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  1. "I cant get my hair into that flippy thing like that guy from that band. I got grounded because I stole my little sister's jeans. Sometimes I think my diary is the only one that gets me. " Stupid bastards! Whats sad about it is that its turned into a culture. Hopefully there will be some sort of mass suicide or something. I also hate it when people say "2pac is still alive out there"
  2. Nice PTR. In the last picture, were you driving on the wrong side of the road?
  3. I had a dream I was on mantis at CP, and for some reason it was floorless. I put my feet down, and the track severed my legs
  4. That's what they said about the Titanic. The Titanic didn't use Magnetic Breaks/Launch though... That's not the point. Whats the point? You can't compare a 80+ year old ship to a modern coaster. Yes you can. Titanic was an AQUATRAX
  5. I sent an e-mail back, and heres what I got back. I asked what the building in the parking lot was, and where they are going to court at. "We intend to complete the sale with the Nelsons. What the Nelsons do we can't control, but we can and will prove damages...the trial will be in federal court in Tampa, Florida. Yes it was a skating rink...there was a fire and it shut down, we tried to reopen the skating rink, but the city denied it based on current zoning. The park had not operated the rink for more than 5 years so Joyland has lost the right to ever do it again....unless the city ok's it, which they did not. City has been so helpful, not!!! "
  6. Guys wearing tight jeans being pissed off at nothing is lame. Losing all self respect is stupid! They actually TRY to look like girls.. and wear makeup.. it really is just plain dumb. I mean, emo kids should be burned. Emo burning would be a good sport.
  7. Are you kidding? Looks can be deceiving. Rides are being stored to prevent weathering. The midway is really old, cracks and weeds are normal for any midway. The darkride building isn't about to collapse any minute, it is perfectly safe to go into. The coaster was worked on so much since its last inspection. If they hadn't gotten crap from the city, I assure you, the coaster would be running. On a ticket I have, it says "hours from September 5th, to December 31st- TBD" If they would have opened February 24th like they wanted, the coaster probably would have run. 1999 to 2003 and half of 2004 were probably the best years ever for the park. New paint everywhere, restoration, the whole deal. Most of that happened in the 2000-2002 seasons, but it was great for the park. Do some research before you go assuming things. The coaster deteriorating by the hour? heh. Like I said, looks can be deceiving.
  8. Whenever I talk to someone online, and they say "wuts ^" or "u" I want to strangle them
  9. ^^^Well, a gas guzzling chunk of scrap metal makes more of a difference than some enthusiast driving a car somewhere. Travel is acceptable, but driving down the street 1 mile or so just to get a drink or something, or sitting in a parking lot with your engine idling for long periods of time isn't. People need to start turning off their cars while they wait for someone, and stop making useless trips.
  10. Property values rising in southeast wichita?
  11. What are you talking about? As far as I know, most hypers aren't trimmed.
  12. Well... Can you see the airtime happening? Its got to be at least .3 G's over the 2nd hill, thats all I was saying.
  13. ^Well, are you a citizen? He isn't, but he lives something like 150 miles away. You live halfway across the country, so you just pretty much contradicted yourself.
  14. ^Shun the non-believer! I'm not trying to detest your opinion, but when I called a number, they were calm and cool about it, and actually seemed to care. Telling them what you think is one of the most likely ways to get them to change their mind, or change sides at least. Its a fairly big issue they don't get many calls about, and i'm sure it was a nice break from crazy complaints they get.
  15. Well, I guess it will trim them by a small amount, but probably not too much. No launch is ever really the same I guess.
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