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  1. Let's not sign it's death warrant quite yet. The Raging Wolf Bobs has looked like that for awhile.
  2. At most other parks, the first half would trimmed so bad that the coaster would need a second lift hill to just make it onto the MCBR. I am not happy about the trim brake either, but for now it is a quick fix. Hopefully they find a way to fix the area by the on-ride photo so that they can let this thing roll right on through again.
  3. ^ Because they wanted a EXTREME machine. GCII isn't known for really pushing the envelope to an insane degree like the GG gang and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If Beech Bend or Powerpark installed a GG coaster that exerted the forces of Voyage, then it wouldn't be a top tier ride for very long. Will knew what was getting into when he built The Voyage. He already owns two coasters that require a lot of maintenance and upkeep and with 3 7 car trains, you can't tell me that expected anything better from Voyage. Over time, the ride will probably be modified a little bit here and there as they will get a better idea of where the "trouble" spots are. Be thankful though, because at most other parks ... it would be handled much differently.
  4. From the changes that I have seen personally at SFKK over the last couple of years, I think this is a great fit. A few months ago, I even remembered speaking to someone about this and saying something to the effect of "Whoever is running this park (SFKK) needs to be moved somewhere bigger after this season". The biggest thing that I noticed at SFKK this year was the general attitude of it's employees. Present company excluded, I think that is somewhere that SFMM is really lacking. Best of luck Jay. It won't be an easy task.
  5. ^ Do you really want to know? Anyway, these guys are completely insignificant and should even garner enough attention to start a thread. Sure, the person they supposedly "interviewed" got injured and didn't ride another ride all day. Did he report it to the park ... I think not. If it is not reported to the park, it might as well of not happened.
  6. I understand where you are coming from, but everybody is entitled to an opinion (just like you are here). Those who like it will like it and those who don't won't and there is nothing that anyone can do to change their opinion. In your mind, it is a good ride. In Jason's it is lackluster. Some people choose to believe you and some people choose to believe Jason and Dave. That is just the way it works. I might even thank Dave for giving an "honest" review, because I have travelled with him to parks before and know that his likes and dislikes are pretty much in line with my own. Same goes with Rastus. I have read many of his reviews and I have a lot of respect for his opinions concerning wooden coasters. In the end, it is all opinion (whether it be the reviewer or reader) and should be treated as such. No need to worry yourself over it.
  7. While I think that a carousel is what this park needs more than anything. I would hate to see them bury it in the back of the park like that. // Still sticking with waterslide
  8. There is already a thread dedicated to next year's expansion. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37489 // closed
  9. I think the biggest thing is the parks that could afford them or wanted them already have them. There are only a few of the big boys left that don't have some form of drop tower.
  10. "I ain't saying he a gold digger ... but he ain't messing with no .."
  11. Yeah, it's not like the park operated without both for nearly 70 years. // Only visit to the park was in 1980. And it was packed.
  12. Very similar topic here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38619 Please discuss this in that thread. //Closed
  13. Actually the price does not have as much to do with inflation and materials as it does with the fact that ... It is in Japan! If you are bored, look up the price tag for that 4-D at Fuji.
  14. Some people like to count it and some don't. It is listed on CoasterFanatics.Com because I like to give people the option. Nothing more ... nothing less. // The ride has always used rails on the two "dry" drops. I believe the rehab a couple years ago was to widen the angle of descent.
  15. ^ Interesting link. I have always heard about the Wildwood parlor, but i never realized it was such a passion for the operator. My favorite game is 2-ball Cover-All at Knoebels.
  16. ^ Exactly. Parks overseas put some of the responsibility back into the patrons hands. You have to be level headed and watch out for yourself, but you can have a great time without 10 million restrictions like you find in American parks.
  17. It is much easier to die at a European park. That is a good thing. // I will explain myself if I have to. But I don't think I will.
  18. ^ As was already mentioned. It is by popular vote. The voters being selected from industry types, Amusement Today subscribers and enthusiasts. // Next person to ask this (instead of actually reading the thread) will be fed to bantron.
  19. ^ I actually look at the "lack of a FastPass" system as a plus. But ... different strokes for different folks.
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