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  1. Yer, I was thinking about that also for when I go to Florida at Easter. Should I just ask a ride op before I get on or contact the parks (disney, IOA, sea world) etc. in advance?
  2. Can someone explain what the little track that comes out the launch bit is used for. It looks like the back spike fo a shuttle coaster and can be seen on the parks promotional artwork for the ride. I swear I saw a picture of it on the internet someplace. If I find it i will post it. I was just wondering why they would need a spike of track like a shuttle coaster uses when this is a full cicuit coaster.
  3. Why? U2 still rock. Yer, there new stuff isn't as good as there old material but still it is alot hgiher qualitry then rubbish pop music etc. And they still are selling out massive stadiums in hours.
  4. Ah, good old classic Arrow coasters. You just can't beat them, even if they do beat the hell out of ya. And a coaster you don't hear much about is that B&M Invert at Entertainment City, Kuwait. RCDB lists it as brand new, but I can't find a pic of it anywhere.
  5. Elissa, could you change my member title to 'Randomness Rules'. Please.. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar coated suger ontop. Thanks, Jon
  6. Show us your desktop! Heres mine :: http://www.coastersrule.co.uk/mydesktop.jpg It's a pic of half of the cobra roll on Colossus at Thorpe Park.
  7. Hi guys and gals, Im hopping over the pond to Florida with a friend and his parents for two weeks between 7th April and 24th April and I was wondering what will the queues be like for all the Disney Parks, the Universal Parks and Busch Gardens? Are we looking at massive long queues, walk ons or average? All help appreciated, Jonathan
  8. I first started riding and getting into coaster big time back in 2002 however my first decent sized coaster was a little custom Vekoma at a small park in the Ardeness Region of Belgium. I was absululty terrified. However my first major coaster was on my first visit to Alton Towers and I rode AIR for the first time. Got stuck on it though, but thats a different story. But yer, it rocked and I havn't looked back since.
  9. PS2 :: GTA San Andreas (my little bro plays alot more than me) Xbox :: Halo 2, PGR 2 and Rainbox Six 3. Excellent games especailly with Live!
  10. Golden Touch - Razorlight Tis a brilliant song!
  11. I count a coaster as anything on RCDB.
  12. If I could drive I would probably go for automatic. But because I can't drive I guess I can't vote. But I did. Oh, randomness!
  13. Is anyone going to this event? For people that don't know. Black Hole at Alton Towers is being removed this season and on Saturday 5th March Alton Towers are holding a day long event for enthusiasts where we can ride Black Hole in the dark, with lights on, have lunch and see a presentation by the Towers head of engineering. It looks like a great event and I am thinking of going but I don't want to be at the park all on my tod not knowing anyone. So is anyone going? Anyone want to meet up there for the day?
  14. That is really awsome! I really really like it. Do you have any other coaster models?
  15. What exactly are they doing to the ride? Are they modifing the layout or just doing all the effects up etc?
  16. My local park is Thorpe Park at around about 1-2 hours away. Depends on traffic though. And I live by Stansted Airport in a little village called Takeley about 25 miles north of London. And it is boring as pie.
  17. These rides are really awsome. I rode on one at Bobbejaanland in the summer and it rocked. Rode in the rain which kinda hurt but then rode a few more times after it stopped raining and it ruled. The queues go really fast because of the huge capacity however it is a shame that the ride time is so short. You only a get a couple of swings at full height. I really need to to get over the USA and get to Cedar Point one of these days!
  18. The video worked fine for me and that coaster just looks like a laugh. No banking and it sounds like it has anti rollbacks around the entire track. The park looks good and I'm sure will get better as they start to get more money and they invest in bigger rides. But that drop tower just looks wrong. And don't diss the disco. They rule. They are just very strange rides, yer the seating is totally messed up but the ride experiance i just something totally new. And you can't go wrong with a Vekoma Kiddie Coaster!
  19. Hi Guys! Welcome to Wood Runner my first ever No Limits coaster! First off I hope you have as much fun riding this as I did making it. This really is a acheivement for me. Building a coaster in two weeks was very difficult for me seeing as this is like my 4th coaster i have ever built in the editor. All supports are custom however I did use the Flange Editor to add the flanges cause I really didn't have any time in the end. I also tried my hand at heartlining through the editor and hand smoothing. I then used the AHG and the Smooth editor to make the track as good as I could get it. I have ch
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