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  1. Jason, this was a great TR!! I'm so glad that this bonus TPR trip worked out. It really was a highlight of my year. And thank you Deep South Tour participants for making us feel so welcome! Now we really do need to have an ECT reunion at Knoebels!! Maybe some DST folks would like to come along?!? It was so great seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well. Oh and let's not forget a great park or two...and lots of food!! ...as a side note, it was a very interesting ride home. I was slightly flying down the mountain (I do love curvy roads!!), windows down, singing loudly when something walked out into the road in front of me. It was a very lanky bear cub! Fortunately, for both of us, it ran back into the woods just as I got a little too close for comfort. Anyway, I'm just glad that Carowinds presented itself very well. (except for the lunch maybe) I even got a hug from one of the ride ops after the insane Thunderhead ERT at Dollywood! All in all a great trip. As a genuine Southern Belle just let me say...Y'all come back now, hear?!?
  2. ^Candace, he's already trying to stick you with the baby-sitting duty so he can come out and play! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He's adorable and I'm so glad to hear that all are doing well. Take care of each other and keep us posted. You know the ECT family is going to want photo updates of our littlest member!
  3. Great update Dave. I cannot wait for the Vegas add-on and the inevitable TPR insanity which will ensue. I can only imagine how insane we will all be for a post trip add-on to Vegas...TPR take-over of the Donnie and Marie show!!!
  4. Fantastic TR! You should certainly post more TRs in the future, just knock Eric off the computer. Tell him your fans demand it! Anyway, Dollywood is just such a cool park and the BW was very fitting. (I actually nabbed the Country Fair artsy photo for my background...it's kind of squashed, but that almost makes it look a little Lynch like..so that's cool as well!) Thanks again!
  5. Happy Birthday Kristen! I hope a frog hopper was involved for you at some point today. If not today, I'm sure there will be many in the coming year! Take care and I can't wait to see how much you've grown by this August. I'm sure you'll take Vegas by storm! KerryB
  6. Wes, I would tip my hat to you if I was wearing one...Now that I've stopped laughing so hard that I was choking! Impressive, sir, impressive! I'm going to rummage around and see if I can find that ACE ball cap around here somewhere...unless it has been stolen by those coaster dork loving strippers that live next door....
  7. ^What about the weed? They've already got the other covered...or not...you know what I mean!
  8. ^^That's similar to what I was thinking...let's see, an open chat with a roomful of coaster dorks...easy mark comes to mind! If they can just give enough encouragement to get the bashful ones through the door, then it's pretty much a sure bet they'll get good money for less effort than from some of the other regulars...so to speak. I'm sure there is a name for that, but my googling efforts have failed me this time! ^I also have liked Dave's selections so far...maybe we'll each win one of his CDs on the WCT!
  9. Now that's more like it! My ears still aren't quite bleeding yet, but it's getting there. I'm more concerned about the temporary blindness caused by Terrance's posting of Vanity's "Pretty Mess". Yikes!
  10. Bring it! If this is the ear-splitting tragedy of music selections I've heard so much about...I'm not impressed so far. There is mysterious yellow track and this is a tough as you get! Come on...make the B&M people want to give up where the track is headed just to stop your musical abuse!
  11. I'm just excited we are getting a completely new, not just new to us, coaster in 2010! I'm actually fine with getting the relocated boomerang as it is better than a non-working/cared for ride. It also covers a missing form of coaster in the park, but I'm beyond excited to hear we're getting something new! Some much needed love to what is really a decent home park. I didn't appreciate what we had so much until I had completed the ECT. After Scarowinds I was reminded of how many things Carowinds actually has going for it. It's nice to actually see some effort from CF to help it grow.
  12. I have to interject here....that is just awesome! I've never heard that explanation of the cat o' nine tails. Thank you for sharing. Now I have another bit of scary trivia to scare my co-workers/family with! Oh, and I think they are waiting to make the announcement about the new TPR B&M at the West Coast Bash...so don't talk too loudly about it just yet! (I just hope it's up and running by the WCT!)
  13. I know it was looking bad, and I hope something very cool gets put in it's place..but I hate to see the classic log flumes go! Always a favorite ride of mine.
  14. Sociology 101 There's a Party in My Tummy A stirring depiction of the Stockholm Syndrome effect with victims of a cannibalistic, serial killing alien creature.
  15. I stumbled across Yo Gabba Gabba a few years ago and couldn't get over what I was seeing. One of the first episodes I saw had Elijah Wood teaching the "Puppet Master" during a Dancy Dance segment. I was just watching the show thinking how weird it was and all of the sudden there was Frodo "goin' crazy"! Every now and then I'll find myself watching it again. I keep trying to show it to other adults, but they just don't seem to appreciate it. My nieces don't watch it, so I don't have a good excuse for watching it too often. I should have known the TPR crowd would find it as interesting as I do! DJ Lance absolutely cracks me up!
  16. Happy Birthday, Big Mike! I hope that you had a great day yesterday and here's to an action packed 2009!
  17. Now this is a cool senior project! I somehow had missed this post before, so I just now got up to date on your project. Best wishes on the entire endeavor from getting Norm ready to the actual adventure of the road trip. I love a road trip and am also interested to see the availability to make one a more financially and environmentally sound option for a family vacation. My meager support is in the envelope ready to go!
  18. How cool for Quassy! Sounds like a great addition to me. It's good to see such a cute little park grow and add things at an appropriate level to survive. Now if they do add the DT soundtrack to the awesome Jerry Garcia adorned Music Fest, they'll have no limit of growth potential! Upgrade....from speed bump to all out drive through line...in two charter buses...at Wendy's...for free junior Frosty's all around. It's just that cool!
  19. ^Twist my arm...travel to different parks to pick up the missed credits. Who would do that? Oh yeah...this is TPR, a comforting home for those of us who call ourselves credit whores!! Mostly I wanted to ride LZ and I was of course very curious about MaxRPM. And Nights in White Satin...I love a dark ride, then add all the trippy stuff. Color me intrigued! Again...oh well. It's all just more frustrating than sad.
  20. ^^I'm glad I have my hard hats and a t-shirt from the hard hat tour prior to the park opening. I also bought some pins because I'm a wacko like that....oh and of course my obligatory deck of cards. Too bad I never got back to ride a freakin' ride!!! Oh well. I for one am sad that they didn't make this happen. It was a good idea, but just not completely cared for or thought out.
  21. Wasn't this the 3-D pirate dark ride? I thought it was pretty cool. I also think this was the one with the little boats rather than cars. Whatever, I loved everything about Morey's. I have even forgotten how hot it was! Congratulations to you both! I am so excited for you! Please keep us updated and give Candace a hug for me. Still enjoying your updates. Clementon was an interesting pit stop. Morey's was fantastic! Looking forward to the Hershey update next.
  22. Scott, great job on the TR and thank you for taking the time to put one together. I can't even explain how cool it was to get together with some of my new family for Thanksgiving. There was a discussion at one point of how sometimes it seems like forever since ECT and then we get together and it feels like the trip was just a few weeks ago. I really hope we can get the East Coast contingent together again a couple of more times this year! Ice was so much fun...I still don't know why I couldn't seem to slide on the ice slides though! Very frustrating. I also was not aware of the Bubba abuse that went on during dinner preparation. That's probably because I was taking the refrigerator apart at the time! Anyway, we had good food, lots of park fun /antics, and great friends hangin' out. It was also cool to have some new friends meet up with us. Mike tolerated my teasing very well! This really was a great trip and a much needed break from the day-to-day. I miss you all already! -Psycho Kitty OUT!
  23. ^^Ok...yeah, I missed that one! I was gearing toward the older character actor, but I guess that was the original issue. Oh well!
  24. I think the actor that is reminding you of Dwight is Bill Hader. He's currently on SNL, but he's done quite a few comedies. Supporting roles, but he is good at what he does...which is a little on the bizarre side. I'm looking forward to this one. I also think games is a much better set up for the storyline. Food service is pretty played out, glad they didn't go there for this pass at the whole coming of age thing. The interaction and possibilities for downtime and carny like fun...there's a wide variety of opportunities for weirdness and fun in the games area! Shoot, just watch the TPR characters in action in the games area. Weird, wild, stuff!
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