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  1. ^Excuses, excuses....now get back to work and entertain us!!! Thanks for providing a TR at all. I think I might explode my computer if I were to even try! I'll look forward to even Jankyland! And Dark Knight....they had some good theming aspects going on, but then they just seemed to give up on it. If they would just theme the crap out of it and bill it as a dark ride, it would be cool...otherwise fairly disappointing. And finally the rain....I was disappointed that we didn't get all of the credits in, but it was also kind of fun to relax with new friends...have a beer...scare some tourists. All in all a very good time was still had! I also appreciate the efforts Robb and Elissa went to for the return visit. I decided to stay with the main group as it was so close to the end of the trip rather than taking the bus back...but I was glad to know the option was there. Now I just have to go back someday and force myself to give El Toro another ride. How we suffer for our obsessions!
  2. Another Hanno TR! I'm looking forward to the rest of it, great job so far. I am really impressed that you were able to hit the parks the way you did jet lag and all. Inspiration indeed for any possible future International TPR trips for me! Thanks again Hanno!
  3. ^Roxanne, I am so looking forward to hanging out with you on the WCT! I enjoyed meeting you when you joined up with us on the ECT, so now I'll really get to know you. Can't wait! (I guess I should wait for the actual participant list before I get too excited...but that's impossible!) KerryB
  4. ^^I totally agree with all of the last three posts....well almost totally.. 14? Really, I think the average age is somewhere between 8 and 10 with occasional jumps to college age, sexually suppressed inappropriate behavior! Speaking as one that was very concerned about the not knowing anyone, traveling alone, kind of situation...just go! You'll never regret it, I know I don't. The boards they open pre-trip really help you get to know some people from the start. I had dinner the first night at the hotel with a new group of friends that I hope to keep in touch with forever...whether they like it or not! That was just the start of adult summer camp on some sort of mind altering substance! Just go!
  5. Voted again...the power of TPR being shown again at its full might!! Our own little vicarious Disney TPR take-over!!! PS...I just bought a Tinkerbell-esque costume myself for this Halloween. But now I'm off to get a bottle of absinthe as I'm going to be a slightly different green fairy!!!
  6. Thanks for the update on Scarowinds. I'm going next Thursday and am really looking forward to this! Were the random vampire groups there this year? I stumbled across a group of them last year after passing through one of the dark tunnel walk-throughs....uber creepy/cool!
  7. Great TR! It was so good meeting you on the ECT. Glad to see you got back for some more chocoholic time. I am still upset they decided to tear out the rapids, but what can you do. It's still a beautiful park and the Lightening Racers will always hold a special place in my little competitive heart!!
  8. Great TR! It was so good meeting you on the ECT. Glad to see you got back for some more chocoholic time. I am still upset they decided to tear out the rapids, but what can you do. It's still a beautiful park and the Lightening Racers will always hold a special place in my little competitive heart!!
  9. ^When I get a copy? How much is it worth it to you that I don't post a boat photo? Hmmm, blackmail!!!
  10. ^^That's what I was wondering!! (Wow, Christiana really must be ticked off at that bird)...but birds due tend to bother rodents, so I completely understand! I have to insert what I think is a funny Robb picture here...sorry to bogart your update Jason, is this way against the rules? This is from our first day/first park of the trip....Sesame Place. (I know the picture isn't exactly what it looks like at first glance, but pretty darn close!) Welcome to the ECT, now shut the he!! up and get in line for your tickets!!!
  11. Very interesting update, Bas...I was wondering when the mass boob credit was going to appear. It was dark, I was attacked in line for that freakin' Corkscrew Hill! ...oddly appropriate...Still, great update Bas, minus the drowned rat and boob attack! BGE was one of the best days of the trip...lots of madness occured!
  12. C-Jay, Great update yet again! It's good to see you back online. I continue to be impressed with everyone doing updates...I haven't even developed all of my pictures, so therefore am very impressed with all trip reports! I really, really enjoyed Morey's. Great White was so much fun! I was somewhat nervous about the condition of that coaster prior to riding it. But I liked the Hurricane at Myrtle and it was close to the beach, just not on it! In Jersey weather year 'round! I imagined great pain, but we'll leave that for the Hurler. Great White just got better with each ride. Ok...so I edited my Hurler tirade that was in this part of the post..sorry you missed it, but I thought it would get the thread too off track. Just know that there was one, and that should be enough...for now! (You wacky, shaken up Hurler Fanboys!) Fantastic trip report...although it did remind me of the garlic situation...that was a bit on the extreme! I'm also still upset that I was a dork and ran off missing the screamin' swing! I didn't know that you two braved the Skyscraper, I wanted to try that one too!! Next TPR trip I'm there, if someone will ride it with me! Keep up the good work and I'll see you 'round!
  13. Excuses, excuses...now get back to the updates!! (JK...as I haven't even tried to do my own update!! Finish your homework, have a cookie, and THEN get back to the updates!!)
  14. Where you the one riding Boulder Dash during the ERT while wearing the Boulder Dash hoodie?! Nope...I did not have a Boulder Dash hoodie...mine is green and just has Lake Compounce on it. After having ridden Boulder Dash, I would not mind having one of those either!
  15. Too funny, Hanno! Fantastic photos...except of me! I hope I don't look that terrified through all of the rides, but that particular mouse was a little on the interesting side. I still haven't quite gotten over photos of the water slide at SFNE as well. I never did get completely dry the rest of that day. But if I had to buy a hoodie, I'm glad it was at the surprisingly favorite park Lake Compounce. I'm happy to have that souvenir! (and I was finally cuddly warm again!!) I really enjoyed Quassy, and I'm still jealous of Jahan's penguin! I'm looking forward to the rest of your PTR. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. KerryB
  16. Bas, Great update!!! I just got completely caught up with your TR from the start of the ECT. And no, you didn't scare me with your attempts at getting the pic of Manhattan!!! (It was just a warning of the photo taking intensity to come! ) Fantastic photos...I look forward to the rest of them. The trio day of the truly super Superman, Speed Bump, and Boulder Dash's homefront was one of the absolute best days of the trip. I remember being really shocked at how much we did in that one day...and then thinking how cool it was that it was still just the start of the trip! I wish we were just heading out to Coney tomorrow!!
  17. ^Absolutely understandable!! I'm enjoying living vicariously through yet another incredible TPR trip. I'll look forward to the official East Coast update, but I'm also enjoying what everybody else is pulling together from the ECT. It just gives me something else to look forward to knowing there are more updates to come. Thanks for taking the time to do the Asia updates you are doing. Having now done an actual trip, I don't know how anyone posts while on a trip. I could hardly see straight by the time we got back to the hotel most of the time! (Except for maybe a couple of memorable nights in Williamsburg!) Thanks Again! Sleepy KerryB
  18. ^Oooo, now I'm all jealous again! HKDL...maybe in a couple more years! I just got completely caught up on the updates and they are great as usual. I'm not sure if I would have braved the Honey Lake coaster or not...I probably would...I am a dirty whore like that, but I would be terrified the entire time! I know the odds, but with rust like that it just wouldn't matter to my chicken heart! Speaking of chickens...how sad is it that I had to go back and look at the pictures after people were commenting on the chicken head. I was wondering what brought on your extra special back-story/commentary. I thought it was mostly for Kidtums reaction to your eating the chicken! I'll just prefer to think it's because I'm very, very tired..and not that poor of an observer!!! And the Christmas Dark Ride...too funny! My brother despises "It's a Small World" especially after our last visit to the Magic Kingdom. He rode it six times in a row with my then four year old niece because she was afraid of the fireworks. (And of course her dear Aunt watched the fireworks instead!) He said he rode it and just thought if they would just make it a shooting ride....scary! Anyway, your updates are fun and informative as always! Thanks for taking the time, Robb. I'll look forward to the rest! KerryB
  19. Great job so far, Texas...can't wait for the rest!!
  20. ^^Fred is the bomb!!! I kept thinking about maybe going back for the credit run at GADV, but I also wanted to stay with the main group as it was our next to last day. It ended up being tremendously fun to do the little bit of water park we did. And of course it was worth it for the company, but I am very glad that R&E worked out the opportunity to go back. The mouse was no big loss...helped in part to their stacking of cars as well as holding dispatch at an odd rate. I could not believe we waited an hour or so, but I'm glad I didn't skip the credit. As it is I didn't break 150 because of a few missed credits!! Oh well, more of a reason to go on another TPR trip...as if I needed more of a reason! I do want to get back to GADV someday soon though. I really don't feel like I did that park justice...especially El Toro. I think my expectations were just too high and they weren't met...mostly due to the amazing experience of Boulder Dash! So, I need to go back on a non-rainy day and give the bull a re-ride. (Although, it was nice to hang out on the deck with a nice cool beer...friends...and watch the rain for awhile!) Great update as always! You make me miss the trip a little more every day!
  21. ^You just made me chuckle, Phil. And for good measure...Thank you again!! Anyway, I agree that something along the lines of a behind the scenes/ documentary style of Airline would be entertaining. Think of the "Dumbest things the GP Have Said" thread. People tend to shut their brains off when entering amusement settings be it a theme park, beach, Jimmy Buffett concert. The end result can be entertaining in and of itself. Fashion Police gone wild...why do some women feel it is appropriate to wear five inch heels in a theme park? That never ceases to amaze me. I just don't know if the parks would be willing to let people see all of the behind the scenes, keeping the rides operational kind of things. But the day to day operations...gimmicks used to keep smaller parks afloat. Special episodes featuring the looney enthusiasts like us that roll through a park (just not too "heavy" on the ACE please!!). Could be interesting. Or each season they could just follow a smaller park or two showing what they do to compete with the big boys. I'm rambling, but I hope that was somewhat helpful!
  22. I really enjoyed our stop at Coney on the ECT. It was a place I have always wanted to go, so I am glad that I had the opportunity. Occasionally areas were scetchy, but that is also some of the atmosphere that just fits with the destination. The Breakdance was crazy! I liked the test cycles the op would run just to let people know speak now, or hold your peace and everything else 'til the cycle is over! Glad to see the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone aren't on the chopping block yet. Cyclone may have been rough, but it is a definite classic and would be a loss. (Not like the Hurler in it's various forms...modern built crap coasters of pain) I hope they work something out. A permanent park would be cool, and they could still get the authentic theming involved as well. Kind of a harder edge Wildwood. Anyway, losing any rides to condo development absolutely sucks. I hope that is not the way this goes.
  23. C-Jay, lovin' the TR. BGE is just amazing and that day was just too much fun. We got absolutely soaked on the rapids as well thanks to Robb pre-training the onlookers! And enough just can't be said about the Big Bad Beautiful Wolf at night! How much fun is it to be riding and howling on a coaster as everyone else has to walk on out of the park!?! Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to do the updates! KerryB
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