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  1. Fantastic update! I really need to check out Florida in the Fall sometime. I have never been to Cypress Gardens either...hopefully next year! And Kidtums...too cute for words!!
  2. I just don't like the Hurler....I remember liking it in it's first year or two at Carowinds, but I can't stand it now. I've ridden it in different parks and it's always the same thing. I'm beat up and needing a crane to get my twisted up spine out of the car! I also didn't like Son of the Beast at all. Instant migraine that one! I imagined my head to be like a paint can in one of those commercial paint can shakers. Not fun! (But I will still ride any of these at least once each trip to a park...sad, just sad...)
  3. My home park is Carowinds. My favorite coaster is Top Gun, but Thunder Road just holds a special place in my heart. Pufferfish, I'm not a big Borg fan either. I've only managed to ride it once with how horribly they run the line, but it just didn't do that much for me. I have also despised the Hurler since day one! (but I still have to ride it every time I go to the park...sad, I know..)
  4. If it is my first time on a coaster, I love the front row. I really like not having anything obstructing my view on a new course. Then, like many others, I'll try the back row and see which I prefer overall. If time is of the essence....whichever row has the shortest line! On a related side note, I had my own "Magical Moment" at Disney this summer...My friend and I went for the single rider line for Everest on our first ride out...I was really wanting to ride in the front, but it was July...so you understand the line situation! They called for me as the next single rider. There was a nice little pause, and he said "First Row". For further fun, they sat me with a really cute soccer player with a fantastic accent! Special thanks to the mouse on that one!!
  5. ^Good for you, "trip planners!!!" I would love to be in Florida right now! or tomorrow...pretty much anytime is good for me!
  6. I have only been to WDW. The first trip was probably 1979. I remember they were building Big Thunder Mountain and it opened in 1980. The parents officially made that decision, but the united cousin front had been pushing for it for years! The entire family on my Mother's side made the trek from VA, NC, and our little family in GA to Orlando. It was really a very big deal at the time. There is no way we would have been able to do the same thing heading to CA. I am excited about the prospects of a mini TPR trip to CA....that's the best opportunity yet for me to get to see DL!!
  7. Just take a deep breath and be patient...the news will be coming soon, but give them a little time. Also remember the flyer states all registrations must be postmarked by the 28th. So it may take a week or so to go through everything and compile a list. All will be revealed as soon as it is remotely possible I am sure!!!
  8. I love this thread!! I'm from a long line of collectors...or pack rats...or something. Anyway, I used to buy Tshirts and such but that got too expensive and took up too much space traveling. A couple of years ago I planned my own coaster road trip with many side trips along the way. I took hold of the smashed penny collection and added decks of playing cards. I now try to get one of each everywhere I go...the cards are really pretty cool and they take up next to no space on a trip. If I ever have a display set up, I'll try to post a picture. I'm just not that organized right now!
  9. Our county fair is in town this week. I just rode Top Spin the other night and I really enjoy that ride. The most I have been able to tolerate in a row is three cycles and then I was done. Over a 100 flips...I'd be dead.
  10. Hello! Thanks for your responses...I'm having computer issues just about every time I try to respond to emails lately. But hopefully it will work this time. If not, I'll punch it again! Anyway, I'm still trying to coerce a friend to go along with me. But I can't wait much longer for them to decide! I am very interested in the California trip that was mentioned as a possibility. I work weekends at one of the area hospitals. That gives me a lot of time during the week, but very few weekends off a year. I'll just have to see what works out. So, thanks for the responses...and despite the comment about consents required for "boob" credits...I'll still be wary of all Belgian Dragons! -Kerry
  11. The gays (aka panthers) also make excellent roomates for the single ladies. Sometimes rooming with them works out better. Thanks! A definite option to consider!
  12. Ok...I have read about unaccompanied minors..and a sort of room-mate profiling form. One can't help but notice the predominately male presence of the forum. What is the response regarding single females? I am very interested in taking a trip with TPR, but so far I have been unable to convince any of my buddies to consider taking time off for a coaster oriented vacation... I know! I don't know what they are thinking either!! I don't mean any form of insult to the fellas, but I'm not sure I'm ready to room with ya! Thanks!
  13. Loved the TR for opening day at Carowinds. I live in Winston, but I work weekends at the hospital...unfortunately that cuts into a lot of the group trips I have found. I know this is a very late post, but I am new to TPR and have been reading a lot of the past threads. I wish I had found TPR and the other groups I have stumbled across earlier on in my coaster obsession!! Dare to dream for a hyper in NC! As long as I have Top Gun and Thunder Road, I'm good...maybe not fully satisfied, but good none the less! Also, is the Wootah Gang the same crew I've heard talked about on Rock 92? Thanks Again for the TR. KerryB
  14. I'm one of the few, the proud, upper 30-something crowd. My first big coaster was the Mind Bender at SFOG. I was probably about 12. I had ridden the Dahlonega as soon as I was tall enough, and it scared me off coasters for a pretty good while. After Mind Bender, there was no turning back!
  15. Hello! My name is Kerry and I am a theme park junkie. I have been reading posts here for quite a while and just registered not too long ago. I found the website actually by searching for footage of various coasters. I'm so glad I stumbled across this website! Finally, I found others as crazy as me!! Hopefully I'll be able to go on a TPR trip next year. Until then, I'll enjoy all of the posts. I will most likely be a reader, but if I have anything to contribute...I may jump in. See ya round! Kerry
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