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  1. Those aren't trims... I think they help prevent rollbacks/valleying. Whatever they do, they sure as hell aren't trims!
  2. Heres my idea of where they would put a stripmall, and where they could expand to. Stripmall places in red, expansion in yellow. As you can see, there is a huge chunk of land untouched. They could probably triple the size of the park like that. A stripmall may be a good sound barrier, but I think they whould build a sound wall to help stop noise complaints.
  3. Slowest, tallest, most valleying, with the most brakes, wooden coaster in the world!
  4. Doesn't the 2nd hill have like 4 solid seconds of floater air?
  5. They were planning on putting a stripmall in on the front of the property. If they demolished the whole place, there could be hundres of stripmalls
  6. I got an e-mail from one of the people that leased the park. yep. there it is.
  7. Use SOB's wood to build huts for 3rd world countries That will get cedar fair popular!
  8. Everyone must be sooooo crushed that they are missing this credit for a month!
  9. Theres 16 other coasters in the park, and lots of flat rides, why let one stupid coaster ruin your whole trip?
  10. This whole thing makes me Well technically, it may not make me laugh after the is taken out
  11. If I was the judge, I'd tell her there is no excuse for stupidity, and her license was suspended meaning she can't drive at all. Then i'd extend the sentence to 90 days just because
  12. Your going to screw yourself over because of one coaster?
  13. My parents are normal.. I guess Dad: Friendly... He will let me do things my mom won't... He doesn't mind what I do as long as its not burning stuff or getting me in trouble. He hasn't been on a coaster since the mid 70's Mom: Terrified of tall coasters, to say the least. If I'm up at 3 AM, and she wakes up to go to work at like 4 or something, she doesn't mind. (she works nights) I guess that all I have to say
  14. "With the launch of Infusion, the latest record-breaker at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we thought the time was right to doff our caps to the world's greatest thrill rides."
  15. This looks like an evil clown or something you'd see in a horror movie. Anyways, great pictures, it looks like you all had a good time.
  16. Earth will actually end in the year 3797 when TPR as we know it implodes, creating a black hole in which all matter is sucked into. Duh.
  17. Stupid paris hilton.. But what makes her so special that she gets a whole newspaper article about going to jail for 45 days? Stupid media..
  18. Am I the only one having problems with it?
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