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  1. Beautiful. I'm really digging the yellow loop. Thanks for the update, I'll be up there on the 24th!
  2. I'll be in Alaska next month on my honeymoon, and I too was disappointed but not surprised about the lack of Amusement Parks and rollercoasters. However.... I quickly found the next best thing. www.alaskazip.com/ I'll be sure to write a report about "Alaska's Best Thrill" when I return. Or maybe someone else has been on these.
  3. I actually like the unpainted rails on B&M's better, but in this case I agree that it just looks tacky with the extra spray and weld marks. Not nearly as tacky as parking spots under the ride, but I was just hoping for a little more attention to detail considering the high-profile location. Plus I'm all about taking pictures, and all this will show up with a telephoto lens. That's not to say I'm unhappy about the ride or the park at all. I'm really excited about a top 10 coaster being right down the road. If gas prices keep going up I'll be at KD a lot more this year because Busch Gardens is further and my Jeep has a drinking problem. Tacky, but we've all seen worse. Photo from coastercrew
  4. yea, nice update man... I'm glad the weather was nice on Saturday. I'm afraid if it rains a lot this week (like it's supposed to) that will delay the painting even more, but it should be easy to get video/ pictures once they start testing. Hopefully soon.
  5. Looks like they used some leftover paint from Shockwave's color makeover in 2000. It should look good though, once the fiberglass is put on and it's not all purple. I'm still wondering about the rails too... if they're not being painted, then the painters are doing a horrible job at painting around them. I can't imagine they would go back and do that after the track... but I've never painted a coaster before so I could be wrong.
  6. I would be lying if I said I was a real baseball fan... but this caught my attention since I live in Richmond, which, by the way is the most pathetic sports town in the nation. The Braves have been in Richmond since the late 60s, and there's been a lot of controversy over the last few years about building a new ball park to replace the decrepit and run-down Diamond they currently play in. Seriously, pieces of concrete are falling off of the structure and the field floods every time it rains. It's not in a good part of town, and nobody really wants to go there. But the city officials have pushed back about building a new park for a number of years, and the Atlanta Braves management now wants to move the team to Georgia possibly as soon as next season. Even with that pressure, the city still has no plans to build or renovate a stadium, yet I've watched about 12 new shopping malls open since the late 90's and another one's under construction. It's just not the best place for sports fans (even though we still have our single-A hockey ) Seriously though, it's great to see the new park in Allentown - it looks really nice. Thanks for the pics.
  7. You might be a roller coaster fanatic if... you use a student loan to buy tickets and marathon on your school's mini-rollercoaster Seriously though, I don't see this happening at all.
  8. That run to the playoffs by the Capitals was amazing... It's awesome to have playoff hockey back in Washington. Watch out for the Caps, kids!
  9. Cool TR man, you picked one of the best times to go I think during the first week. I haven't been able to make it there on a "slow" day for a while. Glad you got some good ride time in
  10. For rafting, I would definitely recommend the New river/ Gauley river area in West Virginia. The "whitewater" in Richmond is usually pretty lame. I would recommend doing nature/ hiking things in the VA mountains. Try Skyline drive or the Blue Ridge parkway. There's plenty of camping, hiking, and photo opportunities along those roads, and you can pretty much make a day trip out of it without much of a plan.
  11. Man, thanks for sharing that collection, it's always a pleasure looking at your shots from Cedar Point. I think it's funny how none of those people have any idea we're all sitting around laughing at them now
  12. Glad you guys had a nice time on the preview day, and I'm very excited for Aidan getting his first credit! I think I was about 10 before I rode my first big coaster, so he really has something to brag about!
  13. I think the answer is pretty obvious, it's just basic cost cutting. With both sides being the same they don't have an obligation to open both sides unless there is a demand for it. It saves on operational costs, maintenance inspection costs, and wear and tear of the ride. They've been doing it on Gemini for a while, and nobody really complains about that. But I still feel cheated in this scenario because technically they are removing an attraction.
  14. This is very disappointing and surprising news. I don't know about Racer or Thunder Road, but Rebel Yell has inconsistent lift speeds on each side which kinda defeats the purpose of racing them. But with one being backwards at least they were two unique experiences. It doesn't have anything to do with maintenance. I'm sure this is just so they can run only one side on weekdays. That way they can say they aren't 'closing an attraction' - although in reality they are. So that's 2 coasters down this season for KD
  15. Training has a big impact on the performance of ride operators, but I think the responsibility in the individual person matters the most. On paper the increased age requirement makes a little bit of sense. But in reality, I think you're more likely to have an irresponsible 18 year old working at a theme park than an irresponsible 16 year old. A responsible 18 year old should be able to find a better paying job by that point. I know that's not true in all cases, but in general terms that's the way I see it.
  16. Parking lot or no parking lot, let's hope they don't keep it closed and testing for 6 weeks until every flower along the access path is in perfect alignment with the sun... like some other park I know Seriously, if they've already torn up the parking lot they will need to do some sort of landscaping underneath- otherwise it will be a big dust cloud. And at that point I would say no it doesn't count as a parking lot coaster.
  17. So here are a few of the photos I took when I went up to KD today with Jeff and his son. I spent a little more time editing these and adding in some colors only because I've been going through this photo editing phase recently and I just can't help myself. Jeff and Aidan are pretty excited about this new chain lift thing. the skyline is changing before our eyes. I thought it was pretty cool that we happened to be there randomly as the largest drop section was being put into place track being lifted pre-drop installation awesome new skyline
  18. It's so much fun to go back and read articles from before the game... apparently the Patriot's ran into a conflict with that 19-0 copyright because someone else filed for it in 1998 when Denver was 13-0 before they lost to... THE GIANTS. news.bostonherald.com/news/regional/general/view.bg?articleid=1070738
  19. Wow, Behemoth looks really nice, thanks for the photo update! I hope those drunken Canadian iron workers will make their way down to Virginia and start putting Dominator together soon. And maybe bring some snow with them
  20. That's interesting news. When I saw it on Friday, the overwhelming reaction in the theater from people leaving was negative. Some were actually booing when it ended. Personally, I thought the movie was very well made; the special effects and acting were great. However, the story was pretty lame. I still can't figure out how the main character risked his life so many times trying to save the same person he was in the process of leaving when it all started. I guess if he had followed the evacuation orders like everyone else then it wouldn't have been much of a story. But still, he was in the process of leaving her to go to Japan.. then all the sudden he needs to go back and save her? I just didn't buy it.
  21. Here's one I took a couple weeks ago at a holiday lights event in town. I love taking night photography.
  22. I think this is a real positive for Darien Lake. The lack of unique rides has kept me from heading up that way in the past, but now I'd love to go up there to check this out along with Behemoth. edit - I was confused about the press release at first and didn't realize that the existing motorbike coasters were made by Vekoma and not Zamperla... I wonder what the differences are.
  23. All these name changes make me feel dumb for not starting my own sign company this year.
  24. Good deal, thanks for the insight. I'm currently planning a trip to get up there later in January or maybe early February. If I go, I will definitely get pics.
  25. I'm confused as to which Hypersonic at Kings Dominion you might have ridden. It's absolute crap and removing it would not only add the potential for a new coaster but it would also make the surrounding area more open while not sounding like a train wreck during the off chance that Hypersonic is running consistently. As for the name changes, yea I think they could be a lot better. Even Dominator is a pretty lame name. I'm guessing maybe the parks don't put a big emphasis on it because most of the general public end up mispronouncing the heck out of them or just make up their own pronunciations anyway.
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