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  1. So everything CedarFair1 said a few posts up seems true. Visited the park today and it was great. Everything except Guardian was a walk-on for most of the day. Probably because it was freeeezing and windy! But other than that a nice day! I got my first (and maybe only, unless I happen across it when there is no lineup one day) ride on WMG. I have to say, I was pleased in that it wasn't as disappointing as I had expected. But that being said, everything I had read about it was pretty much true, the only thing I can add to that is that I "had fun" regardless of all of those things lol, and
  2. If you want water why not just go to any food stand in the park and ask for a cup of water? It's free at every major theme park in North America as far as I know and it's usually very good (though the parks really don't want people to know that trick). I do that multiple times a day at every park I visit and it always works. Allergies is the short answer. The long answer involves a road trip to Chicago and a hospital trip on the way home as a result of a reaction to something in the tap water. I'll never know if I'm overreacting or not in my cautiousness going forward from that incident,
  3. ^ Thanks. I'm not entirely pleased. I can't fit a water bottle in a fanny pack. So it sounds like I will either spend a few bucks on a locker or a few bucks on a bottle of water if I want to ride WMG lol.
  4. Are you kidding me? That's really a thing they're doing now? This was the first year in... I don't even know how many years! Since I moved back to Canada over 10 years ago I guess... that I haven't bought a season pass and gone to the park many, many times. Part of the reason for that was because I had a super time consuming job (which I'm quitting today, yay!). The other motivation for that was because of WMG. When I heard that it was the new ride for 2014 I just didn't feel excited to go try it out. It was one thing going to ride the same old rides over and over as a kid in Paramount's
  5. Yeah, "Bruce Wayne's Daily Commute" lol. Seriously though, "Drop Tower" always bothers me the most. They didn't even try.
  6. Hey TPR I was MIA for a while. Work basically took over my life this year. I even missed Coasting for Kids at CW So here I am, at my new job, buying my season pass for next year, reading TPR forums, and posting a selfie here instead of getting work done. Because this job is awesome! Here's to new beginnings haha.
  7. ^ Any one of those names would be better than Ziz. But that being said, if the ride is awesome, you won't hear any complaints about a stupid name from me lol.
  8. Seriously, you actually believe this? Not really lol... **HOWEVER** i have even less faith that the name will be "Ziz"... Such a godamn awful name for a coaster Do we really have that much angst towards "Ziz" that we think "Rougarou" is a better name? I'm not partial to Ziz, but Rougarou sounds like a kid's TV show character or something. Like, "hey kids - meet Rougarou, Zaboomafoo's brother!" ... I mean, I live near a French Canadian area and I'm familiar with the basic origins of the name and that totally fits the "mythical creatures" theme they've got going (just without the religi
  9. ^ Granted, but in doing so you mess with the space-time continuum. You no longer exist in the present. I wish for a state-of-the-art indoor theme park to open in Canada.
  10. ^^ Thanks for sharing. So how many pairs of 3D glasses do you think will be tossed off the side of the mountain/lost on the ride? lol. I'm still most concerned about the capacity at 640. Guess I'll only be riding this once haha. Also, I'm still most curious to see how the track turns out. I know the Director of Maintenance & Construction quite well so I might try to pick his brain about it if he has time. Though more often than not when I try to ask him for insider info I get the expected "you'll hear when everyone else does" because he knows I have a big mouth.
  11. Haha true. And in the post-announcement kerfuffle, this is my thought process that followed: - No concept art or video this late in the game... from a tech-based company? - The technology is still in development? Hope they're developing it quickly... Does this mean we are the "test dummy"? - Potentially low capacity = potentially long, slow lines - All this "new, innovative" stuff sounds like "experimental" to me, leaving me with Sledge Hammer in mind... - Wonderland is doing the coaster track themselves? Huh? No coaster company involved? Hope they know what they're doing... I'm h
  12. I doubt it... that one is in the kid's area of the park and is totally kiddie-themed so I think they're keeping them separately. And I believe the park has stated that nothing is being removed this year. I have to say though, I'm worried about a similar (if less severe) issue with capacity on this new ride. If the track is only 1,000 feet long... I can't see that many cars going at the same time lol.
  13. LOL that thought briefly crossed my mind (not exactly worded that way haha), but now I'll never be able to see it as "Wonder Guardian" whatever-its-called and it will always been "Lynch Mob: The Ride" to me. Thanks for that haha. Poor Herman.
  14. Yeah, I missed the "1000 feet" specification mentioned... hmmm. Maybe then it is just a portion of the track. Or maybe that was a typo and they meant 10,000 feet? Lol wishful thinking. But 1000 is definitely not enough to fill 5 layers of the mountain. Or maybe I'm reading it wrong and by "layers" they really just mean "themed sections" and not physical "levels". That would make this a much shorter ride than I was thinking. Again, at this point, I'm just wishing for some concept art to make it all clear.
  15. I just read this on CW Mania: Sounds like it's technically a credit lol. Those who went to the announcement at the park got Q&A time (I valued my sleep too much to get up at 4:30am to get there for 6 for an announcement that ended up being pushed to 7:15). It's now sounding like a traditional coaster with extra theming and guns
  16. Yeah, I read that this morning and went "meh, guess I'm doing a road trip across the US to see Goliath and Zumanjaro instead" lol. It sounds interesting, but for me personally, if I wanted to play a shooting game I would just go to the midway where I might win a prize instead of waiting in line. Also, I'm just wondering where the concept art is at. Is it weird that there are no no concept art pictures or videos? Maybe I'd be more into this if I could picture it and see if we're talking about a "coaster/dark ride" (the 5 levels on a coaster track had me wondering) or if it's just a dark rid
  17. I had a blast with the team at Wonderland, it was so great to meet everyone!! I had no idea what I was in for this morning, but now I know I'll definitely be doing it again next year!
  18. For those attending the Canada's Wonderland Coasting for Kids event on Sunday, look for me! These are the most recent pics of myself! I just had my portfolio photoshoot done, so I guess I'm officially a photographed model (my new career choice while I finish my post-secondary education). A professional photographer makes everything look better lol. Headshot! The "bubbly bikini girl" shot A harsh reminder of how bad my iPhone pictures are... makes me want my DSLR back!! Why so serious?
  19. I just wanted to say that I've never been part of a fundraising team quite like this before! TPR is an unbelievable force, and we've used our power to put more good out into the world! It really warms my heart to see what we've raised - especially that last 24 hours! Just amazing! This is my first year as a part of this event and I can already tell you I would do it again next year! The event on Sunday is just going to be like the cherry on top, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my fellow TPR teammates! Cheers, great job to all, and congrats! Enjoy the day Sunday - rain or
  20. ^ I gave you that $10 you were hoping for! A very kind person named Craig Jensen helped me reach my minimum by donating to my page last night, which just warmed my heart! I'm normally a fundraising whiz because I have a massive family, but I've been chasing them down for weeks and was only able to get one donation this time, so that really meant a lot to me. Thanks, Craig, whoever/wherever you are! I thought I'd post it here, assuming you're a TPR member! And you inspired me to "pass it on" (though I'm on a tight budget), and help somebody else reach their goal Hope everyone enjoys th
  21. The top of the foot was the worst for me! After I got my sharks done I swore I would never do it again and 2 years later got the turtles on the other foot, after forgetting how much it hurt the first time lol! But yeah, I have my ribs and side done, my wrist, ankle, shoulders, and feet, and the feet were definitely the most painful of them all.
  22. GET IN YOUR GOOD DEED OF THE DAY HERE! A friend of mine is working towards filming her documentary, A Dress for Yugoslavia, and is now in the runnings for Ryerson University's top artist! It would be really cool if anybody who sees this could click on the link and vote for Nina Platisa to help her out!! http://theeyeopener.com/2013/03/the-eyeopener-presents-the-arts-top-10/
  23. Well, here are my 3 latest additions. Last August I posted my Peace Dove, and I decided to even things out and get another Picasso dove on my other shoulder. I also got my Cayman Turtles on my right foot. The sharks on my left I've had for a while now... I'm not sure if I had posted a photo of them or not. Anyways, I grew up in Grand Cayman and the turtles are close to my heart. These are two of my favourite animals and, naturally, two of the most endangered Finally, my "love" tattoo on my wrist. This one means a whole lot to me, but no matter who asks me or how hard I try, I just cannot
  24. So I went to visit family in Grand Cayman at the end of January, and should have stayed there... homesick and missing the heat already!! But here are some sunny vacation pictures of me to spread the sunshine to anyone else suffering from winteritis right now. SUNSHINE! At long last! Summer dresses in January! Whyyyyy oh why did I return to the Canadian winter?!
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