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  1. I just thought about that^. The station looks fairly plausible though, someone should make it as 3DS for no limits.
  2. ^"You just wanna screeeeeeeeeeeaaam" In all seriousness, this is pretty screwed up. Now everyone is threatening to do a VT style massacre. At my brothers school, somebody said they were going to shoot up the place like "at virginia tech". All the schools in the district went on lockdown, and the S.W.A.T team showed up to escort kids into cars and buses. I know if they probably got their jollies from putting that much fear into peoples lives for a day, and that is pretty screwed up. It seems like now its cool to want to be a mass murderer, but it is just stupid, and you would have to be insane to idolize a killer. I think from now on, anyone who even says that they are going to shoot up some place should be put into an asylum for a while.
  3. That looks insane! It looks like it will be more of a font seat coaster, I can only imagine the speed it takes the double-up at!
  4. When I saw this PTR, I instantly thought of "ghost riders in the sky" Great pictures and PTR.
  5. Maybe when I get some $ i'll buy 10, and sell them on e-bay, and buy more tokens. I think this is a really good idea, it really shows what kind of support they are gettin if 10000 have been bought in the past 2 days.
  6. They want you to stay 6 feet away so you can't get any STD's
  7. They don't use mini storage. They are slightly (only slightly!) more luxurious than that.
  8. I posted a comment on the news article. I think I may clip it out of the paper and save it, along with anything else that comes back up.
  9. I didn't get the chance to. Its raining too hard anyways. I think I'll try to go tomorrow if it stops raining and the skies clear up.
  10. I really think the man who was going to buy the land, should buy the park. Then he could build more of a destination, and fix up some things.
  11. Umm... I'm going out to lunch, and i'll try and stop by..
  12. Thats true. I really want to go see them putting everything in storage, and take pictures and video, but neither of my parents will take me until it stops raining.. EDIT: ^could you go down and take some pictures?
  13. Hmmm... This is a great reason to go down there, especially if they are putting stuff in storage.
  14. I think trying it in Kansas City (kansas) would be a better option. I mean, thats pretty much right in the middle of the US. Its easily accessible by train, airplane, and driving.
  15. This wasn't an op trying to lose their job, but doing a damn good job. The crew on Mamba@ WOF on the last day of the season in 2006 was probably the best crew I've ever seen. They were friendly, funny, and gave out candy! Whenever they disptached a train, they would say over the mic "sit down and don't hold on tight, mamba is about to strike" My friends sister got her first ride ever on it, and they even said over the mic "oooh, we have a first time rider here!". Another funny op at WOF was on detonator, and he would say "hm... the ride has been loading slow all day, we might need to bring you down" (we were just ready to launch) and then, after they say "yeah, we have to bring you down", they launched it. The coaster operator at Joyland, (this is probably my favorite ride op ever) would let you re-ride over and over if nobody else wanted your seat. Even if they did, all you had to do was get another. He even let us ride from the unload station to the loading station.
  16. How are you talking with him? If he gets back into management, and the city wasn't on his back, the possibilities would be almost endless. Its really sad the city gives him so much crap, the waterpark and hotel could have been a great destination. I'm assuming they'd have added more rides if that happened. (or if it happens)
  17. Wow, someone set a fire in the whacky shack? Do you know what part it was in?
  18. I don't think any condo developers would be interested. The land value is dirt cheap, its not in a "hot spot" of the city either. I guess they may just let it sit until someone comes along. I think they should open it back up under their name, or something. If the "rohr enterprises" or whatever it is still exists, maybe they could have him lease it again. By now, they are probably ready to sell it dirt cheap. Oh, BTW, I'm pretty sure they only leased the rides.
  19. Did anyone notice the park with the rip-off SLC is called BS Amusement Park? www.bs-amusement-park.com/
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