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  1. Anywhere from August 29th - Sept 1st It hasn't been decided yet. Yes, that's right. It's August, and the school board hasn't decided when to start school. Then again, they have about the same administrative qualities as a gerbil.
  2. Heat = Bad Heat + Humidity = Worse Heat + Humidity + Digging a big ass hole for a new patio = About as bad as you get Heat + Humidity + Hole-digging + Going inside only to find that the a/c is FUBAR = Life at it's best A shiny nickel to whoever can guess how my day went!
  3. While I enjoy all the truly fast coasters, rides like EL Toro, Big Bad Wolf, Lightning Racer, and the Great Nor'Easter provide a good "OMFG this is faaaaaaast" feeling, and all except El Toro stay under 60MPH. I find a coaster that is well laid-out to be more remarkable than one that has a massive hydraulic system or a 312 foot lift hill [Not to say that TTD, Kingda Ka, and Millennium aren't amazing rides]
  4. At CP: - TTD was rolling back, and about three people thought it was going to crash and started running away from the track, screaming. [There ARE signs that tell you this is a normal occurance] At Hershey: - After riding Roller Soaker, I was confronted by a guy I had bombed. He apparently didn't understand that the ride was meant to drop water, and apparently didn't see the "YOU WILL GET WET IN THIS AREA" painted on the ground. He said, and I quote: "What the F#$%'s wrong with you? You got some major balls to be dumping $#%^ing water on people from a roller coaster! My phone won't ^@#$ing work! You got the #$%^ing money to replace it?" He then stormed off, found the nearest employee, and complained that I dumped a bottle of water off the ride. The employee looked at me and we both burst out laughing. He continued yelling at the employee, who couldn't keep a straight face. The best part is, after he finished "talking" with the employee, he pulled out his phone and called someone. - Someone talking about Sidewinder, a Vekoma boomerang: "Why are they letting people on when it's not even finished?" - Random ghetto guy: "Yo yo son how's your daughter son?" At Morey's Piers: - On the Sea Serpent: "How do they keep it from falling through the boardwalk?" - Outside the Nor'Easter "Let's go on the Alpengeist!" At Dorney: - Getting on Steel Force: 1: "What the hell's that bar there for?" 2: "You're supposed to hold on to it, duh" 1: "I can't hold onto it right! It feels uncomforatble! Wait...Okay! It moves!" A few seconds later: "Why won't it go back up?" I felt like strangling them. Too bad that mysterious bar doesn't go back up....
  5. - For one, the Great Nor'Easter is an amazing SLC. Most people don't think such a thing can exist. Not only is it smooth, but they way it intertwines with the waterslides makes it about 10x better. I liked it MUCH better when it was red, though. Especially when lit up at night. - Also, I've been on 2 Vekoma boomerangs [Morey's and Hershey], and loved both of them. - Another bunch of good rides are at Dorney, but no one seems to like them either, particularly Hydra, Talon, and Steel Force. While Force is getting a bit rough these days, it still has the airtime that everyone says it lacks. - And call me crazy, but I think Viper at Great Adventure was pretty damn good for a supposed death machine.
  6. ^Floorlii haha Anyway, it seems like Premier hasn't been building any LIM shuttles or spaghetti bowls. Or are they? I haven't heard of one being built in a while. They seem to be "outdated" as well.
  7. The thing eats X for breakfast, IMO I need to ride it. Right now. Great job with the video!
  8. ^ the wonders of double stations and an efficient crew...we need more rides like that!!! 50th post!
  9. Good: - B&M Roar - Launches, particularly the Hulk, Intamin Hydros, and S&S Space Shots - Magnetic Brakes - When Vekoma Bommerangs disengage the second lift - Sound of a Vekoma SLC chain lift, especially when starting up - B&M lifts - The station floor on a floorless Bad: - Pneumatic brakes - Rollback dogs - The "clacking" sound of some Premier LIMs [Chiller especially] - When it sounds as if the ride will fall apart mid-operation
  10. Can't decide between these: - Jack Rabbit's double-down [last car] - Steel Force's double-up [first car] - Drop off the MCBR on Steel Force [last car] - Basically any drop on El Toro, in any car. It's just that good. - Millennium Force's first drop [last car]
  11. It's not that the pace of time changes...the pace of the clock changes. The atomic clock aboard the launch vessel works by measuring the emission of radiation from the hydrogen inside of it. Apparently, gravity has an effect on the rate of emission, causing the clock to run faster than it should. All they proved was that the hydrogen in that MASER releases more radiation when there is less gravity, not that time itself changes due to gravity. Most of the actual experiment results were probably misinterpreted.
  12. I'm another addict. Records: Beginner: 8 seconds Intermediate: 38 seconds Expert: 177 seconds DejaVu4life, I think you're scores are pretty good, but I could suck too and not know it. And I have a question: How the hell did you finish in 4 seconds?? I suppose it's all up to chance when it comes to beginner mode, but that's still pretty damn quick.
  13. ^what she said^ There's really nothing in this area, so hotels are cheap unless you're in the tourist trap area around Dorney. What? A tourist trap in the Lehigh Valley? Nonsense!
  14. Oni

    DDR Songs

    Let's see... -Drop the Bomb [system SF mix] -V for EXTREME -Tsuguru Are my favorite songs from DDR. I don't play it at all though, so I don't know all of the songs from the different versions, and I suck at it...badly. My StepMania abilities on a keyboard, however, are a completely different story.
  15. Yep...the same way we all knew it was going to be 500 feet tall
  16. ^ Is undoubtedly correct < Also enjoys some good spontanaity, nonsensicality, and the like V Likes Vekoma SLCs [i will probably have to answer my own post ]
  17. Had to resurrect this because I love coasters in the rain In no partiucular order: - Phantom's Revenge - Steel Force - Lighning Racer - The Nor'Easter [Vekoma SLC]
  18. Is it just me, or do those poll numbers only add to 98% ? Anyway, I think we should have never gotten involved in the first place. The invasion was unjustified, to put it lightly. Do YOU see any WMD's?? I could go on... At least there was a stable form of government in Iraq under Saddam, albeit a harsh one. By taking him out we only threw the country into chaos, as there are now a slew of insurgent factions all trying to gain power. If we pull out now, it will be pure anarchy, so we really have no choice but to stay put for the moment... Major props to our pet monkey in the white house for getting us into this one...
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