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  1. ... Cedar Point has been building Intamins since 2000 - so a European coaster wouldn't exactly be a new thing for them, with 5 Intamins (counting STR) in the past 10 years. B&M is European as well so building a "European coaster" isn't something new for any major park. They could place two Ball Coasters or Zac Spins right next to each other. Side by side => racing Head to head => dueling This would not just solve the capacity problem but also be a "first of it's kind" in the world and furthermore win the most coasters at one park record back.
  2. They may be talking about "over the shoulder lap bars" like I305 has. unfortunately If you look at the videos and artworks that would make sense.
  3. ^^^ No, there is no scrambler on the Oktoberfest. I don't think we have those in Germany, at least I have never seen one. We "lokals" really like our fairs but don't go as crazy about them as foreigners do since we can visit different beerfests/fairs all summer long. Most of them are way more enjoyable than Oktoberfest is because they just aren't that crowded, packed with tourists and you never have to wait in line to get into the tents. Also the rides are not as expensive as in Munich and run longer ride cycles. Beer is cheaper as well, for example at the Augsburger Plärrer it was 6,60€ compared to the almost 9€ at Oktoberfest.
  4. I think we will not see a new large coaster traveling germany anytime soon. It's just too expensive. The steel price, rent for the very large spaces at the fairs, transportation, electricity, maintenance ... you name it. No family or showman can afford such an investment these days with people holding their money back and not spending that much at the funfairs anymore. (except for oktoberfest though) Remember: when Olympia looping was purchased in 1989 there weren't any large coaster at european amusement parks. That wasn't much different when Eurostar came in in 1995. If you wanted to ride a good coaster, you had to visit a fair. Today people just take one or twoday trips to amusement parks. That's why the smaller Laser was bought from Dorney, a brand new big rollercoaster just doesn't make sense right now in my opinion. But I hope I am totally wrong!
  5. That's what I like about Coaster-Count.com you can check off the ride again at it's new location but it does not count it as a new credit.
  6. I wonder why they haven't sold off all the equipment after the park closed for the second time. Why should another investor come in just to go down the same road like the others did before?
  7. Your brain must have been damaged already, why else would someone come up with an idea like that?
  8. We used the Alamo under age summer special for our last 3 USA trips. This year one of us had to be 21 to get the car (a nice suv) and the other two times non of us had to be 21. 19 years of age was enough.
  9. If this secret Jurassic Park gets a coaster I really hope it has lap bars I would go if it was affordable.
  10. I think Chang should have gone to St. Louis and the Star Flyer to Great Adventure. Both parks seem to need exactly the type of ride the other park is getting, a good flat ride and a major coaster.
  11. The Intamin OTRS just found it's next victim. I hate those things and hope they will be extinct someday. Lap bars are the way to go!
  12. Here is an update from Coastersandmore with a few pictures, including a full view of the layout! More pics and the full article at http://coastersandmore.de/rides/freischuetz/freischuetz2.php
  13. Yes, it's only a Mouse but look at it this way: hey! it's only a Mouse! Six Flags could take down and move the ride as soon as they find a better place in another park for it. Since it's just a regular Mouse that wouldn't take much of an effort and that way they can market it twice as a new ride.
  14. Thanks everyone I'm glad you liked it! If you just show up at the bridge you pay 145€ for one jump. If you book it online you pay 132€ However we still had a coupon form last year, 35€ off (you get one after every jump) and since we originally booked a jump at Schlegeissperre which is a little cheaper anyway we ended up paying only 95€ each. As a bigger group you could probably get a good discount as well.
  15. Hey! This is my first photo TR here. Two of my friends and I went to Austria to do a Bungee Jump off the Europa Brücke (630 ft). The original plan was to jump the Schlegeissperre dam but they were supposed to get some snow up there on that particular weekend. It was the second jump for one of my buddies and me, we've done the same bridge last year as well. We started off our day with some Butterfly credit whoring at Zahmer Kaiser Erlebniszentrum. We arrived at the bridge 2 hours earlier than we needed to so that we could check out the area underneath it and get some photos and video footage That's me, still smiling Than it was time to head up and sign in our group of three after we got our harnesses it was time to walk on out to the halfwaypoint where you climb down to the maintenance platform The ladder you take down there is shaky and a awesome thrill experience for itself I was next in line after waiting about half an hour. could have been more or less, I rally had other things going on in my head You can really feel how the heavy bungee cord is pulling on your feet! the crew counts down "5 4 3 2 1 bungee" and before you know it you are over the edge! rebound after about 3 minutes of hanging upside down in mid air you have to attach yourself to a cable to get pulled back up almost there my two friends jumped as well after it was all over we really earned our "fat ladies" Bungee Jumping really is an awesome experience and hard to describe. You have to do it yourself to know what it's like. If you get a chance, take it, it's so worth it! For those of you who are going on the oktoberfest trip, it's only about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from munich. (only open on weekends) This is their website: http://www.rupert-hirner.at/content.html I would like to finish this TR with our 2010 Bungee Jumping Video! Oh yes and before you comment on the video I admit it, we sort of are CP fanboys
  16. Another Eurofighter? Gerstlauer seems to have a pretty good sales department!
  17. I really like the Starflyer rides so this looks like it will be awesome as well!
  18. Instead of STR CP should have gotten a Mack Watercoaster about the same size because: - it would have probably been a little cheaper - they could have added a new water ride and rollercoaster at the same time - a watercoaster is more fun to ride than STR
  19. The Skylineexpress/Bayern Curve/Powerd Coaster whatever you wanna call it was added for the 1999 season when the Löwenthal family bought the place and turned it into Skylinepark. The do it yourself attractions are rally fun and a good way to spend some time when the lines are getting long. They also used to have a giant Hamster Wheel for humans but it was taken out a few years back. That's what I really hate about the US that people seem to be so afraid that somebody could get hurt and therefore have way too many stupid safety rules and policies at the amusement- and waterparks. It probably wouldn't bother me if I didn't know how less restricted the parks are over here in europe.
  20. Rode it today and it really is slow. It also seems like Intamin is not able to work out the "Splash Problem" they've been having since Pilgrims Plunge. There is no splash after the big drop, just a small one when the boat goes from using tracks to floating again. I's a fun ride but they spent way too much money on it. After all StR is only a modern log flume.
  21. Does that mean it's supposed to be closed again starting monday? I'm a little confused.
  22. Was the Park more busy on Sunday or Monday? I am thinking about going up there again sometime next week but don't know the day yet.
  23. Yeah you got that right! I never ride TTD and MF anywhere else but the front seat. Did both coaster only once in the back and it was by far not as good as up front. Can't wait to go up to sandusky tomorrow for the next two days!
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