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  1. My worst experience was on mamba, when I was in the front seat and they e-stopped it while i was looking down at the ground, and a restraint was loose on the last car My next bad experience was when the lapbar wouldn't close on the joyland rollercoaster, adn the ride op said, oh well, have fun. I couldn't tighten my seatbelt because it was BROKEN. I did get lots of airtime like the people who rode it before seatbelts and clicking lapbars
  2. Im going to Holiday World in 2007 and I was wandering if the coasters are worth riding, or any other rides. I know voyage is an awesome ride, but what about the other stuff there? ADMIN EDIT: removed from calendar
  3. If I had 10 million I would buy that park AFTER I bought joyland.
  4. I'm loving the forced perspective hallway I also love the maze of evil clowns so far. Where do you get these ideas?!? The last is the best because it suddenly drops to the evil clown. If you have time can you make a killer clowns from outer space darkride, if you have seen the movie?
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