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  1. My ride turned out being 200 feet too long. I saved it as an element, and made it 90% of the original. I rule.
  2. No it isn't. It is going to be put on runaway reptar as a zero-G roll.
  3. What the did you do to deserve it? And why is he hitting you with expensive things?
  4. Something tells me that coasters never were meant to be made by steel. Brake levers and skid brakes for life!
  5. No, they are resurrecting and contracting arrow to build a watertrax, and then they will build a 500 foot 4-D watertrax, and then vekoma will copy it and call it "track in the water coaster".
  6. Hopefully Joyland can get their stupid waterpark and totally pwn wild west world.
  7. I heard from a ghost in the wind that this isn't your favorite thread.
  8. Wild West World is building a giant wooden aquatrax in 2009. Why do you think their future coaster site is next to water?!
  9. its not because of the G's or anything. MAVERICK'S HEARTLINE ROLL WAS SINKING!
  10. Tomorrow is my last day of school, I hope. Right now I have straight A's in everything.
  11. [sarcasm] ^Yeah, I know, thats so gay. [/sarcasm] Really, its pretty damn stupid.
  12. Wild West World IS cypress gardens, without gardens! ^Yes... i know they just opened. They could have at least planted some trees though, even if they were small.
  13. Yes... We know they just opened, but in terms of shade... Williams grove>WWW
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