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  1. Oh Im sorry I had a look thru the pages but I couldnt find anything about it... My Bad
  2. My little sister just downloaded this really cool software onto my computer. Its called Google Earth and basically,You can search for any address or landmark, Basically any building in the world and you get a satalite kinda real view of it! (Please excuse the lack of technical vocab! Lol) If u go to www.google.com and then search for Google Earth, The homepage comes up where u can download the free software. Right now,Im overlooking The Magic Kingdom in WDW, Its really cool..I can see the castle pretty clearly, Along with Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain! I thought it was pretty cool anyway! Lol C X
  3. We do it differently in The UK, But I start University in a few weeks and Im doing Business Studies. I have a slight Idea of what I wanna do in the future, but Im not 100% sure. So my advice would be to pick a subject which isnt too specialist because u may have to end up in a job u dont wanna do anymore!
  4. Hey! This is the New Gurl... Lol Me n My Sis with Some Random Rodents We Picked Up at WDW Lol Me Before Prom
  5. Hey Every1! How Y'all doin? My name is Chrissie, im 18 n Im from Edinburgh in Scotland. I came across this site as I was doing sum research, as In a couple of weeks, I am applying to be a WDW Castmember for the Summer. I'll admit now, No way am I a coaster fanatic... I must confess the most hardcore ride I have ever been on is The Rockin' Rollercoaster @ MGM! Lol!! but as a Disney gal, Ive been 2 Disney and the Orlando Parks 3 times. I dnt like riding by myself and since my sister is young and small, I missed out on some of the bigger coasters -ie Duelling Dragons,Hulk but watching the videos and looking at the all the amazing photgraphs, has really inspired me to just go for it if I get into Disney nxt year. Im hoping to travel during my stay and would love to visit all these US Parks - Americans certainly know how to do it! and who knows, I may turn myself from Disney Geek - To Coaster fanatic! Lol To Robb And Elissa - Thanks for having such an amazing site. You guys really have made me wanna go travel round all the parks and especially Disneyland Tokyo! After looking at the beautiful pics of ur wedding, My Mum n Dad have decided they are going to renew their vows in WDW for their 25th Wedding Anniversary in a few years time. Anyway, Ive rabbited on for a bit, I hope to stick around and get 2 know u all, I may not be able to join in on the coaster chat but Im up for sum random discussion in the Random threads! Lol Thnx for Reading< Love Chrissie X P.S I LOVE Donkeys - My Mum adopted me one for my Christmas- His name is Jack hehe
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