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  1. ^ But in defense of relocation it is 100% flat. I have always expected this one to get moved out. Back to the "return to a traditonal park" thinking. Why not go all the way and knock the parking price down to say .... nothing. I think the gate prices are in line with other traditional parks, but food and parking are another story.
  2. ^ Touche' Ginzo True, they haven't replaced the rides per se, but they did make about 17 million dollars worth of improvements (12mil first year and 5mil the second) to the "wild side" and invested money into The Dipper, Villian and Bobs having them retracked by Martin & Vleminckx. I know that Bobs didn't run for much of this year, but it is unfair to say that they completely neglected the park.
  3. Lori, Thank you for that moment of clarity in this sea of diarrhea. Cedar Fair did come out (when they bought the park) and said that they were going to return Geauga Lake to it's "roots". I don't know too many "traditional family parks" that have an Intamin Impulse, B&M Floorless, and Vekoma Flying Dutchman. I do think that they should have kept the SLC however.
  4. They are, however, fed intravenously with a combination of maple syrup and Tim Horton's coffee.
  5. Only real regret is driving right by an open/operating Dania Beach Hurricane on my way to a Yoko Ono retrospective in Miami. // Shoot me now
  6. I am with Robb also. I have been on too many rides that looked great but in the end were ruined by overzealous trim brakes. My question is .... haven't they produced enough coasters to know how to build one without a trim already. Maybe I expect too much but to design a ride with three trim brakes seems a bit silly. While the trains are "interesting" and are certainly not as capacity friendly as typical B&M trains, I do have an idea here. I could be talking completely out of my ass and I have no hard facts to prove this, but it has always seemed to me that the longer the cars, the more violent the airtime. It is almost like every single movement is more exaggerated. Just my thoughts.
  7. I don't get the seating at all either. 1 x 2 x 1 is about the worst configuration out there. I do, however, love the fact that it completely dwarfs Italian Job. That is going to look hysterical.
  8. All prices are per person. The rates are based on having two people in each room, but both must pay the full amount. There is an additional charge if you wish to room alone.
  9. For me it was RRC, World of Coasters, Joyrides, ThrillRide, BobCoaster, and countless others. I started my site in Summer of 2000 and this thread has me feeling all nostalgic. Pity i can't find the first version of my site. It was a real doozie. Version 4 Version 3 Version 2
  10. Source please. // I have never seen a park that looked more like it was circling the drain. The difference between last year and this year is staggering.
  11. Earth Wind and Fire at Universal Studios Florida Mardi Gras. Such an awesome show in an awesome setting.
  12. Probably the silliest thing I have heard in a while. When you look at parks like Dorney, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom and even Geauga Lake, you can see that they probably need to do MORE with the water park.
  13. Oh hell yeah! I have been waiting for a coaster like this to be so close. Hopefully it will live up to the design and hype.
  14. Dick Kinzel's Cryogenic Freeze Chamber and Tomb. // "Now I can run the park FOREVER! Muhaaahaahaa!"
  15. They should put in another milkshake shop like that one in Chocolate World. Those things are awesome!
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