bit of a crush on Mr Schu!! I wish he was my teacher!
  6. I'm actually devastated!!! June 18th sucks I totally thought it would be open by mid May. Looks awesome tho, will have to get saving for another Orlando trip!
  7. Wow!!! I totally didn't know this was happening at DLP!! They have been advertising it on British tv, but I just thought it was one of the many promotions to entice the public over there. I think it looks amazing! Will need to get saving for A trip near Christmas lol
  8. I'm totally hoping for an opening before May 29th - coz that's when I go home!!
  9. I'm really bummed that Virgin Megastores is closed! I never knew that - How long has it been closed for? I loved looking around in there. Looking forward to shopping in that new Disney store, I love Disney Couture.
  10. Wow.... This thread made me laugh. I never realised that there were so many whale experts in the world... Anyway... My thoughts go out to the trainers family. It was such a tragic accident. I personally don't agree with animals performing and have never felt comfortable watching them perform. I think that there is always a risk of this sort of thing occurring in that sort of environment. Seaworld have done the right thing by reviewing their practices but I don't think that this sort of think won't happen again.
  11. Awww! She's so cute! Have voted! Good luck!
  12. Awesome update Erik!! It made me realise how much I love Universal. I love your WWoHP shots. They are so clear!! It looks like they are working hard at it and I am praying it will be open when I am there in May.
  13. Ooh cool. I didnt think they would have that sort of option, they dont really have that for events over here.
  14. Oh no!!! I hope it's open before May 28th!! I leave Orlando on the 29th!!!
  15. Thanks Larry and Joey!! Think I will just wait until the official website has them on sale. Hopefully they ship to the uk! Thanks again!
  16. I have a Baseball Ticket Question... Me and the BF are going to Orlando in May and are looking to go see The Tampa Bay Rays Vs Boston Red Sox on 25th May. When we go on their website, there are no tickets on sale but we found tickets for sale on various other websites. Does anyone know if they are actually on sale? and if so, which sites are best to buy from? Thanks!!
  17. Wow!! Scary stuff!! Glad your ok Robb! Those are pretty cool pictures tho,If I was in that situation I probably would have passed out!
  18. I really enjoyed the parade and fireworks in Disneyland last year. It's good to see that WDW are shaking it up a little and I think the fireworks will be a welcome change from wishes. I hope they stick to their time schedule tho because I wanna see Wishes when I go in May lol!
  19. I love this TR! Its awesome to see it through the eyes of a child, especially at that age when they really believe in it all. Also, remind me never to tell my boyfriend about the dining plan. He would just love having to eat all of that food esp all the desserts! Madness! Looking forward to seeing the rest.
  20. They are advertising WoHP on British Tv. There is no opening date given but it can't be too far off as they are looking for bookings! Exciting!
  21. I really like the card design! I look forward to having one in my purse (It matches it too!)
  22. I havent been here in a while! Hi everyone! Hope your all well!
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