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  1. ^OMG!!! Jill Knoebel is a TPR member too!!! I just thought I was lucky to actually meet her at the park! Now I find out she's one of us!!! LOL!! Joking aside, Kim, thanks for being a great and patient roomie!! Your the best! Stay safe and I hope Fay doesn't stir up too much trouble for you...other than maybe an extra day off work! I'm home now and seriously miss the craziness and fun especially of the Studio 54 bus. (We rock!!!) Thanks to everyone that made me feel completely welcome as a newbie. This was absolutely the best vacation of my life and I plan on screaming and dancing my way through another trip next year. Robb and Elissa, you are awesome! Now, I'm going to go frame my award (proud to be a ho!!) and cry a little as I wait for more pictures to post!! Love Ya! Mean it!! Now, say my name!!!!! (Did everyone hear that...that was Drew crying a little in the corner...)
  2. Great update! It looks like you guys sure have fun on these trips. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to come along..... Wait a minute!! I am going on one of these cool trips!!! I'll see you all Wednesday night!!! (That was fair warning...prepare yourself East Coast Trippers!!!)
  3. ^Thank you, that is very good to know. I hadn't even considered Goldrusher, but the first op just offered it up after I asked about the Saturator. He just threw out there that it was going too.
  4. I went to Carowinds for the first time this season yesterday. We had a really good day at the park thanks in part to the ominous weather forecasts! I thought TR was great, but one of my cousins did say she thought it was rough...she doesn't ride a lot though. I told her to tell me if she still thought it was rough after the Hurler. It sucked as it always does and she agreed that TR was nothing after that ride. (sorry for those that love the Hurler, but I stand by my opinion that it sucks as much as ever and is just a bad design.) I did miss the little Barbasol signs going up the lift hill on TR. Does anyone know if they are going to bring those back? The Super Saturator was just absolutely depressing! The water is almost completely gone and what is left is disgusting. Then we get up to the ride and I ask if the water has been working at all. The ride op says that since they are going to tear it down next month, they aren't going to make any repairs to the water. Just pitiful I feel on the part of CF. The park in general wasn't as clean as it should be. I saw several ride ops riding the rides even though there would be people in line. I think it's great if they are allowed to do that when they do not have guests, but I think it's tacky if you have paying guests waiting in line. OK, and now for a disturbing rumor....The ride op at SS also said that Goldrusher is also being taken out this year. I had not heard anything about that at all. I asked one of the Goldrusher ops as well. She was not very clear, but seemed to agree that this is it's last season. Then I asked at guest services and one of the managers there said that this was false. He said that ride is an antique...then he asked if I had names of the people that made those statements. I said no, but that seemed a little odd to me....my group felt like that might mean they are going to take it out, but they haven't announced it yet. I know this should probably go in the super rumor thread, but as the Carowinds fan base read this thread I thought maybe some of you would have some info. I'm going to email CF and Carowinds as well. I'll update the site if I find anything else out. I would hope they would at least offer the Goldrusher the honor of a farewell year! This was the first coaster for so many people and has been there since the park opened. I feel this would be a true loss for the park, so I'm hoping this is in fact false. I was fairly supportive before of the boomerang, but if we lose Goldrusher for a boomerang...my open will change drastically! Overall we still had a very good day. I will be back for Scarowinds and possibly one more visit if the rumor about the Goldrusher turns out to be true. I wanted to try to get my niece to ride it, but I really think she won't be ready until next year. We may just have to give it a try this year after all.
  5. ^I personally can't explain it, and I'm not really interested in trying to. I'm just trying to think positively and hope that something new will come down the pike soon. I've been frustrated for years at how neglected I felt Carowinds was by it's previous owners. However it has currently not been selected to close, which is a very good thing. So, I will hope that bigger, better things are being planned for Carowinds. Ultimately, we really have no control over what we get or don't get. I'm just glad to see any attention paid which makes me think we have not completely been forgotten. I'll just travel with TPR when possible until Carowinds gets its due. Maybe the glasses are a little rose colored, but if it keeps the blood pressure down that's not necessarily a bad thing!
  6. Boomerangs are not my favorite either, but I am glad that Carowinds is getting something added at all. I too hope that CF decides to really invest in the park, but I am not surprised that they are not putting in a brand new something fantastic in the next year or so. They've got a lot to handle with the addition of all of the Paramount parks. The expense on signage, trash cans, and other general clean-up has to be a pretty big battle to face. I agree we need a new, big coaster. I also agree that the flats really need some work. I only got to ride the Sledgehammer a couple of times up at Canada's Wonderland, but I really liked it. I think it would go over well along with a top spin....and a new dark ride of some sort. I would really like a haunted attraction. They could then open it up during Scarowinds, but I like to be scared year 'round. That's why I read some of these posts...scary to be sure!!
  7. I think, if the media decided to take hold of this topic, it would be a fairly intense series to follow. I don't think CF is the only company out there taking advantage of the international worker program. I have heard complaints from workers at Universal, SF, and even a KOA campground. Once a company accepts the responsibility of hiring international students it should be a top priority to make sure they have as positive of an experience as possible while in OUR country. These are college students..the future leaders and corporate personnel of countries we need to be able to work with in years to come. It is highly insulting to me as an US citizen to see how ignorant our own corporations are when dealing with these students. They already have to deal with obnoxious Americans visiting their country, but to be treated in this manner when they come to work/experience life here is too much. So, KI had to punt and set up accommodations at the last minute. I can understand that, but why was there not one person assigned to these students to communicate with them. Tell them all as they arrive at the very beginning about the situation. And if they were truly working on the situation, keep them apprised of the actions being taken to rectify the problem...with a timeline as it became available. Communication is again a major part of the problem. If CF and KI had just attempted to explain and work with the students, the crisis tone may have been able to be averted. It can't be assumed that any meetings with the students were held, because the KI person would surely have pointed out the fact that they have been in communication with the students and are working on the problem. They would also have some form of documented record to show their efforts. I understand red tape...I understand middle management issues, but you can't blame this all on middle management either. Middle management gets stifled from those higher up as well. No steps were shown to be in process until AFTER the media coverage. That is too late to show that they were taking any responsibility for not meeting their contract obligation. I hope that other organizations benefitting from work programs such as this take notice...or they may be on notice as well. You think a $3.00 coke is high now. Wait until programs get shut down and they have to actually pay their employees the rate local college students will expect. Off soapbox...for now...
  8. Thanks for posting the TR. Unexpected little finds like this are sometimes the most fun...so random. It looked like a fun day. (and congrats on the hottie Irish dude!)
  9. This one was too funny! Nothing says terrifying new coaster more than a freaked out cat singing opera....
  10. Looked like fun! I'm really looking forward to Knoebels on the East Coast trip. I haven't been there before, but it seems like a real crowd favorite. See you in about a month Kim!
  11. This is the first I have heard the living conditions described, but not the first I have heard of how badly the foreign exchange workers are treated by parks. I think any foreign exchange program to America has to be frustrating as we just don't offer the extensive mass transit systems and such that many of the students have access to in their countries. They believe they can come here and easily hop from state to state and attraction to attraction. It is just not the way we Americans live...although we probably should! And then to treat them deplorably at the environments they are placed to work....very sad statement indeed.
  12. Wow....last time I checked I was female....but I would have no fun on the dates the MSN chick test group would seem to enjoy. Oh well!! Maybe it's you guys that really like the candlelight dinner and "27 Dresses". I'm with Outback and the Crystal Skull. See ya!
  13. I just found this thread today...I hope that you have a fantastic trip and performance at the Kennedy Center. What an honor to play on a stage of that magnitude. I listened to the clip from back in March. Gallup is a very difficult piece and your band sounded great then...you should be in wonderful form by today! I played the tenor sax in symphonic, jazz, and pep bands in HS and college. I was a flag girl during marching season though..I only marched the tenor once and said never again! I have an alto as well, but they are all in the attic now. Keep up those chops, I lost mine many moons ago!!! Every few years I pull the tenor out and play at Homecoming at ASU...or attempt to play I should say! Keep ASU in mind....The Marching Band of Distinction.....several very talented members came from the Hendersonville group to ASU. One of my best friends, Dawn Perry, is just now getting her PHD in conducting and I believe she came from Hendersonville. I look forward to your update! KerryB
  14. I can't wait to see the DVD in full. I'll of course be ordering one along with sending in my final East Coast payment. Then I'll be fully paid up as well as fully charged for the trip in August! Thanks again Robb and Elissa!
  15. ^I know! I was really considering crashing in on my family at Sunset Beach again for that one! It's about a five hour drive for me to get there...or about 8 1/2 to Erie, PA. I'm trying to decide which way to head! One thing I noticed is that they used a lot of existing buildings. The ice rink show place was originally there as a Branson like theater. I think that one was the Gatlin Bros, but I'm not sure. The British section was off limits when I did the hard hat tour, but it looks like they used the existing old outlet mall buildings to put those in. They hadn't changed the out of park exteriors on those yet when I was there. This seems to be a good use of funds and time, but I'm just hoping it doesn't show to much when your in the actual ride/game area. Oh, and someone commented on the lack of games...the Pinball Wizard must not have been open yet...it's supposed to be a huge arcade area. I don't know what it will include, but the tour guide I had said it was supposed to be the largest arcade in any amusement park.
  16. Keep in mind this is still the soft opening. They opened the 15th planning on only being at best 85% operational. The grand opening isn't until May, but they have done a lot in just the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the great TR! I really enjoyed your photos and captions. I can tell a day at a park would be entertaining with you! (No love for the water guitar though? I thought it was cool...I didn't realize at first it was playing the notes of an actual song...once you hear the first few chords though it was very cool!) I also found the staff to be great. They all seemed very excited about what they are apart of...maybe not fully aware of everything. A girl staff member was telling us about Led Z..."and he actually re-recorded the song for us to better match the ride..." Maybe a little rock history class along with basic park training!
  17. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. What a great opportunity! I am really excited about the idea of this park. Being one of the first to ride a new coaster, new park, in what is pretty sure to be a chain of parks...very cool! I was able to do the hard hat tour the first week of April, but I can't wait to get back to ride. It's not a very big park and they state they aren't planning on being a big thrill ride park. But I do like the layout and overall concept. Especially the no separate fee for most concert events and general park admission. I am also one that is about the overall experience. And I am a sucker for a well themed park! That coaster in front of the lake is just beautiful! When I was there a swan was swimming around in front of it as well. (They actually left a little island in the middle of the lake that was originally there...so the nesting swan couple could remain. The bridge passes right over it, so we'll see how long it lasts after the tourists land!) Thanks again! I look forward to the next posting of photos! Kerry
  18. Surely the Mouse could create a "re-education" theater....line jumpers and other non-magical/joyful acting individuals could be taken there for an hour or two of thoughtful instruction and training on how to be a responsible human within the confines of the Disney Experience. Since they won't eject jumpers from the park...I say assimilate them to the Mouse way!! (this particular mickey emoticon needs devil horns or at least a devilish sneer, but I don't know how to do that!)
  19. I'm going to do the behind the scenes tour at Hard Rock next week. (I have family that live in that area, so I absolutely plan on crashing in on them at least one more time this summer to visit the park after opening! Oh, and I guess I'll visit the family too...) Carowinds (passholder, so definitely Scarowinds as well!) Busch Gardens Europe (June and again on East Coast Trip) All the fun on the East Coast Trip Very probably Disney in December...I've never been to their Christmas celebration, so I'm really hoping to get all of that confirmed soon. And anything else I can possibly add in for this year! (not a theme park, but I never miss the Dixie Classic Fair and yes I ride just about all of the carnival rides.)
  20. I'm dubious as to the Hurler ever being a good ride...personally speaking of course. I have stated my hatred of the big H before. I rode it it's first year and I've ridden the various clones in other parks. They sucked equally well!
  21. I enjoyed your TR...I also agree on the decision about taking out the backward run on Thunder Road. I really liked riding TR backwards! "Nighthawk" does look very empty without the sphere. Oh well. Hopefully they'll spice up something. (The Yo-Yo does NOT count as any kind of spice!) I'll miss the movie influences though as I am one of those movie nerds that enjoyed guessing theme songs and such...now it just doesn't seem to have a theme at all.
  22. Happy Birthday Kidtums!!! Thanks for sharing her 1st Birthday with us, I enjoyed the update as always.
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