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  1. I think this is a great option if you are on the borderline of being able to go. I really would love to, but I'm dedicated to the East Coast Tour this year! (and time off work is already arranged for East Coast...) For those concerned about missing Disney....a single park trip is something you might be able to manage on a non-coaster tour some day. I know friends that are thinking of a Europe trip that I will be hard pressed to get to do multiple smaller parks, but they would be easily led down the Disney path. All of the other parks done the TPR way...a much better plan! I would also prefer going to Disney with TPR, but if it means getting to do the rest of the trip or not...let the mouse wait and go for it!
  2. I got the DVD today...fantastic as usual! I really liked the ludicrous speed teacups segment! Thanks for all of your hard work...lots of laugh out loud moments. And now I really wish I didn't have to wait until August to join in the proud TPR travel crew!
  3. ^Yikes!! I hope you are fully recovered now. I'm one to talk. I've had severe headaches the last five days in a row, but I'm still too stubborn to get them checked out...It's much easier just to take some Excedrine Migraine and ignore the issue! (I definitely don't want any MD to interfere in my coaster riding!!)
  4. ^ ^^ Congrats to both of you! I keep planning on using the East Coast trip as a reason to lose a few pounds this year...so far I haven't accomplished much. I just want to be sure I can keep up with the crowd! Good work both of you, keep it up. I'll get started eventually!
  5. Thanks for another great TR! I cannot wait to meet KT this summer. It cannot be denied that she has one of the best photo-personalities I have ever seen...baby or otherwise! I am also all about a TPR cruise, I just didn't have any more time off to take for 2008. Thanks again for sharing the fun!
  6. I agree with you on all counts. It seems to me that people are very ambivalent with regards to how serious pneumonia can be regardless of age. Add to that concern other medications and it can be a very dangerous combo. We'll see what is finally found out about what happened, but maybe it will be a wake-up call for people to take their own health more seriously. I do work in a hospital and see all to often how fast things can change and lives can be lost. Deal with a couple of non-drug using 30 year olds will massive strokes and you will start to question many things in your own daily life. I also understand your being on the defensive a bit. I actually haven't been as active on the site this week after reading a couple of the responses. I just don't understand why some attack when others are just expressing feelings of loss or concern. I don't consider myself a big celebofile, but a loss such as this does have a tendency to make you take a pause. It should as a human anyway...any young life lost is always a waste and a sad event. Celebrity or not. But to lessen that loss just because a person is a celebrity is not a mark on the celebrity, but on the own person feeling the need to take a jab. HL is also not an individual known for being difficult to anyone other than paparazzi. And who's to say they don't deserve what they get? I have never heard of production being slowed by his behaviors, but again I don't subscribe to any celeb gossip mags or such. I just see his volume of work and am impressed by what he accomplished in such a short time with very little negative press. Anyway, I am glad to see people that are affected by his life lived and lost. Anything to show we aren't as jaded a public as I am often afraid we've really become.
  7. I just don't even know what to say....Even though I was almost 30 when "10 Things I Hate About You" came out, I had a crush on his rock star vibe. The movie wasn't great, but he was fun to watch. I got through xray school by watching "A Knight's Tale" when I studied for tests. It was fun, light, and again he was fun to watch when I needed breaks. But he was also a still rising talent that will truly be missed. Future films will suffer for this loss, but greater still is the loss his daughter will experience for the rest of her life. This just really sucks. Farewell good knight, we'll see you on the flip side.
  8. ^ I agree! I thought he was going to bust in that taxi cab, but she still seemed fairly serene. They just seemed to be genuinely nice people. I also think it is cool that the Grandson has a tattoo to mark this trip around the world with his Grandfather. (I've been sporadically online this winter, so I am way behind in my comments!!) Gramps won't be around forever, but that FF sure will. I thought it was a great FF. Having been extremely close to my Grandmother and losing her this year, I really regret we never got tats together!! I'm sure she would have been all for it if I had thought of it sooner.
  9. I'm so glad TK and Rachel won. I'm also glad that Gramps and kid represented well and made it to the final three, but I didn't think they would win in a final race to the finish. The Father/Daughter team came along way, but I really didn't want them to win. She was getting oh so cocky and he is still really a bit of a jerk. So, I was glad the happy hippie couple won. They worked hard, overcame a lot, and were still friendly with the other teams. (All that really matters is that Nate and Jen were left in the dust!!!) Now we just have to wait until the next race is on....
  10. I think it is way too cool that you have invited all of us to the DVD premiere. I am once again too far away to make it...but I'll be ready to pre-order my own copy as soon as it is available. Have fun! (Like there's any chance you wouldn't!!!)
  11. ^^Lil' Sis may need to smack him back down every now and then. I know I have to get my big brother back in line once in a while! ^The Goth couple has really grown on me as well. I was afraid at first that they were going to just be very over the top for constant schlock value, but they actually seem to be pretty authentic. They also seem to respect the experience they are having. I cannot stand when people are rude and unappreciative of this incredible opportunity to do really cool things and meet such a variety of people. I haven't seen a lot of that with the Goth crew.
  12. Ugh!! I missed the end this week and I was wondering who got cut!! I only had about the first half hour...very disappointing! Oh well, I was hoping they would hang in there a bit longer. He was getting on my nerves a little, but not as bad as hernia Dad!
  13. My family started using artificial trees when I was a kid. We traveled from GA to NC every year for the Holidays, usually for at least a week. It just wasn't safe to leave a real tree with lights. (My Dad was very early into the lights on a timer deal, so the lights would come on every day. Not a good plan if no one will be around to water a real tree.) The only hazard my Dad then found himself in was that my Mother never throws anything away. So now he gets to set up multiple trees around the house for her different themes! We finally convinced her to lose a the original 70's/80's era trees just in the last five years or so! After moving to NC, we usually had a live cedar tree cut for the front porch. I'm not doing one this year though. This is the first year without my Grandmother, and I'm trying to keep things similar yet different. Now they can make artificial trees that are so incredibly real and they stay pretty when the real ones start falling apart. We've also found it is much better for our allergies. I think we are all using artificial trees in my immediate family now. (It's late..I'm rambling again!)
  14. Those eyes are going to get her anything she wants and may also be some kind of trouble for Dad's nerves down the road! Thanks for the Holiday update. I'm really looking forward to meeting Kristen on the East Coast trip. We have taken my nieces to Disney since the first one was just about 9 months old. She learned to wave at Disney and kissed all of the characters right square on their noses. (Her choice, not ours! But it was very cute!) She went right to Santa as well as a somewhat terrifying Easter Bunny. All the other kids ran away, but here goes Katie kissing a 6Ft tall, red-eyed rabbit on the nose! Yet another good excuse for starting kids off young at theme parks...better first Christmas experiences and photos!
  15. Love the DVD and I love my hoodies! It was great getting them all at the same time. The POVs are fantastic and I really enjoy all the true coaster noise. Now I really can't wait for El Toro... Thanks Robb!!
  16. I too was on crescent roll duty. I'm not much of a cook, so usually I offer to make mac n' cheese...or crescent rolls! My Mom has a great 7-Up cake recipe. I'll try to track it down if anyone is interested. It is really good! Happy Post Turkey Day!
  17. ^^I'm glad to hear that. I'm going to try to get to The Mist this week if possible, but I was wary of a Village type experience. This is King though, so I have to give it a try!
  18. You could also check out an area hospital for jobs. When I decided to go back to school, I worked full-time on second shift as an assistant. Sure, it sucked working and being in school all of the time. But I was able to get hospital benefits and after six months employment the hospital paid for part of my school expenses. Typically, hospitals have a lot of hours they need to cover either in patient transport or a variety of assistive positions. They are always open! The pay is not fantastic, but usually more than your general food services. I know quite a few of the young men in our transportation are merely working there until they get through school. Our hospital will also direct deposit into multiple bank accounts. You could split off part of your pay into a separate account for fun expenses such as a TPR trip. That way you won't miss the funds, but they will be building for future use. In all honesty however, during my first college experience this would never have happened. I worked a variety of food service positions at school. In the summer, I lived at home and worked at the mall. Everything I made went toward school expenses and housing, but my parents still carried the main weight of expenses. I didn't have to work full-time and wouldn't have enjoyed college as much or done as well as I did if I did work full-time. When I went back to school, I was over 30 and had real life expenses and needs to deal with...it was not an option to not work full-time.
  19. I saw a free preview of Beowulf tonight. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one yet. I was definitely into the action all of the way through the movie. It is very intense and they don't pull back on the grit of it all. Not a movie for the weak stomached or the kids. (Although there was of course at least two crying babies in the theater I was in...) The 3D was pretty cool and fits this kind of film. There were plenty of jabby (probably unnecessary) bits to utilize the 3D technology. I still find CGI people kind of creepy, but the clarity of scenery is very cool. I also saw much more of an animated Anthony Hopkins than I really care to see! I was with a crowd of film students...across the board they didn't seem to like the movie, but they can be very tough. I think the action was great, the actors involved were impressive, the accents..varied. An interesting blend of literature, video games, and animation...
  20. I for one ask that you please continue any and all posts of trips you wish to share!! Sure, I may be a little jealous...but it's because I haven't drug my sorry butt down to FL in the Fall for yet another year! Your update has reassured me that FL is a trip that must be done for Halloween. I knew I wanted to get HHN at some point, but now I will also try to visit the mouse as well for the decorations alone...then there is the candy! I'm glad to see you get to enjoy the hobby that brought you two to create this site without all of the stress and hassle of a big group trip. If people don't take the work out of their hobbies which have also become part of their working life...they begin to not enjoy their hobby anymore. Please go, play, and I for one will enjoy traveling along through your posts!!
  21. I can't stop giggling over your post!! Power over "butthead cops" and shooting sparks from your finger tips...too funny!! My guilty pleasures...lots of different movies like Starship Troopers, Anchorman, so bad they're good horror flicks like Evil Dead or Pieces. I was a big Buffy/Angel fan...oh and there's nothing better than singing along with ABBA or show tunes in my car with the windows rolled up tight!!
  22. Robb, best wishes on your goal. I think it is definately attainable, especially if you've done it before. I am completely using the East Coast trip to do lots of things that I have been putting off. Losing weight, actually going to a doctor to get my headaches under control, and getting in some kind of shape before we start the marathon of parks! Everybody is on my case about how I should go about the weight loss and such...I also appreciate support, but basically I look at it that I am an adult..I know what I need to do for me to get there, just tell me how good I look as I work toward that goal! So, I'm interested in watching your progress and I'm going to start keeping better track of mine...but I'm not posting any pictures of my feet on the scales!! Even though there is decidly less hair involved.
  23. So informative and yet entertaining!! I would also like to add that the strict posting requirements might help a few of the younger members pass their various writing competency tests. TPR...a true leader in building our knowledge of coasters, grammar, and dare we say it...life!
  24. ^^It was from Dark Forces originally...but then included in the Skeleton Crew as well...I haven't read it yet, but the movie does look pretty cool.
  25. 03/06/1970 US - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel UK - Wand'rin Star - Lee Marvin (I actually know this from the movie musical Paint Your Wagon! I never would have guessed it would have been a hit!! You also get to hear Clint Eastwood sing about talking to trees..) Oh...and having just read this thread, I also had Urban Chipmunk and am all too familiar with Eddie Rabbit. Anybody remember Chipmunk Punk? Another classicly warped idea of a kids album. My Sharona was played over and over....
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