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  1. Well I guess Greezed Lightnin' is for sale. Someone just has to save it or ship it back home to Germany.
  2. And I am sure it's not worth the money because it looks boring compared to bungee jumping.
  3. Bizarro #1 and Diamondback #4 What the hell went wrong there? I think they both should be down at least 8 more spots. The wooden result is pretty good and not that much of a suprise.
  4. It's sort of dumb when you can actually understand what they say.
  5. Nothing. That ride is totally overhyped and I was really disappointed by it. I think it's not even close to being one of the worlds best rollercoasters.
  6. I rode Diamondback 79 times on Aug 27. The goal was to double up on the 40 rides on Superman / la Atracción de Acero in one day but they shut down the coaster right before my 80th ride due to tthunderstorms. It was still an awesome day!
  7. Kings Dominion is the winner for 2010 in my opinion. I am really disappointed by this water ride, a modern boring "log flum", that's just great ...
  8. In my opinion Kings Dominion is the winner. I would take a new Intamin (Giga/Mega or Launchcoaster) over a B&M at anytime! I305 gives me a reason to (maybe) visit KD next year but another Hyper not. It still looks like a good additon to the park though.
  9. Kingda Ka is down, again! I am going to the park on july 14 and 15. Has anyone heard any rumors or knows when the ride is supposed to reopen? You just gotta wonder how CP is doing it.
  10. I felt like I was gonna die in the back seat, but it was a pretty decent ride in the front row. If the put in a new coaster in it's place, tear it down, it not just leave it the way it is.
  11. Looks kind of slow and boring. A real bungee jump would have been better.
  12. Usually I just read along in the Big Mike Road show but I just have to agree here with everyone else! This is one of your best reviews ever!
  13. Wow! Are you talking about the same SFSTL I have been to? Because I thought the place really sucked and left around 2 pm. Well at least you had a good time there and got to ride Xcalibur.
  14. I pretty much got the same problem because I will visit the park in the first week of June as well. However I am will get another chance to ride KdK in the second week of July. Do you think this is a major breakdown like in 2005 (it was in 05 right?) or should they be able to get the problem fixed by July?
  15. I like the new sign and I love Magnum since the first time I rode it which was by the way in 2007 (last row). It's in the lower part of my top ten list, but I have got to admit that I have only been on a little over 190 coasters so far. And I think Mantis is also a pretty good ride as long as you ride it in the front row.
  16. Intamin really needs to fix that "splashproblem", otherwise just I can't see them selling another one of these new generation water rides.
  17. Looks like a very big Heege Butterfly! http://www.heege-freizeittechnik.de/open/action/products%3Bimages/menu/25/M/h4nxsw
  18. Blue Fire is definitely the best coaster in the Park, after Eurosat of course! I would even go so far as to say it's almost as good as Maverick.
  19. Steel 1) Top Thrill Dragster 2) Stormrunner 3) Maverick 4) Griffon 5) Superman la Atraccion de Acero Wood 1) Colossos (Heidepark) 2) Thunderhead 3) Lightning Racer L. 4) Lightnign Racer T. 5) Voyage
  20. If the dog wasn't female I would name him Dominator.
  21. I think Maverick should be up a little higher as well as Griffon. That's really interesting. How can you possible make money off operating a park like that? It sounds like maintenance over there costs a lot more than the ride actually draws people into the park and it's just not worth the effort.
  22. I wish we would have some CF parks here in Europe because I really like them.
  23. It says here that once they are traveling the fairs it should only take them 4 days to set up or disassemble the ride.
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