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  1. BOONDOCK SAINTS?!?!? Oh dear lord that's the best movie ever. I know, right?! It was cool to meet Troy Duffy and the cast (well, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and David Della Rocco, anyway). Fun night!
  2. I found this article really interesting. I actually remember thinking "oh my gosh, she's pulling a Kanye" when the filmmakers behind "Music by Prudence" came to accept their Oscar. I'm not really sure who to believe, but I think Williams' story sounds more likely. He's director and producer, so it makes sense that he would have had more interest and more say. Burkett just came across really rude and selfish. Anyways, I just found this interesting: http://www.salon.com/entertainment/movies/2010/03/07/music_by_prudence_burkett
  3. Well I've already started to hear the "Avatar totally should have won" nonsense, and I have to say, I was really glad to see The Hurt L-o-c-k-e-r do so well. It definitely deserved all of the wins that it received, in my opinion. As for Best Picture, again, I'm glad that Hurt L-o-c-k-e-r won. There's probably going to be a lot of drama over it, but from what I've learned as a film student (and I was talking about this with one of my profs the other day), Avatar was definitely the most "entertaining" which would be the reason behind its massive success, but Hurt L-o-c-k-e-r was technically an
  4. I went to a Boondock Saints reunion tour party last night. Here are the results! Me and my sister, waiting for the cast to arrive Got to meet and talk to both "brothers" as well as the director. I really like this picture. I really wish it wasn't blurry, haha.
  5. Major essay due today, and I haven't even started it. Yaaay me! There goes 10%!
  6. ^^ Yeah, I would have picked a few different artists, but oh well. Still well done, overall.
  7. I'm loving the closing ceremonies so far. If there's one thing we're good at, it's poking fun at ourselves, haha!
  8. HELL YES CANADA WON GOLD!! 14th gold, to be specific! Beat the record of most golds ever!!
  9. I have to pee, but I don't want to miss any part of this game haha. GO CANADA!
  10. ^ Today, my mom bumped into my ex of a few weeks ago in Wal Mart. He was with his psychotic ex-girlfriend (who seems to now be his girlfriend again). That felt nice when I found out. Honestly though, it wasn't that bad. I kind of pity him because she's just going to put him through a lot of terrible stuff again. And, as mean and selfish as this is to say, it makes me feel kind of good to know that I was a really great girlfriend and treated him really well, and he's seriously moving backwards to be with Psycho again, because anyone who knows either of them knows that she's just going to cheat
  11. This reminds me of that qweb online riddle. Has anyone else ever played it? http://riddle.qwebbusiness.com/level0 I love all this clues-hidden-in-the-website stuff
  12. Here's my latest. Still needs to be coloured, but I love it so far! The cherry blossom (top) represents my sister, the jasmine flower (middle) represents me, and the orchid (bottom) is for my mom. The three of us are very close, so this is for them. I'm really happy with it so far!
  13. Wow, I'm so sorry you ever had to go through that! I went to a fairly small high school, with a very laid-back atmosphere, so I can't even wrap my mind around people acting like that. There's just no reason for it. It's really too bad that it has shaped your opinion of people in general, because I can tell you, most are inherently good (or at least that's what I have seen and believe). Maybe one day you'll have a different experience where you can see that. For now, at least you know you have a community you can feel at home in here! As for me, I'm still single and enjoying it Trying to
  14. ^ Hey hey! Not all! I pride myself on my normalcy! And I've known my fair share of crazy guys, so that can go both ways. Also, I personally feel like most people (men and women alike) start out normal, and get screwed up by a bad relationship experience or two. I think once they lose faith in a "normal" relationship, they start acting crazy. As for the ones that are crazy to start out with... well, I have nothing to say about that. Slap them and send them back to where they came from!
  15. Well, I got inked (again) yesterday, and so I thought I'd post pics! Here's my first tattoo. It's a Buddhist mantra. And here's the new one! It still has to be colored but I think it looks awesome so far! There's actually a story behind this picture, but I'm just posting it here because it's the only one I have of me in my new Ray Ban glasses that I got today. Yay!
  16. ^ No problem! For those (like me) who often skip over links and stuff, here are a few of my favourite shots.
  17. I'm a big on photography, and I love abandoned places (especially amusement parks!), so I did my final project in high school photography on this photographer. His name is Jonathan Haeber, and you can find his flickr page with his photographs of the abandoned Neverland Ranch here: or his website (with the same photos) here: http://www.terrastories.com/bearings/inside-neverland-ranch
  18. Haha thanks! She was my favorite as well. And ironically enough, my name is Jasmine too lol
  19. Well my latest relationship has turned into a disaster. I'm just going to be single forever. I'll be like Samantha from Sex and the City, haha. Yeah, okay, maybe not. But still, I always manage find the crazy guys or the jerks. I think I'm happier single, so I'll play that game for a while and see how it goes.
  20. Well I haven't posted in a while... so here I am! Haha. My sister and I were playing with our new DSLR the other day, so..
  21. Okay, so this is my first ever photoshop contest entry. Be nice I went with the "if Dick Kinzel ran Disney" idea. Epcot, specifically... This is my official entry. And you thought Disney's idea was obnoxious...
  22. While this may be true in the US, I have to disagree for Canadian/Torontonian kids. I only know Peanuts characters because I lived in the caribbean when I was little, and they were popular there (though Scooby and the gang were more popular). My little brother, however, is in the Canadian elementary school system and has never seen any episodes in school, and has no interest whatsoever in reading the comics in the papers (he's a kid - he doesn't even want to see the paper. And I'm not even sure if they're in our papers or not). He also couldn't care less about the specials on TV - he'd rathe
  23. Thanks! I didn't happen across the metal box this trip, though I did miss a few exhibits, so it could still be there!
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