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  1. Hahaha! This was probably my favorite overall day too (not to be confused with a day that I wear overalls...that's different). It was nice and non-hectic and I got to hang out with my new favorite people too.
  2. I think it was the weekend before Halloween. We waited in line over 3 hours I believe, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly.
  3. The Cutting Edge in Fort Worth is pretty good. http://www.cuttingedgehauntedhouse.com/ It used to be the longest in the world, not sure if that's still the case though. It's in an old meat packing warehouse and it took a little over an hour for us to go through last year. It has some pretty freaky stuff in it, including exiting through a room of foam (there is a side exit if you are too claustrophobic) and a maze that that you have to find your way out of using only a glowstick. The actors don't yell or make any noises (which is kind of trippy) and they don't play scary music or sound effects...instead they play industrial/gothic dance music. It's a good time.
  4. I didn't see it either, Patrick...and my Flash Pass group consisted of guys that definitely would have noticed. Maybe he was on break.
  5. Great trip report. When we got to Canobie, I posted on facebook "This park is soooo cute". I dont' think there is a "guy word" to describe it...it's just really cute.
  6. There is so much that I didn't see at The Great Escape. How did I miss it?
  7. I described LaRonde as a Kardashian. It's photogenic and all, but deep down it's just kind of trashy. But seriously, I didn't mind LaRonde...the margarita with my poutine didn't hurt. I enjoyed my time there, and it le Vampire was probably the best Batman clone I've ever been on. It's also the only park that I purchased a souvenir.
  8. It's even better that Kim is sitting next to you motionless, like she's just watching TV. She's hardcore.
  9. ^Yeah...the coaster selection was a bit sub-par, but I suppose they're trying with the Eurofighter. Do they have a "not above the tree line" ordinance or something? I noticed that you couldn't really see any of the rides from the boat ride...so if that's the case, their coaster selection may be somewhat limited.
  10. Canobie was easily my favorite. It was so cute...I just wanted to hug it.
  11. Seconded...I can only imagine how hard it was to resist the temptation of adding "hawk" to the end. Especially because Leviathanhawk sounds so incredible. They probably considered it, but it sounds too similar to Levi Ethan Hawke (an up and coming gay porn actor that I just invented). There may be some confusion: "Hey man, I just got done riding Levi Ethan Hawke...it was big."
  12. ^^Ok. I've never been on either, so I was just trying to play devil's advocate for a minute. There are no others.
  13. What about the water coasters at Europa? I know they are different layouts, but they are similar.
  14. I'm going to assume that this did not meet the criteria to have CW included on the "New Hotness" trip next year or any sort of "LeviaBash" for that matter? I'd still like to ride it, but I was hoping I would be amazed by the announcement when I got up this morning. I wasn't.
  15. ^No, you didn't miss much. You definitely rode the better of the two.
  16. Didn't you ride Kingda Ka? It's taller than Dragster. Kingda Ka and Son of Beast for me.
  17. I thought it would have been awesome if they projected really freaky images on the walls...like chickens getting their heads cut off and centipedes crawling over people's faces (ala Willy Wonka's trippy boat ride). They could even use the music from the boat ride scene...it would be wonderful.
  18. Wow... the speculation over this coaster is turning a lot of people into argumentative jerks. I'm just glad I met some Toronto folks on the NE trip so I can possibly have a place to crash next summer.
  19. I'm pretty sure this must have been taken before we left the station. I doubt that I was smiling when we returned...I hated it. Especially the one drop that slammed you down hard, right before the slow-ass ending. Hated it. But aside from that and the hundreds of mosquito bites, I enjoyed the park and all of it's confusing bridges...especially the bumper cars.
  20. Canobie was my favorite too. I received a upsetting text and phone call right as we were walking in, so my first couple of hours at the park were spent sitting on a bench...contemplating (ugh). But then, I realized that I was missing out on great park, so I put on a happy face and thoroughly enjoyed everything for the remainder of the day. I didn't get a chance to ride much, but the atmosphere was amazing. I'd definitely go back.
  21. The plexiglass shields were pretty dirty and gross...but I just licked them clean so I could see through them a little better.
  22. I had an amazing time! I got 4 additional ERT night rides on the Giant before I had to call it quits. I'm exhausted. Thanks, Rob and Elissa, for a great time!
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