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  1. I'm loving the "happy grumpy cat" entries! Well here's mine
  2. I'm all signed up and very excited for Canada's Wonderland! It'll be my first year participating as well! Here is my page https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JasmineSomers/CanadasWonderland2013
  3. It should be international law that all of the locations across the planet with the most stunning views are topped with magnificent roller coasters. Think about how much better the world would be!
  4. Here's my fifth tat, and most recent addition (only one week old today!!). I've gone through a lot lately, dealing with a pretty hard break-up with my former fiance... Only in the past month or so have I been able to realize the importance of being at peace with oneself (and with others and the world, if we want to dig that deep!). I've learned that my happiness relies pretty heavily on my ability to make peace with my situation, and so when I saw this dove by Picasso at an art exhibit I went to see recently, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. This, Picasso's Peace Dove, is my reminder to be
  5. I heard some theory on YouTube of all places that got me thinking. It was talking about how humans are the cancer of the Earth. It's true if you think about it from an outside perspective... if you were an alien or something looking at Earth from space, it would be this beautifully balanced mass of blue, green, and white, until you looked over New York City or Tokyo or something. You would stop and go "ew, what's that nasty, smelly, smoky brown mass? That looks like cancer, this planet must be sick!" And it's true, I think humans are the catalyst for the next major change on Earth. I don't thi
  6. ^ Funny coincidence, I am actually from Grand Cayman and also just got back from a trip there about a month ago, here's my photo evidence lol I like turtles!
  7. So excited for this to be my first TPR event! Can't wait!
  8. Exactly. At any other park that DIDN'T just get a B&M hyper coaster as their last coaster, you wouldn't have questioned it, even at one of the CF parks who already have a Morgan hyper from 10 years ago, you wouldn't question it. But this...sure, it will be great for the park considering what they've gotten in the 10 years prior to Behemoth...it's just weird, that's all. Thank you! Perfectly put. I want to think it was planned to be at Wonderland since the beginning, but you can't help but wonder... why this park, right after Behemoth? Ahh well. It's going to be an awesome ride,
  9. Exactly, where the overbanked hamerhead is placed, on the "island" with the trees...makes it seem too me also that it was meant too go here and not another park. I agree completely. There is a very thin strip of grassy area that this fits perfectly on top of until it veers into the parking lot and to the front gate (which, again, fits perfectly into that grassy "island" area). Not to mention even where the station would be... everything fits like a glove. I mean, of course it went into the parking lot... where else would they fit a giga in that park? And turning around at the front gate?
  10. So glad I wasn't the only one thinking this lol. I am also starting to sway towards the B&M Giga idea... too many rumours and coincidences (Giga caps, etc.). Also, it really is the only thing, to me, that would make sense with the teasers we have been given. If it were any of the other guesses - DM, Flyer, Invert, etc. why would it be "the one he's been waiting for" (haven't a lot of us been hoping and waiting to see if B&M would cross the 300ft threshold?) ... and the only coaster Gary Slade would want to ride in 2012? If it's not B&M's first giga, wouldn't the appropriate co
  11. I don't know much about CF's buying patterns and whether or not this "never going to happen" thing is true, but I keep seeing people saying that... I personally think it's silly to say that we won't get a flyer so long as there's Time Warp at CW. Time Warp is a joke, and was a waste of money on Paramount's part, if you ask me (I think they should sell it and put something else there... anything... a flat ride or even a snack stand... or toilets). You never see the line even close to full, and it's certainly not one of those rides that people go "let's run to that one first!" when they enter th
  12. Ok, so I posted this finding on CWMania a few days ago, and was ignored, so I thought I'd see if anyone here might have any ideas about what it was that I saw on my last visit to the park. I found blue spray paint on the far south end of the parking lot (behind Behemoth) which looked similar to photos I saw of orange spray paint in the parking lot north of the front gate, along with two wooden stakes painted a reddish orange (like the one seen at front gate) behind the fence in that area where there are some old trailers. I was just wondering if anyone might know why these would be way over th
  13. I was messing around looking for bugs, and the only problem I found so far is that if I've clicked on one of the links such as "Rides & Attractions" or "Park Guide" on a specific park's page, and then hit the back button to go back to the park's page when I'm done, it skips right through the park's page and takes me back to the park index. It's not the end of the world, but could get a little frustrating if I am someone who wants to look through every one of those links before being finished with that park's page. I hope that made sense! My only other suggestion is to put the headings
  14. ^ lol yep! I did the same! I tried "My TPR account" first, and got mostly TPR results, so then I tried the "too fat to ride roller coaster" and that pretty much did it haha.
  15. Now, I don't post much on here because I'm a quiet person in general and that's just my personality, but I think this whole thing is kind of childish. For me, the whole reason I read TPR is for the sense of humour, sarcasm, and fun. I'm a Canadian, and we're nothing if not good at making fun of ourselves lol, so why would I want to be a part of an online community if they can't do the same? I'm so sick of the whole world trying to be "politically correct" and I love that TPR isn't trying to be like that. I personally have thought of joining other enthusiast sites before, but upon rea
  16. I've been having some awesome luck lately! Well, I don't know if it's luck or something else, but I've had a great few weeks! I got an interview for a summer co-op placement that I'm very excited about! I got into a workshop that I wasn't sure if I'd get into which I'm also very excited about! AND my boyfriend surprised me and told me that he's taking me on a trip to Disney World!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!!!
  17. ^ My family and I went on a timeshare tour once because they gave us free tickets to Sea World if we went. So we did lol. Then they were mad when we left after they were stupid enough to give us the tickets as we walked in. Anyways, on that same trip (our most recent one), we stopped at WonderWorks in Orlando to see what it was all about. Basically, we got into the lobby, saw the prices and what the attractions were, and then walked out and went to Free - er - Sea World. That was a fun trip. Thanks for the great TR! Now I finally know what I wasn't really missing out on lol.
  18. ^ Exactly. CW is far from neglected. It just gets a different kind of attention because it has to attract a crowd in a different way than CP. CP is in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. So naturally, it takes a lot more flash (record breaking rides, lots of coasters, etc.) to attract people to go visit a park where there aren't a whole lot of other attractions in the area. Wonderland, on the other hand, is right beside Toronto, a very major city, so there is obviously a lot of local attendance. However, there is still a lot of competition in the area - a lot of other major attractions. They may not
  19. This thread intrigues me, as I used to be really bad with spending! Recently, I've turned things around and got back on the saving bandwagon, and my boyfriend and I are now planning on doing a 2011 TPR trip, if we can. I figure I might as well post my story in case I can help someone, and in case someone has some good advice for me. First off, I am a full time student in my second year of college/university here in Canada. While school doesn't cost as much here as it does in the US, I don't think we have as much as far as scholarships go. It seems we have more independent, smaller scholars
  20. ... there was Barack Obama - the donkey's old friend! They sat and reminisced about...
  21. Jazz - I worked for a hotel for a long while and got alot of experience in the tourism industry. Our city has a Tourism and Leadership Council as well. I'd recommend starting there. Learning about different reservation systems and such really comes in handy as you move around in that field. David Thanks so much for the advice! It's much appreciated! In other news, I got a call today with a job offer for a Showroom Assistant position for a window place in town. It's actually a really great job, with hourly plus commission, and the hours are exactly what I was looking for and w
  22. Here are my two latest additions. They both mean something important to me, but I'll spare you the explanation for the sharks and just say that it has a lot to do with my childhood and love for the ocean. The paw print is for my dog Luke, who passed away a few weeks ago. He was my best friend in the whole world, and I knew I had to get something for him. Now he still walks with me every day Here are my sharks! The biggest one needs to be touched up soon, but I still really like them. Here's Luke's paw print. It's on the outside of my ankle and it's still peeling, so that's why it migh
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