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  1. Here's the video of the incredimazing ball machine! Sorry if it's hard to follow - I was too A.D.D. to follow just one ball at a time, haha. Science Centre Ball Machine.wmv
  2. Hi all! This is my first photo TR, so be nice Also, the pictures hardly do the place justice because my camera kept dying throughout the day whenever we encountered something exciting, so bear with me! For those of you who don't know, the Ontario Science Centre is a place that combines learning and fun for people of all ages (am I a salesperson or what?!) - but it's mostly just fun and amusing. It is also home to Ontario's only IMAX Dome theatre, which was playing four films: Journey to Mecca, Under the Sea, The Alps, and Star Trek (yeeeeeah). Unfortunately, I had to sit through Under th
  3. Here's some of my latest work (Now that I've finally got my hands on a DSLR and don't have to wait around until I can get into a darkroom!). Let me know what you all think! This was the result of my practicing my focus & composition skills My little brother at the beach (black & white makes everything look epic) I just liked how this random snapshot turned out Some cute flowers (and Buddha statue) in my back yard
  4. I Am Not A Robot by Marina & the Diamonds
  5. Oreos! I'll just sit and finish an entire box without noticing. It's terrible!
  6. No, I usually make people notice me when I like them. Do you gamble?
  7. Some more photo evidence that I exist: This one's for a model search thing I'm going to on Saturday. I've never done any kind of modelling thing before, so I didn't know what kind of picture to take! But I'm thinking this'll work, haha.
  8. No, but I accidentally lit a firework into one's home (under a bridge) once. Have you ever read any of Graham Roumieu's Bigfoot books (they're hilarious)?
  9. I just saw this same topic posted on Geekologie, under the title "Extreme Nutjob Skates Down Roller Coaster". They also have more pictures, and a video if you'd like another perspective on the stunt lol (it made me laugh) http://www.geekologie.com/2009/07/extreme_nutjob_skates_down_rol.php
  10. #6 made me laugh - girl in the pink trying not to notice is classic! However, I'm going to have to go with #8. It's disturbing, but it's like things have gone full circle haha.
  11. Well, I lost my job this weekend, which honestly wouldn't be rant-worthy if I deserved to lose my job, or even if they had fired me by legal means. But I didn't deserve it, and what they did was completely illegal. In many ways. Allow me to explain. First of all, you can't just fire a person. It's really not that easy. You have to do it in three steps. First, a verbal talk about a legitimate issue in the person's work. Second, a written account of the same issue if it has happened again since the first warning. Then, another verbal/written that has to be on the very same issue as the first tw
  12. I graduated! And I have photographic proof! Of course before grad, my parents had to get a zillion and three pictures of me in my dress that was covered by the Harry Potter gown the whole night haha Me graduating from high school (yay!)
  13. Being picked up by good looking guys at the beach is always fun.
  14. Nwahulwana by Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique/Wazimbo
  15. From what I've heard from staff, it has to be a certain time of year AND a certain temperature. I'm not sure when they start the jets for the year, but rest assured that if it is clearly too cold, they won't have them on.
  16. Haha, thanks guys! And yeah, prom was a lot of fun! Good to hear that I looked nice, haha
  17. My prom was this past Friday and afterprom was also this weeknd. I won't scare you guys with any crazy afterprom photos, haha, but here are some prom pics! I love getting dressed up Back of the dress!
  18. It's so obviously for McDonald's! The only question is which one!
  19. Hahaha! How did you get so funny? "Wheelie crowded", I actually laughed really hard at that one. How sad is that? Great TR though lol.
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