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  1. Isn't that technically a whole sentance? I thought for these games you had to only put two or three words.
  2. Its incase they come off midride in which they could fall and injure someone else.
  3. That really rules. On of the best things I have ever read online! Brilliant.
  4. Lucky man. from what I have heard about carnies they all seem to be get your money, dont care abut saftey but after seeing that video and the speed they all rushed over to help this has changed my mind slighty. Are all carnies that bad?
  5. Never been to band camp but it sounds pretty interesting. Shame I only play electric guitar and they don't seem to have rock band camps. I am going to a guitar summer school though for a week with a mate. A whole week of guitar!! Apparently you learn a whole years worth of stuff in a week. It will be pretty intense playing but the evenings are all lined up with gigs and concerts so it should be fun.
  6. Well, it normally happens as you get older however it can be something you just have, get if you are totally stressed out or have diabeties. They tested me for diabeties and I don't have it. I am not stressed out in any way that would cause Cataract so they said it is just something that I was born with. According to the consultant it isn't rare for teenagers to get it but it isn't something they get every day. They normally do the operation on older people but the precedure that I had was exactly the same as the one they would give to a adult or older person. They just make a micro
  7. I was asleep the whole time but it sounds easy as pie. They said they can do the operation with me awake but I would have seen the knife coming towards my eye and freaked out. But yeh, it is a dead easy operation and doesn't hurt whatsoever. But it is normally older people that get it, I'm only 15 so when people ask about it they are like "ok...and your only 15 right?"
  8. Good luck with the surgery and hope you get better soon! I only came out of hospital yesterday. Had cataract in both my eyes and so I had to go and have an operation to get them removed. Cause it was like a dead easy operation I was only in hopsital for half a day! I had my right eye done 5 weeks ago, they do it one at a time so if they mess up you have one good eye! That wenmt perfect and I went in yesterday to have the left eye done. It was cool cause everyone knew who I was and all came over to have a chat. I got to have a good look around in the operating theatre and they expl
  9. My guitars at the guitar hospital at the mo. Been gone since Sunday and I have cravings to play it now! :lol I think im addicted. Oh well, should have it back soon.
  10. Meh, my favourite bands change alot however I am currently listening to alot of: Metallica Linkin Park Hard-Fi Stevie Ray Vaughan
  11. Oh, I play a Squire Strat Electric Guitar and have been playing for 10-11 months now. I am self taught and slowly but surely getting better at it.
  12. lol. Brilliantly random trip reports, but hay, randomness rules! By Robb, what day are you at Thorpe Park? Thursday or Friday?
  13. Shouldn't have killed him, he could have been the best peice of evidence and usefull peice of evidence in the whole case.
  14. Ah, slight change of plan. I was going to Thorpe This sunday and then enxt sunday but due to certain cicumastances I'm now going on Friday! Would be really cool to meet up with you Robb. I know I don't post much on here but meeting up with other coaster enthusiasts rules!
  15. Do we even know what the layout will be for Superman yet?
  16. Whats with that drop tower. It looks like a Fabbri drop tower but with only half a catch car and only half of the seats. Strange...
  17. On the list that was posted a few replys back it says that Coney Island Cyclone was in Titanic. Is this right cause all the times I have seen the film I never saw it. If anyone knows where it is in the film it would be great cause I may just have to go watch it again!
  18. We jsut opened a new website about rollercoasters and what not and were jsut wondering what everyone thinks of it. Because its brand new and my normal pc is currently dead I havn't been able to get alot of our stuff online but it's mostly there. Content and whatnot will be added as time goes by. But yeh, all comments are welcomed. Thrill-Source
  19. I have to agree with everyone else. If you want a sim get No Limits, but be prepared to spend alot of time learning how to sue the editor. If you want a game get RCT2. RCT3 is a no no. It is really bad.
  20. And how would a student become a member of a media. I woul dlove to go to a IAAPA event, they look so cool and getting to see new rides in development and to chat with the masters of rides would rule.
  21. Just out of interest, how do you even get tickets?
  22. Just out of interest Coaster Expert, how would yuor coaster be loaded or supported? And have you thought about how it would be maintaned etc. Just some things to take into consideration when designing new types of coasters.
  23. Cool. The thing with us is, we do spur of the moment type things and by the time we get the camera out the joke has worn off and redoing a spur of the moment joke or gag just looks stupid and not very funny. Thanks for the quick reply, Jonathan H
  24. Hi Robb and Elissa, I am thinking of making my own coaster videos for download on the internet and I would like to capture my little group that come to the parks with me, just having fun. We always manage to have a laugh however it is always when the camera is away. I was just wondering how do you capture your group of peeps having fun at the parks and doing crazy things. Do you permenalty keep your camera on or on record? Thanks, Jonathan H
  25. County :: Chavs are taking over Town :: Airport want to put a runway right next to our house so we get nice loud planes flying over every 30 seconds at like 200ft. Home :: I've just woken up and on the net surfing various forums, listening to rock music and occasionally playing guitar Mind :: Totally 110% blank. Oh, I have a maths test on Tuesday. I'm gonna fail! YEH!
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