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  1. It is always very busy in August. Expect long lines. Posaidon usually has a around 70 min wait during the Summer. Make sure you are inside the entrance area not later than 8:40. Try to get as close to the gate as possible. When they open it at 9:00 run to silverstar like everyone else and make sure you are fast enough to get on one of the first trains. After that I would continue to Posaidon followed by Euromir. Once you are done there you might be able to get one or two more rides in the back of the park before it really fills up. The lines are usually getting a little bit better around Lunchtime between 12 and 2. Also the waiting times for Silverstar and Eurosat really go down big time in the afternoon. Most people want to do their last ride of the day on Silverstar which means the queue for it fills up again like one or two hours before the park closes.
  2. Any idea when the new 2011 coaster is supposed to open? We will be visiting the park in the third or fourth week of August.
  3. Yeah, in the USA it seems to be easier and quicker to go and buy a gun instead of driving all the way to an amusement park.
  4. How about B&M duelling Floorless vs Flying coaster? It would be something unique with high capacity and since it could be marketed as two different coasters CP could get back at SFMM at the same time!
  5. Ok Another question, we will be staying at Days Hotel in Hounslow, according to the tfl.gov journey planner engineering works will be taking place early in the morning from the 13 till the 30 of June. "Buses are expected to experience delays due to lane restrictions and temporary traffic light control during Victorian water main replacement work at the junction of High Street Brentford and Augustus Close from 0800 Monday 13 until 1700 Thursday 30 June." Therefore I would have to take Bus N9 from Hounslow West to Green Park Underground in order to get to London Euston. Now how bad are these delays usually? I don't want to risk missing the train at Euston so would it be enough if I took the bus leaving Hounslow at 5:52 and arriving at Green Park at 5:59 ? That day trip turns out to be way more complicated than I expected. EDIT: Ok I could take the underground but would arrive at 6:12 with the train departing at 6:24 Is that doable?
  6. Hey thanks guys, looks like my vacation just got saved! The "include slower trains" option really seems to do the trick. Now would you recommend buying the tickets in advance online or should I just walk up to the ticket counter early in the morning?
  7. Hey everyone! I will be going to London next week (from thursday till tuesday) and would like to visit Alton Towers. One of my friends used an virgin trains ticket which includes train services from London, bus services from Stoke-on-Trent and admission all for a very good price. Now I couldn't find a deal like this online so hopefully someone of you London area locals can help me out with this. Are there still those kinds of special offers and if yes, where? Otherwise I am probably not going to visit the park since 90 Pounds are too much for only the roun dtrip train ticket without anything else.
  8. Quick question: Is the new coaster's name gonna be Verboten or really like you wrote Verbolten? (which wouldn't make any sense)
  9. Well to me the whole first section of Shock looks like there was supposed to an indoor or darkride part before the launch which got canceled later on.
  10. I believe its because the first ones had single seats, and we a version with tandem seats. I think..... The prototype had single seats only but all the other ones after that got the tandem seats but kept the original suspension. It seems like the seats are now lower with these extra chains than on previous ones.
  11. 150ft lol That construction height restriction really sucks. What I find it interesting that the seat suspensions are really different from the ones on previous Star Flyers.
  12. The ride really looks interesting but without a drop it just seems like there is something missing.
  13. I don't get it why Bizarro keeps ranking as the # 1 coaster. The ride was probably the greatest coaster when it opened but when I rode it tow years ago it was a huge letdown. A painful ride with a maybe little above average layout and an annoying onboard soundtrack. Besides that the results look pretty good!
  14. There used to be one at Allgäu Skyline Park but it also got removed like 10 years ago and in 2005 replaced by a lame Skywheel. Picture It was the first coaster I rode with inversion(s). When I went to Freizeitpark Plohn (El Toro Germany) two years ago they had a "Ring of Fire" but I don't know if it's still there.
  15. I like Kingda Ka better than TTD but all of my KDK rides were in the front seat where it doesn't try to kill you. The OTSR's suck but to me the ride just feel more intense than TTD. I really wasn't expecting much from Superman but now with everyone talking about such major improvements I am so looking forward to riding it!
  16. I could not agree more with what you just said (except for the toon lagoon part). We pretty much had the same experience when I went in May last year with Potterland under construction.
  17. Well I will be visiting the park in mid August and hope they have the coaster up and running by then.
  18. I don't get how hydraulic launch and inverted coaster is supposed to work out. If you take a look at the TTD launchtrack you will notice that the supports and area underneath it look really dirty and disgusting. Now imagine all that grease form the catchcar (to me it looked like there is way more than on a regular inverter chain lift) and the water used for cooling the (evil Intamin) cable dripping down on the passengers.
  19. If it comes up on ebay it is usually totally overpriced. I got mine from an Werner Stengel exhibition in Munich around the time it first got released.
  20. Yeah, that is sort of like launching directly into some trimbrakes!
  21. I don't know if this has been mentioned before in this thread but I am really curious to know what exactly is wrong with ring racer and if they can actually get the ride fixed.
  22. Yeah! Its IAAPA time! I always love the updates, can't wait for the next one! For everyone who is interested in pictures of the Mission Space prototype beeing set up for the first time, check out onride.de http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=49028&start=25
  23. Now how does it come that Disney is so interested in changing a rollercoasters blocking system/software?
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