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  1. Day 2 - Wisconsin Dells - 8/3/2007 We did our biggest segment of driving on day one and stopped the car in Madison, Wisconsin. The morning of our departure, I saw a large number of bikes in the parking lot and asked one of the guys where they were heading. When they told me "Sturgis" I found myself very jealous. As much as I like coasters, I would rather take a ride through the black hills any day! After a short drive north, we arrived at the Dells about 9am. We first made a stop at Timber Falls where I met with Brent Stowell (General Manager) and talked with him a little bit about Avalanche and it's impact on his small park. With a little luck, I will have a report on that sometime soon. Next up was Mt. Olympus. I have wanted to visit this park for some time but never managed to fit it into my plans because it really isn't on the way to anything. It is a place you go to. Not a place you end up at. With the heat climbing and no end in sight, I made my way to Dive to Atlantis figuring that if I was going to ride it then I better ride it early. Shoes and shirt don't seem to be a requirement on this ride so I guess they won't mind if I hold on to these. My boat taking the plunge. It doesn't look that bad, but trust me. You get absolutely soaked on this ride. The aftermath. Hey. At least my shoes are dry. After receiving a nice soaking on Dive to Atlantis, what better place to go than to the air-conditioned indoor coaster. My guess is that Mt. Olympus built this facility to help compliment their indoor waterpark during the areas colder months. On the outside it looks like a big tent with some columns in front of it, and it doesn't really get any better on the inside either. Kind of like riding rides in an airplane hanger. Opa was just your standard run of the mill spinning mouse. Other rides in the indoor park include a small version of Disk'O and some Kiddie Teacups. All the indoor rides come courtesy of Zamperla. Catrina and I stand in line for the kiddie coaster only to be told 10 minutes later that we would not be allowed to ride. Really, the operator could have told us this earlier as we were standing right next to her. I got a couple of pictures of it anyway for all you kiddie coaster enthusiasts. Another My biggest complaint about Mt. O was the people working the coasters. There is no safety spiel and all the rides except Hades only had one person working the station. This picture was taken in the Cyclops station where it looked like the rest of the ops came to socialize on their break. 2 rows were closed off (one missing a lapbar and one missing a seat) and the operator for Cyclops was waiting about 2-3 minutes after the train filled to begin checking restraints. When you only have one train on every coaster, you need to do a little better than this. Even with the questionable operations, Cyclops was my favorite ride of the day and after one ride in the last row, I saw exactly what everybody has always been talking about for years. The big hill doesn't so much have airtime as much as it feels like a bull trying to "buck" you. Our last ride was Hades and I was really excited about the ride because I had seen so many good things written about it. I was curious to see how it stacked against some of my favorite woodies and to tell the truth was kind of disappointed. Maybe it just isn't my kind of coaster, but it didn't really do a whole lot for me. I liked the tunnel section but did not think that it made up for some of the ride's shortcomings. To be completely fair, none of the woodies were really running all that great for our trip to the Dells. Brent at Timber Falls told me that they were experiencing one of the area's worst droughts in seven years. With the insane amount of heat and lack of rain, I imagine that the woodies were all running nowhere near there potential. Most of them were just plain rough. Climbing the stairs to Hades tall station. Through the trees! A train full of exhausted riders make their way back to the station. And with that, we say our goodbyes to Mt. Olympus. Next park ... Timber Falls!
  2. Sorry to hear that the rain dampened your plans. We only wish that it would have rained a little bit at Mt. O as the coasters were running pretty bad on our visit last week (3 week drought). Hopefully the clouds clear and you get some excellent rides!
  3. Well, the time had finally rolled around for Catrina and I's big coaster expedition of the summer. While it may not have been a huge week long epic journey, we did manage to cram a good bit of travel into a short amount of time. Visiting a handful of parks we had never been to along the way. While on this trip I learned a few things ... - The drive from Youngstown to the Wisconsin Dells is pretty much a corn tour of America with only Chicago separating the endless rows of green everywhere you look. - More than I ever realized before, weather can take a top ten ride to the bottom of the list. - The Mid-West can be absolutely brutal in the month of August. Temperatures as hot as the sun's surface really start to take a toll on the body. But enough with my blabbing and onto the report ... Day 1 - Fun Spot - 8/2/07 With some people talking that this might be the last season for this bizarre little park in Indiana, Catrina and I decided to make a stop and see what it was all about. The expectation level wasn't too high, but the staff was super kind and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The sign at the entrance let's you know where you're at. After paying a modest General Admission charge, Catrina and I headed back to the gift shop to get some ride tickets. Afterburner would be the first ride of the trip for us. Some of you older enthusiasts might have had a chance to enjoy this ride in it's previous life as Zoomerang at Boardwalk Baseball in Haines City, Florida. I actually chickened out of it when my father took me there in the mid 80s. As you can see the park wasn't too busy on this day and this might help to explain some of the rumors that have been circulating concerning it's demise. Hey! Look! It's another coaster! Just a reminder kids. Stay in School. If the park does meet it's demise, I am sure that it won't be because of their child labor policies. Our chariot awaits. A quick look at the "Zyclon" layout. Catrina was not too fond of the "Zyclon" coaster as it claimed one of her earing backs. But not until the OTSR slammed the stem into her head. Why does this thing need these again? Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I am a huge flying scooters fan. This model has all the marking of a Bisch Rocco but the tubs are way different than anything that I had ever seen before. The actual tub and back fin are all one piece and have a real streamlined look to them. After about four or five rotations of the ride the operater stopped it. I didn't really get kicked off the ride, but the op told me that I was free to go now. Here are a couple other shots I grabbed on our way out: Walkway Zamperla Balloon Race Huss Tristar Chance Calypso On our way to the Dells we also passed by South Bend and having never been there, got out for a few photo opportunities. Welcome Looking up at Notre Dame Stadium. The infamous "Touchdown Jesus". Coming Next ... The Dells!
  4. Actually it is not that uncommon for parks to not want pictures taken in the station. I have been asked a couple different places to stop. As for the rest of the park including the water park, I still think it is a matter of people just not interpreting the rules correctly. I found the photo persecution kind of funny actually because in the Six Flags days there were a bunch of employees who didn't understand the rules either and tried to prohibit people from taken ANY pictures at the park. Just sort of a funny time in Geauga Lake history.
  5. Love the guy deflating the basketball. Those people should be scattered throughout all the parks!
  6. ^ Well if they are then it really goes against everything that Will has stated in the past. When the ride opened, Paula (The parks PR manager) was quick to correct people who thought it was "trimming" the ride. She even sent me this note after a member of my site reviewed it on media day. If they are slowing down the train for the second half, then I am pretty disappointed. it was running fine without it when I was there not even two weeks ago.
  7. Nice TR. I must say that CP is probably the best park at handling crowds like that. The accurate wait times probably are directly related to the fact that each entrance has a staffed member assigned to it. This way those crazy kids don't muck up the wait times. The only thing I really take issue with in your report is: While Maverick is certainly not operated to it's full potential, it is still pretty good. The stacking makes it look worse than it is, but is inevitible due to the fact that they send two at a time. Millennium Force is MUCH worse. Nice catch on the WWL trough. Never noticed that before.
  8. ^ & ^^ There is ABSOLUTELY no trim brake on Voyage. There is a block brake at the mid-course but it only engages if there is a block violation or like the OP stated "There is a problem". The train just naturally slows down in that section. It may feel like a brake (and it can) but it is not.
  9. Best of luck Chris. I hope that everything works out your way and you can get an exemption, but if not keep your head down and come home. Our prayers are with you.
  10. Wow! The young 'en has grown quite a bit. Even since last October. Excellent report as always!
  11. Here is the "official" thread closing. Please refer to the previous two posts for more Hard Rock info. // Closed
  12. Now you are just being silly. The first drop is Arrow and in my opinion the only thing that was right about Steel Phantom. The rest of the ride is all Morgan (only about the first 10% of the second drop is Arrow, the rest of which was reprofiled by Morgan). In my opinion, Phantom's Revenge is a Morgan coaster. Isn't it already
  13. ^ That is pretty much what I have. Catrina likes parks and she loves to travel but is NOT the biggest coaster fan in the world. Most enthusiasts would cringe at the credits she has passed up.
  14. Next to last row for me. I prefer to experience all the pleasures of riding in the last car without the ass kicking that ensues if you ride over the wheels. Of course, it is all just a matter of personal preference.
  15. That would be hysterical. i can see the updates now ... "Look at all the progress as we clear-cut the location for our new Arbor Day section"
  16. Moving to Main Forum. These photos are to good to live in the obscurity of random topics.
  17. ^ You couldn't even spell "Rob" right, which just further proves his point. // Enjoy your ban, tool!
  18. ^ If you did that then you will not get to Dragster in time for opening. Trust me, I tried. If you ride MF and then head to Maverick, you won't get off Maverick till at least a half-hour after the park has opened. Count on waiting at least an hour on Maverick unless you run to it first thing.
  19. As always, it was great to meet up with you guys. Here are a couple photos for your collection: "Get me off this evil ride!" Yum Yum. You Midwest trippers have been notified. Gimme some popcorn! Self portrait time Since when did aliens eat Potato Patch fries? Higher! Time to ride the Disk'o. Complete with "elaborate" theming Weeee! Credit Hoes! Ah. What's this I see? We survived Gone! Going Going Another shot waiting in line for the glorius Kennywood log flume. Can anyone name all the logflumes where water travels uphill?
  20. A good bit. Mostly they run to Maverick so once you get that out of the way, you will be fine. // Has waited an 50 minutes for Maverick during early entry
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