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  1. That's a really memorable shot, man. Nice work with the b/w conversion. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
  2. I think we know it will be tall... and fast... probably a long layout. The main question in my mind is the trains. Intamin seems to be on this kick lately with short 3 car trains. Please don't make me wait in a line that moves like Fahrenheit's ever again.
  3. Wow, that's the first time I've seen a coaster here on the news before it was officially announced. The only time they ever jump on theme park news is when there is an accident. Even though Gene Cox still can't read a teleprompter after 30 some years, it still gets the message across and will probably get people talking.
  4. really enjoyed your report so far; I can't even tell you how many times I have driven past Louisville and thought to myself... "eh, there's nothing to do there, let's keep going"... might stop and check out some of those restaurants next time.
  5. Is there anything other than some random text messages and twitter updates that say this ride is down for more than a few days? I mean, there are about a thousand different reasons for a ride to be down for a few days in the summer. No big deal. However, if something did happen, I wouldn't be surprised if Cedar Fair throws in the towel on this one. It was never built right to begin with and rides like a shopping cart on a cobblestone road at 70mph.
  6. I don't totally understand that area either. To answer your question we left around 730 and didn't see anyone heading for the entrance so I would say no
  7. ^ haha, thanks... I did take all photos except for the first one and maybe one other one that has me in it... I know a couple other people with me got some good shots too.
  8. Having missed out on the Hard Rock Park experience last year, I rolled down to Myrtle Beach with some friends at the first opportunity this year. Which happened to be a Saturday-- at the start of summer-- during beach week-- with nice weather. Surely there would be a little bit of a crowd... until next time...? Couple more time machine shots. I like lens flare by the way another sign shot was we were leaving obligatory air guitar shot... your doing it wrong! it was a little more fun to add some water effects to the prop chillin This ended up being a real workout Also discovered was the random bungee-cord bean-bag-and-velcro contraption seriously, this was really cool. I might build one in my back yard as an addition to the shed upon this discovery, we immediately assembled small armed forces and went straight into combat for about an hour and a half in this innocent looking building was the highlight of the trip Do not ask me any questions about this ride Didn't feel the need to sit in the sun, but if I did this area would have been inviting Fog is always fun After riding all the coasters a few times we took another lap or two around the park to check out the scenery This water harp was a lot bigger than I imagined from seeing other pictures. This was a really cool touch on the station of the time machine Landscaping here, and throughout the park was also very well done timing is everything Also thought the logo was really cool, but hard to see on the front of the train As you will probably see I spent more time taking photos than actually riding this one Which was Ok because it's a very photogenic ride and makes for some good pics Time Machine seemed to have some rather serious vibration issues. Heading across the pond for the main attraction Admittedly, it would be 10 times better with some theming... but the music selection they have for this ride now is outstanding (I think there are 3 tracks). Although I didn't ride it as Life in the Fast Lane, the music they have on it now makes a lot more sense. Cool theming. I thought Iron Horse was a great compact coaster heading over to Iron Horse we spotted some other park guests. hang ten is about as average as you can get for a family coaster. Score one for the credit count I thought the park did a really great job of updating the signage considering they had a short amount of time to transition from HRP branding. Nothing looked rushed or out of place good thing we rode early in the day to avoid the crowds. the first drop was also decent just weird. It felt really strange on the wheel and was probably the most exciting part of the ride Next up was the round-a-boot and another cool area for kids to burn off energy I thought this was a really cool area for kids to burn off some energy again, more details. This was in the ground on the exit ramp for soakd The exit ramp ended up being the most difficult part of the ride to get through dry but mostly the ride was relaxing Although we didn't get officially "soakd" it did have some water elements which was OK because it was rather humid First up, we decided to brave the elements and take on the water coaster. and very nice theming see... details and the details were phenomenal The atmosphere at the park is pretty impressive Before entering the park we had to adjust the admission price so that it made more sense. Sadly, our efforts were not rewarded with a discount but I really don't want to focus on that too much because we all had an awesome time OK so attendance is an obvious issue
  9. Awesome report man, I especially like the shot with the Alpengeist wheel and also that you were rockin the FMP shirt. I'm wondering if any other parks will take note of this and offer something similar. You can't help but think that a place like Cedar Point could make of money off of a tour like this
  10. It's weird how as a kid one of the most lasting memories of KD was those singing mushrooms and frogs... and now they tend to show up in a lot of pictures and videos from back in the day. Obviously people enjoyed them which makes you wonder why some things had to come out. Cool video, thanks for posting that
  11. Commentary on that video is absolutely classic... I had to watch it about 5 times laughing. Its a good thing they put rollbacks on that hill otherwise there could have been a bigger sitiation
  12. Nice report and very comprehensive with the pictures. I was there for the first time on Memorial Day last week and share many of your thoughts about the park and the rides in general. I didn't get many pictures of the crazy signage, I'm glad you covered that
  13. That must have been awesome seeing Gemini under construction. Crazy how it is overshadowed today but probably seemed massive back then. Cool report
  14. Ok cool. Thanks. Location isn't the biggest issue for me, just looking for somewhere nice to stay and could even head back to Indianapolis that night if I needed to, but my flight leaves the next afternoon.
  15. Anybody have any advice or experience with the hotels or cabins around Indiana Beach? The lodging within the park itself seems expensive, but I can't tell if that is worth it, or if there might be some other properties nearby that are nicer. It's hard to get a good impression from many of the websites for lodging in that area.
  16. excellent camera choice and I think you have a great lens lineup to start with. I'm liking the low light shots a lot, and need to pick up the 50mm 1.8 myself. Keep up the good work.
  17. wow man, you guys were at Worlds of Fun the exact same time I was there with a friend this past weekend. It was my first trip there and I booked the flight a few months ago assuming Prowler would be open... Oh well. I don't remember seeing you though. I mostly agree with your assessment of the rides. Mamba really won me over on Saturday night but was extremely sluggish on Sunday. Great pictures and report of all the parks. I was running around taking some pictures on Sunday at WOF but the lighting conditions were horrible so I probably won't post any.
  18. Cool report, glad you had a good time at the park. I share your thoughts about Alpengeist, the theming and details really add value to the ride. It's interesting to me that a lot of people who are closer to Great Adventure prefer Apollo over Nitro. But I think a lot of people who ride Apollo all the time prefer Nitro. I definitely think Nitro has a better first half and is better overall.
  19. ^ I can't imagine that will go over very well. Still funny though. I'm about to start rooting for the Bruins this year because quite honestly I don't think I have ever seen them make it out of the first round in my life. Unless the Caps decide to start playing with some intensity, but so far it doesn't look that way.
  20. Very nice work. I think you have a good eye for composure with your shots and that also makes the b/w work. And I agree that Dollywood is a perfect setting for that style.
  21. Festhaus Kaffee? How is that pronounced? Nice report man, I'll get down to the burg sometime soon. Too much pollen right now
  22. Nice report and details about the event. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the photo tips about the lighting locations cause sometimes that's hard to tell until you get there. It really looks like KI has done well with this one.
  23. Nice. Those trains look sweet, and I really didn't care for them at first. I'll definitely head up there sometime in the next couple months. Thanks for the pics dude.
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