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  1. Just out of interest, where are you gettin gthese t-shirts made? Is it a local company to you or a internation company like CafePress?
  2. Looks cool. So the chef comes tot he table and makes the food?
  3. Ok, I don't get it... And out fo interest, what is that ride? It looks like a Intamin Floorless drop tower but there is something not quite right about it.
  4. I finally got my hamster last Saturday and he rocks. His name is Binary, geeky or what. Anyway, I'm a little concerned, at the moment it's 30 degrees C here in Britain and I am worried that he will get way to hot and 'over heat' in his house. We got him a large house, cause he is sharing with my bros hamster, it has plenty of ventalation and is out of the sunlight however i am afriaid he will get to hot. If a hamster does get to hot while asleep will it wake up? We keep checking them regulary but they are fast asleep.
  5. Sounds like you guys had a really cool day at BGT. Shame my trip to Florida was like a month before Skeikra opened. Gonna have to get back there real soon. BTW, this si probs a stupid question but whats a redeye? Is it a night flight or something?
  6. Yeh, saying it isn't a drop, but a glide opens up a whole new question of, how steep does the track have to be to be a drop.
  7. Not trying to start an arguement but Air Craft Warning Beakons on rides don't always mean the ride is above the height that a beakon is required. Many parks just put them on because stupid members of the GP see the beakon and think "oh, it has a beakon, it muset be really high".
  8. Well in the department they were designing stuff. But I can't comment on what, soz.
  9. Well, I've been working in the desing department at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for work experiance and so I think I have a little experiance in the subject of wanted to get that job, seeing as I want it aswell. What sort of ride design do you want to do? Rollercoaster or flat rides? I was speaking to someone who used ot work for Mack Rides in Germany and he said the best thing to do if you want to design coasters is to learn German so you can speka it fluantly. All the major coaster companys are based in Germany or in German speaking countrys such as Switzerland. Having German as your se
  10. I'm getting a Hamster next Saturday. Any tips or advice? I really wanna develop a bond with this hamster so I can pick it up etc. I used to have a rabbit but it never really liked being picked up etc. Is this the same with hamsters? Or is it just a matter of time and developing a trust with the animal? Also, I'm having a hard time trying to find a name. I'm thinking of something really geeky or weird. Any thoughts?
  11. There are stairs in there. Next to the escelators. Stupid me, we went to Epcot at 6pm oin our last night there before heading over to Magic KIngdom cause we had heard Soarin' had it's soft opening, we got over there and it was open but stupid me didn't take my camera.
  12. Now that is a new one that I havn't heard before. The thing is, I could never hurt or a kill a ride off I really have to dissagree with you. Many rides and parks do completly amaze me. The last time I hated Magic KIngdom mainly because of the bad time I had there. But this time I tried to hit all the parks with a open mind. I wasn't expecting Epcot to be anything amazing but it really was. I had been really hyped up about Test Track by friends that had ridden it and things I had read on the internet about how cool it was and after queuing for a hour I was hoping it would mee
  13. First off I didn't know if this is the right place to post this but if it isn't could mod move it to the right place. Thanks. Anyway, on with the report! My Trip Report Well well well. It seems I am bcak from Orlando after two weeks of coaster riding and park visiting. It really was a awsome trip and I would recommend going to anyone. The area has something for everyone from Thrill Seekers to little kids. Weather Just to annoy you all the weather was brilliant. Landing at Orlando International there were lots of clouds and arriving at our hotel, Disney All Stars Movies, it rai
  14. Yer, loads of parks use them as a marker so they can see the highest pints of the rides. It helps them and the planning departments more in visioning what the ride will look like when it is in the park, not jsut on paper. The british parks have been using Balloons as markers for ages. Thorpe have done it with Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Project Stealth (their rocket coaster for 2006) and Alton did it for Oblivion, Rita and when they wanted to build there wooden coaster in the valley. So yer, height marking balloons going up in theme parks are normally a good sign of things to come!
  15. Cool pictures. But a quick question. I am guessing your pics were taken after the park shut and the trains had been moved into the storage, maintance area. So why have they put the trains that would normally be at the load station into the storage/maintance area, and kept the other trains in the offload area and not moved them forward into the load platform?
  16. I doubt that will ever happen. B&M have this thing about launched coasters or building coasters over 300ft high. Shame really. If anything it gives Intamin the advantage in the market for high and fast coasters.
  17. I've had an idea. All cameras have straps on that you slide your hand in. So you get a clip, like one mountain climbers and absailers use. Put that on the strap and then hook the clip round the grab bar on the restraint, do it up and wala. The camera ain't going anywhere.
  18. I get a 404 error aswell right after the massive annoying advert.
  19. I agree. It looks amazing. Looks like they are still biulding the park though from the pcis on coastersandmore. But it does look brilliant. The whole layout and setting looks brilliant. Right on the side of a mountain. I got to go there a ride it someday. *adds to long list of coasters to ride before death*
  20. Ok, as I said, I have never been and from picture the park looks pretty full up.
  21. To Canobie Fan :: Happy Birthday Have a great birthday and heres a G5 To Everyone that has had a birthday since the forum has been open: Have a bit of the late birthday cake!
  22. Also, do they have the room for a hyper coaster? I have never visited but from pictures I have seen from above, the park doesn't seem to have alot of room to expand to because of its urban location. But I agree with the Impulse. I think it would look brilliant at Knotts.
  23. Yer, I mean putting your hands up on coasters I don't see a problem with and throwing you out the park for doing it is a bit over the top. So ou suggest i email PR at the parks before I go Robb?
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