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  1. ^ I'd ride any coaster right now. < is bored V loves darkrides
  2. I want to thank the random girl who gave me my stuff at taco bell so I wouldn't have to. (I'm still wondering why...) I also want to thank.. uhm... Bell's amusement park for moving and expanding
  3. Theres a new waterpark in southeast wichita though. Fantasea or whatever was a total dump, and i'm glad a YMCA was built there
  4. Now why the hell would YOU be naked on a coaster?
  5. Their boobs went up with the airtime, and down with positive G's
  6. Nice pictures of Wild Paved World. EDIT: ^ 6.5 million built voyage, 4 million built ozark wildcat, both are great coasters.
  7. Yay! It will be pretty cool when they reopen, everything will be like new again. (kind of). Hopefully they will stay in the tri-state area. (kansas, missouri, northeast oklahoma) I would cream my jeans if they moved it to Kansas
  8. I'd visit every defunct park with an adult sized wooden coaster.
  9. Maybe if they made it into a freefall ride I'd go... I'm still waiting for there to be bungee jumping off the stratosphere tower..
  10. Ok, hopefully there wasn't much damage. A fire in a darkride is never good..
  11. I wonder if they will pave a temporary road on ground level until they fix it?
  12. If you don't mind me asking, um, why? Dark humor... I know it wouldn't be funny if people died or anything, but I just find this funny for some reason.
  13. Doesn't yankee cannonball have skid brakes? Skid brakes pre-brake quite often, but still provide a somewhat gradual slowing.
  14. Its probably not as hard IRL, you won't have to do it alone.
  15. That is a huge act of kindness! By northeastern Oklahoma, does he mean the extreme northeast parts, or still near tulsa?
  16. My first and most memorable coaster was the joyland roller coaster. From a distance, the first drop looks normal. In the parking lot, it looks pretty intimidating, and the when you are on the coasters its just like "OH HOLY SH*T!" Even though its like a 45* drop, it really delivers, probably due to the fixed position lapbar, even better than a buzzbar! The rest of the ride is pretty awesome too.
  17. Could one of the mods merge this thread with the "support Joyland" thread? thanks.....
  18. Ok, so I went and got some pictures. There was a huge construction guy driving around inside the park, so I only had time for a few pictures. Right when we were pulling in, I think it was the Nelsons, were closing the gate behind them. Anyway, here are some pictures. I might go back tomorrow though, since creepy construction workers won't be there PWNT! Those trucks sat outside the park a month ago.. The swings chairs are taken off, dodgem building boarded up, but the tilta-a-whirls covers weren't off yet. The ferris wheel had its containers off too. Coaster.. NIGHTMARE!1!!!! bye... mmm...food.. nice rims...
  19. I went by, and got sort of a mini-update. I may go tomorrow again, since people won't be staring at me. pictures to be posted soon...
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