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  1. Jeff, I'm enjoying the TR, thank you for taking the time to keep adding to it! I really am glad to see the culture stop. I'm enough of a nerd that I would like to see some of the big attractions at a foreign destination. (and the jade factory...a little bit of shopping would have had to be done...just a little jade penguin...or some other trinket!) To think that Kidtums has already walked on the Great Wall at her age...fantastic! I love that she has fans around the world! I'm looking forward to the rest of your report. Have fun! KerryB
  2. Very cool game, Eric! I love movies, Denzel, and it's still theme park related as well....Scene It, TPR Edition...I'd buy that one, or at least be excited if it was in the bag of crap!! Looking forward to the rest of the update! KerryB
  3. So there could be another park employee injured/killed as we have also had this summer? No, the hat should have just been written off as a loss. If you take something with you on a ride and lose it, it should just be considered gone. No retrieving. It's just not that important and if it truly were...you wouldn't take the chance of losing or damaging the item on a ride. Would a complete non-retrieval policy suck? Yes, of course it would if it were my own cell phone/wallet/camera...but I can also accept that I would have been the jerk that carried it on the ride. Bad decision paid for with the lost item. But we are a land of no personal responsibility...so it is uncommon to admit our own jerky stupidity. The only other option that I think is remotely viable is lost and found after closing...I think dropped items should have to be recovered by the owner the next operating day. Only retrieve dropped items after park closing. Inconvenient, yes...again not the park's problem. All unclaimed items could be sold on Ebay to fund a new ride! Think of some fun names for rides purchased due to unclaimed jacka$$ items!! That could be fun... ...Or I guess it could be donated to charity, but that's not near as much fun...
  4. Thank you! I appreciate the positive review!! It's just a short trip for you, hop on over and we'll hit some parks!! Natalie, I'll pm you...probably tomorrow as I'm about to crash! But I live in Winston-Salem...so we are a pretty good distance from each other! I have often thought of moving to Wilmington though, which I believe is closer to your part of the map. I can also understand saving for Scandi. I think I'm going to start substitute teaching on my off days to save for next year and future TPR trips! KerryB
  5. I absolutely loved Lake Compounce! It was a surprise favorite of mine the entire trip. Boulder Dash ERT forever ruined me for regular theme park travel. I also got one of the biggest bruises I have ever had thanks to Boulder Dash, but it was well worth it! I am sad that I missed the TPR take-over of the kiddie credit. I didn't do so well with the kiddie credits, but I'll try harder next time. So, Lake Compounce is definitely worth the effort to visit if you ever have the chance.
  6. Hey! Fellow Carolina Girl here...we haven't met yet as I couldn't do the add-on. If it gets too dark and lonely, we'll have to meet up sometime! I'll be heading to Scarowinds at some point this Fall if nothing else. There will probably be a few NC School of the Arts guys coming along, but I promise they don't bite. They're movie geeky, but I'm trying to adapt them to Coaster geeky as well. KerryB
  7. You know, I go back and forth on this one as well. It really has great potential with some beautiful facilities and such. The Whip was incredible..the best on the trip. And the coaster was pretty cool. I mean you got to go in the mouth of a dragon and get pooped out the other side, what's not cool about that?!? The ride ops were not a happy crowd, and I think the guy with all of the rules right at the beginning with the coaster set everyone off with a bad initial perception of the park. I mean they asked that we go there for them to do some filming as well...and then the attendants were just really short and to the point of being rude. I imagine with the clientele being the crowd it was, it does get old working with people...but that's where a heads up from management to their own people would have been a good thing. Let them know that they needed a positive response from our crowd, so maybe smile every now and then. Anyway, I loved the setting. The boardwalk, the flat rides, and the company...so I enjoyed the experience overall. I probably won't go back on my own, but I'm glad that I got to experience Rye. (It's also just kind of fun to call it Stabland...I'm sure there were a few box cutters around at all time though..so I think it still earned its new nickname!)
  8. ^Sunset II and III are absolutely gorgeous! Sunset I was ok...the sky should have tried a little harder for you on that one..
  9. Bas, I am so looking forward to the full post of your adventures! (He really does have some awesome pics in line to be posted, so keep an eye out for this one.) Maybe even an occasional, boring, old moon? I was able to visit South Beach on a day trip once after a cruise. I really would like to go spend some time there as well. I love all of the art deco architecture. If the Starlite is reasonable, I may keep it in mind! Good start Bas, I'll anxiously await more updates! KerryB
  10. You bet!! We can get a few rides in on the Whip...you can challenge the Double Shot again, and then let the Zoltar hunting commence! (and I'm still going to post a picture!! Some day! ) And Dave, yes..you should just sign up for every trip! I was glad to get to finally meet you, although briefly. Next year, I'll try to be more of an Elissa Bingo contender. Interpretive dance could be scary fun!
  11. Jay, your new avatar just made me blush...how shocking...I am now truly shocked...
  12. Sounds good to me! And it's a pretty reasonable rate. I know it will be pricey as the size of a family grows, but it would be worth it for me. After a TPR trip, I'm too much of a diva to wait in lines! (shudder, shudder)
  13. The whip was fantastic! The others on the trip paled in comparison. (David and Eli, have you photo-shopped yet?) Once I get the photos from my first camera...grrr...(Thank you again Robb for helping me out with the images from the first few days!) I will be happy to post a video clip and/or photo of the C-Jay boat ride take-over. Rye was a little scary, but I loved the setting. The waterfront was beautiful and they had some cool old rides. I even ran back and forth by myself a few times trying to keep our groups together and didn't get injured at all! (It was actually after Rye things took a turn for the worse for me!) How sad is it I didn't notice the theme park review greeting though! I'm so glad you got the picture. Great update yet again!
  14. I'm definitely going to have to check this park out sometime. I love the variety of ERT options they offered you guys. And of course I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. I always wanted to ride that trolley and meet Daniel! How very cool...great update! Now if I can just find a Captain Kangaroo themed ride as well...
  15. ^Yup...same thing in our boat as well! What I loved was Bas telling us that we wouldn't get wet on that ride. Then we of course all got soaked! Jason, are you saying that you somehow avoided the organized drenching of the Roman Rapids ride? I'm not sure if Robb was still there or not when we went through. I couldn't see due to all of the water hitting me in the face. I do know that he had passed along words of wisdom to the people waiting there so they would be able to completely drown us! Oh well, why go on a water themed ride and stay dry! I'm one of the crazies that doesn't believe in an unacceptable amount of wetness...it's just the chill factor that can be an issue post soaking! (and a little revealing at that.... ) Dorney was still the craziest water park experience for me...I don't think we have any photographic/video proof, but I know we launched at least three kids on the water slide! Too much fun!!
  16. Again, still getting caught up. So I apologize for the double posts, but I want to respond to those questions directed back to me. Anyway, this is also calling on faulty memory. However, the Yo-yo was one that stood out because it really just seemed like a gigglefest instead of a quality check. And if I remember correctly, they were not ride ops for that particular ride. They came in through the exit and left through the exit as well. We also rode with two team members on the river rapids, but they were relocating to the exit area. There was a little mini-American Idol contest going on with the mike/speaker system at that location as well. (I think she should stick with the ride-op job for now!) Times...I know it was in the afternoon, but I really couldn't tell you when. I'm much too old to remember such things! But I'm just old enough to grump about the young whipper snappers every now and then!
  17. Sorry for the late response...I'm just getting caught up after the ECT. Anyway, that does make some kind of sense. I really don't mind if ride ops get to have some fun as well, it might make them more pleasant through the day. This is kind of a nice side-effect of quality control. Kind of like when I worked in the bake shop in college. "Excuse me we need someone to taste test the creme filling for the doughnuts. How is this icing? Does it need more chocolate?" I loved that job! And I didn't even gain a ton. (Not sure my roommates fully appreciated the hyped up effects of it all though...)
  18. Eric, I love your captions!! I'm glad you got pictures of the evac of the water coaster. While they were being walked out, David, Eli and I were being held at the dispatch area already on our raft. We were going to make a soap carving for Elissa Bingo of the three of us on the raft, but that hasn't happened...yet! I had never ridden one of those and was not aware that about five gallons of water was going to be thrown into my face near the end. I know that I was beyond soaked!! Since I had opted not to put on a bathing suit, that made for one chilly day! Great update so far, I can't wait to see the rest!
  19. I have no concept of how many times we rode Great White, but it was incredible!! (Does that count as a Jason credit? ) I would say it was about a dozen rides...wonderful! I just hate that I missed the screaming swing afterward due to my confusion over where everyone was...but I still had fun on the Boardwalk! I agree with Moose, any ERT is fantastic and any park time is better than none. I love to ride a coaster for the first time from the front row, but I learned on ERT to just get a ride in any seat first. Then try the front, back and somewhere in the middle as many times as possible. And if you get a seat with no one else in line...stay put!!! The elbow to the front crowd for the first ride can have that seat, I just want to get as many rides in as possible! And Terrance, I really was hoping to meet you on this trip. Hopefully next year, but I can understand the pull of the Europe trip. I'm hoping to try something abroad year after next for me. I also did not want to take a chance on missing the bus. I believe Robb was within my sight range at any of the run to the bus occasions...I figured if I could keep up with him, I should be fine. Although I really missed that last restroom break before leaving Coney Island!! I persevered though and waited the three hours to the hotel!! I then made that a priority at some point just before leaving from then on!!
  20. ^Amen!!! I told people on a few different ERT sessions that the ride ops were going to have to drag my cold, dead carcass off of the coaster. (That's why we had to run to the bus several times!) I tried to hang in there until the last call. Even when it hurt, that just meant I couldn't hold my arms up the last few trains...I may have had to actually hold on, but I was still there!!
  21. ^Ditto, my friend! You never know, there is an MRI position open in Savannah...I already checked! Overall, the people, the ERT, the experience in general is awesome. Robb and Elissa, thank you for all of the work you do to allow us to accompany you on your kick a$$ vacations!
  22. I'm lovin' the TR, Jason! I really wish I had come up early for the pre-game day now. I missed out on extra fun and getting to know you guys even earlier. I am also at 148 coasters now...If I had gone the pre-game day I would be over 150! Oh well, I did need the nap time I managed to fit in. And I got to have dinner with some really fantastic guys! David, Eli, John, and Gary welcomed me to TPR with open arms and many laughs that very first dinner. David greeted me loudly as promised, so that was worth it all. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! I'll look forward to more of your updates. Keep up the good work! (PS..Olivier, what if anything eventually surpassed Khan?)
  23. ERT is beyond awesome! I think my level of excitement caused some alarm for a few participants, but I would just get more and more hyper! My Boulder Dash bruise has just about faded away though, which makes me sad. ERT is the only way to ride though, I am forever spoiled. Sure it is frustrating if they run a little behind, but that is only because we became even bigger spoiled brats as the trip continued. I even dropped the "here come the GP" kind of statements by the end of the trip. What a nerd!! ERT was a whole new experience for me and I will forever be grateful for the chance to have any ERT. (Coaster or otherwise! ) ...the one particular participant did almost make me want to leave the trip a few times...and still makes me second guess some aspects of future trips. But now that I'm chasing the ERT dragon, I'm sure I'll have to get another fix by next year....or week...
  24. ^I didn't find her...she found me remember! Must of been one of the destinations of my cell phone....
  25. Too much to say!!! David, I went to sleep last night to the Transformers. Optimus Prime has absolutely nothing on you! I'm going to miss your hugs a ton...(and how do you like the new avatar!! Again, my Mama is so proud!!) Mike, I'm glad to hear that we may have won you over to the TPR side! Just bring along some survival British snacks next year...Eli, you are awesome! I absolutely loved it when we could get you laughing until you were out of control! I cannot wait to hang out with you again! Gary, thanks for hanging out in the airport with me during my delay. It was very nice to have a familiar face to wave good-bye too, but very sad to go! Take care GarBear!!! Scott and Cora, thanks for my fantastic award! It was really fun explaining it to my Dad...I still don't think he really gets it yet....that makes it even more fun! Olivier, you are such a phenomenal person. I'm very sorry to hear about your Granddad. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts as you work through this loss. It was hard for us all to separate, but at least now you know you have friends around the world that are thinking of you in times like this. I really enjoyed riding some crazy flats with you (hamster wheel anyone!) and getting to know you in general. Take care and give those adorable kids a hug from me! And Hot Jason...yes, I believe the entire Studio 54 bus would probably refer to you as Hot Jason! You are also an incredible and patient fellow. I came home to the strangest message though....apparently your little friend from the sideshow is looking for you...I'm including a photo to help you remember!!! (This does not mean that A-Jay is any less hot...your smokin'!!! And you rock as well!! I'm really going to try to head up Jersey way sometime to hang out with you!!) I love you all!!! (well except for one nameless Aussie...I still need to whack a mole with his face on it!!!) I hope to see as many of you as possible on a future TPR trip if not earlier!!! (TPR take-over of any destination anyone...movie theater, laundromat, you name it!) And for any of you remotely considering a TPR trip...get off your arse and do it! You will not regret it in the least! KerryB Insectavora...one of many CJay stalkers!!
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