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  1. As I had mentioned, this is Cedar Point and their customer service has always been impeccable. I had a situation where my partner (at the time recovering from cancer) & I had made plans to hit Cedar Point on the way home from a trip to Branson. I had booked a room at the Hotel Breakers for two nights in May, booked a ticket/Fast Lane Plus for me, a motorized scooter & ticket for my partner. That evening, my partner fell ill and the next morning it was horrible outside...rain, cold, wind and I knew that we needed to head for home. Fully understanding that we were likely going to lose everything that I had booked, I explained to the clerk at the desk when checking out that my partner had taken ill the night before and that we needed to head home. No mention of cancer, no drama/sympathy card played...just that he had been sick and that we unfortunately had to leave for home. Not only did they speak to the manager and reimburse me for the 2nd night's room, they sent me to the front of the park where they gave me a refund on our tickets, FL+ AND the scooter rental. I sent Breakers/CP an email the following week thanking them for their hospitality and all that they did for us...I will never forget it. I actually left the park with tears in my eyes because I just couldn't believe what they had just done for us. While I can't guarantee that anyone/everyone will get similar full refunds because of this pandemic, the morals of this story are: 1). Cedar Point knows what they're doing when it comes to customer service and they are going to do everything possible to do the right thing for you. 2). Remember to show a little gratitude, empathy and just be polite/nice to the employee(s) that you talk with in person, on the phone, or email...it all goes a long way!
  2. The staff of CP and the Breakers are going to absolutely do the right thing - there should be no worries.
  3. This has become my new favorite go-to beer...a great Double IPA by Boulevard Brewing here in KC.
  4. I saw someone post this on Facebook the other day and while a little crude, I have to admit that it made me laugh (which is something that we ALL need): "Kenny Rogers dippin' out in the middle of an Apocalypse is the most "Know When To Fold Them" shit I've ever seen"
  5. THIS!! I will say that a positive from being stuck at home is that I now have more time to get on TPR and goof off...it's been a while! Hope everyone is adjusting positively to this new, temporary life. Unfortunately, I broke out in some type of allergic rash on the day that I was told to take my laptop and work from home and have been dealing with that for over a week now. I feel that it is stress related, but otherwise I am doing just fine and hope that you are all doing good too. Been following the CDC recommendations here and will continue to do so. Luckily we have a wonderful nature trail less than 2 miles from the house that is a treat to take the dog for walks on. Hardly any people are ever on the stretch where we live, so it has been wonderful to be able to get out on most days for fresh air and still be able to practice social distancing. Have only had to go get my scripts (for this reaction) and one trip to the liquor/grocery store. No hoarding going on in our household and hope that everyone is being mindful of that...although we have a pretty good group of folks in here that know better. My heart goes out for my fellow NY'ers and those that don't have the option to be able to get out into wide open spaces. As mentioned in the video, we are all in this together...let's do what is right and get through this in hopes that it will make us all more kinder, caring people. As far as theme parks, those can wait. While riding a roller coaster would be the ultimate anxiety reliever right now, it just isn't an option. Hopefully that will come sooner, rather than later...peace.
  6. I think that Spokane should incorporate Niagara Falls' recycling mascot: Totes McGoats... "Totes McGoats may scare your kids into recycling!"
  7. Just bought tickets to Roger Waters for the 8/29 concert in KC...can't wait to see him in the round!
  8. Pigs - Pink Floyd...while my partner is watching the SOTU on TV. Can't even stand to hear that man (you know who), let alone watch him on TV.
  9. I don't even know where to begin...
  10. ^ That really wouldn't surprise me at this point, but I think that Cedar Fair has more class....please tell me that they have more class than that...please?? lol
  11. Thanks for posting, Robb...Iron Gwazi is looking great! Can't wait to return to this park someday in the near future!
  12. Definitely not sad about this announcement, although I'm excited to see what happens with the area!
  13. ^ & ^^ Thanks, guys! I never thought about the Cowboys game and heavy traffic, so that's enough to warrant caution, I suppose. I hate to spend a ton of money on a ticket, parking, Flash Pass, etc and only be able to manage a few rides once I got there. I guess that I'll just play it by ear when I get to DFW and see what happens. Worse comes to worst, I can always just eat, drink and watch football in the hotel restaurant!
  14. ^ That's my plan...just coasters and a couple of flats. I'm still contemplating whether it'll be worth the price given that I'll likely only have about 4 hours in the park. But I've never been to this park and not sure when I'll get the chance again!
  15. I'm flying into Dallas on Sunday afternoon and thought about driving down to the park from my hotel for a few hours. It doesn't look like they have a Twilight Pass or anything, so I'll likely just purchase my discount through TPR/TAW. How are crowds typically on a Sunday evening for Fright Fest? Wait it out & see and buy Flash Pass if needed? Of note, I'm only interested in rides and coasters and not the haunts.
  16. Great report! I was there a year ago and loved it. Got to see the same stuff, plus catch Thee Oh Sees at Neuros two nights in a row.
  17. Ugghhh...terrible to see something similar to Mindbender happen again. Any accident is horrible to see, not only for the tragedy and families, but the flood of crap that you see afterwards on social media where people then rule rides and coasters completely unsafe.
  18. Looks like an awesome addition...I need to get back to Florida next year!
  19. I hear you...that is one awesome collection of thrills. Think if they also threw in a Screaming Swing in a couple of years? This park would have one of the most well-rounded collections of thrill rides on the planet. Oh wait, it already does. God damn, I love this park.
  20. Friday nights have been getting a lot busier and aren't nearly as good as they were even 5 years ago. But, in general the crowds are more manageable. But even last season a few Friday evenings I went some of the Haunt lines hit 1.5-2 hours and the usual suspect rides hit 2-3 hour waits. Don't go on a Friday especially with mild weather and expect it to be dead like in the past. Must be that the secret got out. lol I admit that it's been 4 years since I've been out there on a Friday, so thanks for clarifying. I believe that they've also axed a few more rides that used to be open on Friday nights, right?
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