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  1. Having to deal with a tripod in the park is one annoyance, but the main thing is sacrificing the ride time to get these shots. Good stuff as usual, bro. Can't wait for April...
  2. I'm really getting tired of how Cindy Crosby is regarded as anything more than a mediocre hockey player. He's not even the best player on his own team. He dives anytime someone gets near him rather than playing through contact. And his version of "fighting for his team" involves jumping the smallest player on the opposing team and tugging on his jersey while keeping his glamour shield strapped on. He's got some good vision and passes well but other than that I just don't get it.
  3. I think you may be onto something here. I didn't see this posted before, but apparently one of the investors for Hard Rock Park, Safe Harbor Holding, is now backing the proposed Bible Park in Nashville according to this story. How ironic? www.wistv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9599823&nav=menu36_2
  4. To answer your question, some of the videos I added to the videographer forum have a lot of the same repetitive footage and I'd rather just have the better ones on there. I'd like to be able to have control over that since I didn't know they would be added to the new site. The playback looks great, and I think this will work out really well for TPR. Good stuff, by the way
  5. How can we remove videos that have been added to TPRTV if we do not wish to have them there? There is also one video I uploaded to the forum a long time ago that has been credited to another user.
  6. This sounds cool, and I'm glad to hear they will plan to run the coasters if the weather cooperates. We've had some mild winters recently. I also like that they're announcing it now. The park will be able to promote it all year and by next Christmas it will be more publicized. I don't remember what happened with Kings Islands attempt to do a Christmas event, but I know they only tried it for a short time and it wasn't successful. I think an event like this will need to be run for at least a few consecutive seasons so that it becomes more of a tradition that builds over time with the local community. Hopefully it will catch on.
  7. That rapids ride looks really unique. Beautiful pics from the tower, thanks for sharing
  8. Nice first trip report, you got some good detail shots of the haunt theming. I've heard that Fridays have been very slow recently, although it should pick up some into October. I should be heading up there sometime soon, thanks again for the TR.
  9. Do you think they need to give a refund? When was the end of their season? I could see maybe if someone had bought a pass in the last 30 days giving a refund but if you bought a pass in May then you should have had a good amount of time to use it. Perhaps refunds that are prorated based on when you bought it? --Robb I thought they were doing annual passes that were good for 365 days... maybe I'm wrong, I can't tell now and don't remember for sure. If that's the case, then it might make sense for someone to buy one late in the summer and then use it through this time next year. I agree if you bought one in spring you should have been able to get enough ride time in by now.
  10. Geez. It sounds kind of bad that they don't intend to give passholders a refund, saying that it will be left up to the court. I'm sure some people bought passes late in the summer hoping to be able to use them through next year. Their intention to open next year could be just as good as their intention to have a halloween event this year or be open through December. And they didn't even have to blame weather as a factor for decreased attendance.
  11. Cool man, thanks for sharing those! Nice to see what kind of shots you're getting with those 2 lenses. I've been shooting a lot with the 70-200 F4 L this summer and wouldn't trade it for anything. Hopefully you still had enough time to enjoy the parks after getting those shots lined up
  12. Those panoramics and the sunset shot are wonderful I'm pretty sure you can get rid of some of the shadow in the blue sky... Depends on what HDR program you're using, there are a ton out there. If nothing else you can go back into PS and paint over it to even everything out. Nice work though, I have not seen many theme park HDR shots.
  13. I'm not real clear on the status of Maximum RPM. Several people have said it has not been open at all during their visit, but it's not really listed as closed on their website. Anyone know about what percentage of time it's open and running, or should it just be crossed off the list of expectations before I even go down there?
  14. Awesome trip report, it looks like you really spent some time capturing the details of this really unique park. I always thought the most random thing in the park was the owner's house sitting right off the midway (actually I think there may be more than one house within the park - can't remember). It's been a few years since I've been up there, and those pics really brought back some of the details I had forgotten. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I'm really glad to hear that Boulder Dash is being maintained well over the years. I don't remember what summer I went there, but BD was fairly new and free drinks were the "new attraction" that year which I thought was a brilliant idea (even though I think Holiday World had already been doing it). Wish it would have caught on at more places. Glad you had a cool trip.
  16. This has a strong resemblance to an April fool's joke. Only it's August.
  17. It's not all in the camera. Better quality lenses make sharper images to begin with. And photoshop has endless combinations of features that allow you to bring out everything in each picture. Besides the basic contrast and color curves, you can also get into adjustment layers and filters which are really cool. I'm still learning. Thanks for the comments dude.
  18. ^ Hmmm, a layout of the park? There is a beautiful B&M to the left of the main entrance right after you walk in. And then there's the rest of the park. That pretty much sums it up. For those who asked, I use a Canon SLR with a couple different lenses (17-85 and 70-200). I really enjoy the editing part in Photoshop as much as taking the pictures, which makes my wife think I'm totally crazy. But it's a fun hobby.
  19. Cool, thanks for the feedback! If you like taking pictures then you should always bring a camera, though. You never know what kinds of crazy things could happen, and wish you had a camera with you. Plus you have places like this where you can post as many pictures as you want and people are always interested in checking out what other people are doing. I'm pretty bad about commenting on other people's reports, but I do enjoy looking at everyone's trips and seeing parks that I've never been to.
  20. Hey nice report guys, and pretty good shots for a Nikon Thanks for the coverage, I can't wait to head back up to Kings Island next year.
  21. ^The sun was hitting the loop pretty hard, and I may have boosted the contrast a little too much, which made it come out white. Oh well. Glad you like the pics, though
  22. Pictures from Monday, 8/11. Probably the most unlikely day of the year for perfect weather in Central VA, but with temps in the low 80s and no humidity, it was absolutely paradise. I left work a little early and went up to the park to get some new angles of the same old ride, which hasn't become old yet to anyone. By the way, I'm horrible at writing captions, so I've decided you just get pictures this time
  23. So... no El Toro, no Griffon, AND no Dominator? I have to admit I feel really bad for your luck on the trip. You'll have to come back sometime!
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