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  1. Only 3? I know some poeple that have been on it nearly 100 times in a day thanks to SRQ.
  2. Um, I'm still in my school clothes, so that would be: Black Trousers Black Socks Little Blue Shirt No Shoes
  3. I really don't know about this one. I really love Detonator at Thorpe Park. That ride rocks however after you have ridden it like 100 times it starts to feel a bit tame. Apocalypse at Drayton is also very good. The sit down side is very tame compared to Detonator but the stand up side and floorless sides are awsome. And then there is Mystery Castle which is just plain amazing! I jsut can't choose! :lol
  4. Yer, I did. TBH Nemesis doesn't do that much for me. yer, it's a good coaster and all, but I have had a lot more fun rides and intense, Inferno is just getting better every year, on Nemesis sister in the south. And yer, Colossus is amazing. Now that coaster throws you around, the drop is brilliant and the inversions are just mad. Did you know they ban stay on's on Colossus because of the inversions. They don't think people are up for stay on's. Tis a shame But yer, Colossus is very good. People maon that it is rough unlike Inferno but that is what makes Colossus special. IT make
  5. I have been a guinea pig twice. Once on AIR. It was ERT and we got to the bottom of the lift and it stopped. Ended up laying in the prone position for 30 mins before a engineer got the lift going again. It was a good ride though. Especially as it was my first ever 'big' coaster. And Robbeal, you say you got stuck on Inferno at Thorpe Park? I was at the park one day in August aswell and it broke down for like most fo the day with a train being evaced on the saftey brakes. I was the first person out on the track when it reopend front row. Maybe you saw me? I was in a red Nemesis In
  6. jonathan h


    They looks like nice cameras. Is 3.2 megapixels good? Any major difference compared to 4 mega pixels? And yer, I do have a sd card. A 64mb one that I havn't filled up on one trip yet.
  7. Yer, the front of the volcano looks nice but round the back of the station it is just like a steel building, shame really especailly seeing as it is all on view for the public. And yer, the tunnel on Inferno is pretty bad. Shame though because really it should just be filled with the steam so there isn't really any need for any sort of theming, but most days the steam is on, but not enough. Last season there was a tin of paint in the tunnel all season.
  8. Last coaster I rode was Barnstormer at Adventure Island Southend when I went on the Guides Forum closed season trip. The last coaster I rode in the open season was Flying Fish, I was on the last ever public ride. RIP Fish.
  9. Hi, My names Jonathan and I will be your guide for today. I live in Essex, England and my local park is Thorpe Park. My favourite coaster iof all time? I don't know, all coasters are good in there many different ways however my favourite British coasters have to be Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Oblivion. They rule! See you guys on the forums, Jonathan
  10. Yer, I know i'm not robb but I have made a few onride videos on some coasters here in Britain and I have found the ebst way to stop the camera falling is to get a good hold on it, put a strap from it round your neck or tightly round your arm. I havn't found a way of holdin the camera as still as Robb yet though.
  11. jonathan h


    I am currently using a: Shame it broke though, it was a good camera even though it took a while for it to take the photo after pressing the button. I am just looking for a camera that isn't massive that I can just take photos with without it becoming a chore and something that takes to long. The battery life on my camera at the moment is extremly poor, lasting only about 30 mins before turning itself off.
  12. jonathan h


    Thanks for the quick replys guys. In responce to RCFreak and Martyn: I don't really want to spend over £200-£250 on it, mainly because i have hardly any money at the mo but I think my parents could help me out. I would realisticlly want to point and click, I don't really want to spend a large amount of time setting the camera up. I don't go to theme parks to ake pictures, lol, taking them is just a bonus. I would like the pictures to be jsut for online use, I don't think I would ever want to print them off. And I'm not picky what company it is made by. All help would be great, Jonathan
  13. jonathan h


    Howdy Robb, My camera finally gave up working the other day when I went to see Chinese New Year in London and now I think it woukld be a great time to update to a new one. Can you recommend a good camera that would take high quality photos in digital for use at theme parks and good for taking photos of fast moving rides. All help is appreciated, Jonathan
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