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  1. Damn Brent, that is an awesome pic. It was good seeing you again a couple weeks ago.
  2. You've been told and heard a thousand times we have a pinball machine and a skeeball machine. Your memory is starting to go already Cam. Did Ed break it?
  3. Closing day at GL this year... Lady: "They are moving the Magnum from Cedar Point to Geauga Lake because it's sinking."
  4. If my memory serves correctly Phantom has always had a 48" requirement, Steel or Revenge. Not sure why people are thinking it was 52". There are tons looping arrows out there with 48" requirements.
  5. I think they are taking the park back to it's roots with the water park being the main focus. Six Flags pretty much ruined the reputation of the park (as seen by the attendance numbers the last 2 years under SF) and the removal of the animals didn't help. So now that they've been pulling about the same number in attendance for the past 4 or 5 years now (this is CFs 4th year of operating the park), they are scaling back the park to fit the market. They know that the water park is their bread and butter and will continue to grow it, while the rides are going to be secondary. Removing rides with high maintenance/operating costs and high capacity (Dominator) that they don't need, helps keep their budget lower and more manageable for their size. The simple truth is, the attendance they are getting can not support 10 roller coasters. Even with a decent size crowd and cool weather (keeping people from the water park) on Sunday, the lines for the 8 coasters they still have were minimal. 2, maybe 3 train wait, if it wasn't a walk on, which some were. I think they should move the flats from the water side over to the ride side and install FSS from Carowinds over by the water park to help ease the pain of losing so many rides. They also need to move the slides from the old water park over to the new and clean up that area. That area would be a nice place to move the flats to.
  6. It was great seeing you yesterday Robb and Elissa, albeit short. Kristen is adorable. Hopefully it won't be another 3 years before we see you guys again. Glad you guys are having a great trip.
  7. The weather for Saturday is looking pretty nice in the 'Burgh, so you guys should have a great day for Kennywood. After the weather we've had this week, we need a nice day.
  8. Robb and Elissa, I was just checking out the itinerary and realized we are going to be at Kennywood next Saturday also. I'm sure we'll run into you at some point. We'll be there all day starting at 9:30 am (gotta help set up for Steve's company picnic). I'd love to meet Kristen (plus we haven't seen you guys in ages). Lori
  9. So waist packs are allowed on every ride? Yeah, I used to wear one. This was the first year I wore cargo shorts. That's not the experience I had. In 2005 I was told I couldn't wear a waist pack on TTD. Jer was wearing glasses and they told him he'd have to put them in a locker, we showed the ride op that we both had button/zipper cargo pockets and he said we had to empty our pockets into a locker. Judging by the other experiences mentioned here, it sounds like we just got a very strict op. We didn't have this problem with Millenium Force or any other rides. Last year, I was also told I couldn't wear a waist pack on any of the Holiday World coasters. I know that has nothing to do with this topic, but I think you guys are going to Holiday World on your trip. Wes, at PKI I wore a waist pack on every ride and had no problems. That's funny, I've worn a waist pack on TTD since the year it opened. Never had a problem and we go at least 3 times a year, so we get different ops and have ridden it a lot. Some ops get a little over-zealous sometimes. No waist packs at HW was a new rule last year. They still allow nothing, not even in secured cargo pockets, but again, some ops are a little more strict than others. An op on Raven told a friend of mine to remove a piece of fudge from a ZIPPERED pocket, this after riding Legend and Voyage multiple times with it in the zippered pocket.
  10. I have a friend that puts his souvie cup in the same place (behind the guardrail across from the entrance to TTD) every time he rides so he knows where it is and it's always there when he goes back to get it. Hiding places around MF are little harder to find though.
  11. No problems at KI either. We were there last month and again I wore a waist pack on everything except Delirium (because I always take it off for it). KI is a little more lax than CP. I've seen people take their backpacks, purses and bags on some of the rides before. Heck I've even taken a packed swim bag for the water park on Racer before without a glance. Just put my leg through the strap, tucked the bag behind my legs and the ops didn't say a thing.
  12. So waist packs are allowed on every ride? I wore one on every ride except maXair, Skyhawk and PT, but I always take it off on those rides so I don't know if they allow them or not. The cup they gave out for Coastermania were 12 or 16 oz plastic cups not the big souvie cups. My husband just stuck it in a cargo pocket and was never asked to remove it.
  13. We were there last week. If you can't secure an item in a cargo pocket or waist pack, you can not take it in line for MF or TTD. There are lockers right by the entrance to both rides which are pay as you play. In other words, pay every time you use them. There are bins on the exit side of the platform for other coasters to leave stuff in. You must also have a strap for glasses on TTD, Mav, Skyhawk, WT, maXair and PT. As far as the big plastic cups, I would say you would not be allowed to take them in line for MF and TTD. They really seem to watch more closely on TTD than MF.
  14. The park is selling ride tokens to raise the funds necessary to open this season. These tokens are from the 90s and were used as ride tickets during the Gary Harris era. They are $5.00 each and can be redeemed for a day at the Park any weekday it's open. If you'd like to purchase some, you may do so by calling Lisa at the Park at 814-382-5115, ext. 104. http://www.meadvilletribune.com/local/local_story_114231637.html They have sold about 10,000 over the last 2 days.
  15. Lori


    Heh. That car has been in my driveway a time or two.
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