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  1. Rode Voyage yesterday and it was so disappointing. It was rougher than last year and due to the shorter trains the airtime was not as intense as it used to be. Voyage has never been my #1 Woodie but with the new trains that could change.
  2. Hey everyone! I am doing a coastertour through the US right now and going to Holidayworld this friday. Now is there a chance that the timberliners are gonna be ready by then? If it helps we would be able to push our visit back by a few days. I would really love to try out those new trains!
  3. Are there any news about what's going on with the I305 wheels? I mean when the only is that the wheels are getting too hot, the could install fans or something under the station to cool them down or do something else.
  4. No other company is even close to having as many rides in the "worlds best rollercoasters top 10" as intamin does. CP should stick with them because they are the best! Can't wait for their next ride to be build at the Point!
  5. Yes, it is closed. http://buschgardens.com/Bgt/Explore/Rides.aspx?id=594
  6. Since we are already talking about coupons in that area, does anyone know where I could find some for Busch Gardens Europe?
  7. If it's an Intamin I could see them build something like this since they also don't have an observation Tower or a big ferris wheel. http://www.ridetrade.com/rti/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=38 To make it fit in the German section they could top it off with a huge beer mug!
  8. I only got to ride it in 2008 because when I visited in 06, 07 and 09 it was always closed. In the front row it was actually a pretty decent ride, in the last however it was terribly painful. Personally, I would like to see the ride reopen after a good makeover but not if it costs about as much as a nice brand new coaster would cost.
  9. The best thing would be an Intamin coaster, El Toro, Maverick, Dragster, I305 ... just to give an example because pretty much all of their coasters are awesome. If it had to be a B&M or GCI than go for the B&M.
  10. Why are the operations at all the other rides so bad? Everyone is talking about Volcano only running one train, Dominator just two etc. while the waits are an hour long or more? Are they now trying to save some money here and piss people off? Because really, that would suck!
  11. Is the airtime after the trim comparable to like Maverick's or El Toro's?
  12. So did I get this right? SF gets to keep all the rides on their land + Chang and the Fair Board everything else even though some of the rides on the Fair Board's land were put in by SF?
  13. Damn it! I will be there may 17th till memorialday weekend! I just hope that they change their mind and decide to have a soft opening or at least operate the dragons.
  14. You should have some aspirin with you or something else to prevent a headache. That helped me a lot when I rode Diamondback 81 times in one day last summer. It was a really hot day but since you will be riding Bizarro early in the season that should not be a problem. I really think the soundtrack will be your biggest problem. good luck!It's not as hard as it sounds!
  15. Not a chance! Simple because I305 is an Intamin Giga and ICarowinds just another B&M Hyper. However I can't wait to ride both of the new coasters in June!
  16. I still think they ruined a coaster that could have been my new #1 Same as with Maverick, if the ride had MF style lapbars, it would probably be the best one out there in my opinion. Intamin really should design new lapbars for the US that allow bigger people to ride. They are not unsafe or something, after all Intamin still used the old restraints on the mega lites and other lapbars on El Toro and Bizarro.
  17. Yes, we will use a park hopper pass and yes, we just want to hit those rides because to me they seem to be the most interesting ones. I am usually not really into non coaster rides except for drop towers. What do you think would be the best ride to start with and the best order throughout the day?
  18. Hi! I just came across your Florida TR an really enjoyed it since I will be visiting Orlando for the first time may 17 till may 24. Now I have a question. We will do Disney on fr the 21st because the park will be open till 11. This will be our only day at disney because it's simply way too expensive. We would like to do the following rides while at the park and would be thankful for anyones opinion on if this is doable. Testtrack Mission space Expedition Everest Primeval Whirl Tower of Terror Rock#n Rollercoaster Big Thunder Mountain Space Mountain
  19. The shoulder straps really are unnecessary but they are part of the nascar theme. Just bring a cutter and help yourself.
  20. Ok, I checked it and you're right, the advisory is 130. Well, that's what you get from not caring about it, if there is no speed limit, I just hit the gas pedal The left lane is for passing only and it is illegal to pass on the right lane. I noticed that traffic over here in germany is basically a lot more aggressive than it is in the usa.
  21. Well, that's not the whole deal. There are speed limits in quite a few areas, some are only during daytime. The sings say what the speed limit is, the suggested speed is always 120 km/h. If there is a speed limit it's usually 123 or 130 km/h. I really would like to do some parks with you but I am traveling the US in May and June!
  22. Thanks for answering so soon! Sounds like I should be fine there and will be able to sleep a lot better tonight.
  23. I am not very happy about the restraints either. That really is a problem in the states but I am still looking forward to riding I305 in June. Talking about lose articles, at Europapark it is common practice to take everything you carry, even backpacks, with you on every ride except for Blue Fire and Silverstar.
  24. When are the dragons supposed to be closed for the retheming? Does anyone have any information on that? Because I will visit florida for the first time in the second half of May and it would really suck if the coasters were down plus I am a HP fan!
  25. Are there any Coupons or ways to save on admisson? I checked the website but they don't seem to have an after 5 pm ticket or anything alike.
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