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  1. Yes...I know that you could argue that I technically disobeyed the rules, but I really did not want my phone to grow legs while I was riding, and I did forget to mention that the phone was in fact in a velcro cargo pocket.
  2. Non-Photo TR [sorry - didn't feel like carrying the camera around all day] Well, we decided that due to the weather, Monday would be better for the trip. I was hoping to get there before 10 so we could get on some stuff without huge lines, but you all know how that usually goes. So we ended up getting in [admission lines are obscene there] around 11, and there was already a 2.5hr wait for KK and ET, so we waited an hour in another line to get a Q-bot/Flashpass [Gold]. After that, though, it was smooth sailing through the park. The three of us decided to hit Ka first, and waited four minutes or so before the flashpass scanner thingy would let us on. As soon as we got up to the platform, I heard the ride ops call for a single rider - for the front seat. So, like the good friend I am, I ditched everyone for a front seat ride on Ka. Well, the ride was nothing short of insane, although much too short, and it really dries out your eyes. Still, it was awesome being able to look down the launch track and see the brakes drop. The rest is literally a blur, because my eyes were freaking out from the 128mph rush of wind. So that was Ka. Then we did Medusa, which I've been on before, but it was interesting in its own way. I didn't trust my phone in the little bins they have on the platform, so I went on the ride without "securing all my loose articles." So I went through the ride and got out of the station before I even thought of the thing. When I finally did remember it [i was going to "steal" an onride photo with the camera on it], it was, of course, gone. I asked the attendant at the photo place what I could do about it, and she said that a phone had just fallen off and hit someone!! She got it from under the counter, and sure enough, it was mine. The phone apparently decided that it didn't like my pocket anymore about halfway through the zero-G. The attendant told me that security/first aid had to come and make sure that the woman it had hit was all right, and it didn't take them too long. Meanwhile, I apologized to the woman and her family. They of course were upset, and I mentioned that there are usually safety nets under inversions that are over/near walkways. One guy [i suppose her husband] said "Well then this is a lawsuit" or somethng like that. Then security arrived and said I was free to go. [For all those wondering - the phone is fine, just a few nicks from hitting the concrete] We then did Ka a second time [second row this time....], and then Medusa...again. Then we hit Superman, got Nathan's, and hit Superman again. Skipped the Great American Death Machine. Nothing special there. My cousin, who had never been to GAdv, didn't believe that my name for it was fitting, and wanted to ride until people got off swearing about their heads. Then, I noticed that El Toro was finally running [it had been closed that morning] Scanned the Flash Pass, and found that it would be a 40 minute wait, even with the Gold Service. So, we killed some time on the log flume. When the three of us got on El Toro [back row], a ride op asked to have the restraints unlocked, declared that he was now on break, and jumped in the open seat in front of me next to my cousin. He suggested that we keep our hands up the entire time, but it is pretty much a physical impossibility, especially through the last few turns. Overall though, an awesome ride. The "Rolling Thunder" hill really is all it's hyped up to be, which surprised me. The whole ride surprised me, especially the way it runs the course at such a furious pace. After the ride, we hung out for a bit with the op [whose name is Ryan], got food, and such. Apparently, we were cool enough to get exit passes from him. After that, we went over to Nitro, got on immediately with the Flashpass, and enjoyed the ride. Then Batman, which was another quick wait, except for the fact that someone got sick before we could get on. Apparently, none of the ride ops knew anything about what to do with antiseptic spray, paper towels, and sawdust, so we had to wait for some other employees to come and clean it up. Then we got on Batman, and it was pretty much a disappointment to me. Too much snap through the turns, transitions, and inversions. Basically the whole ride. It just didn't flow, IMO. We did Nitro again, and then a second ride on Batman because my friend and cousin like it so much...can't see why though. I knew Chiller was going to be closed, but seeing it and not being able to ride it was still a bummer. After Batman, we took the chairlift thing over to the El Toro area, and used our wonderful exit passes. The GP didn't seem too pleased about it, though. Got the back seat again for another crazy ride - at night! It was getting late at that point, so we went over to Ka for one last ride. Took the back seat this time. It was all right [the lights on the launch track are cool], but it shook horribly during the launch, and actually gave me a bit of a headache. Got some airtime over the top, though. After that, we returned the Q-bot and drug our asses back to the car and headed home. My thanks to all those who gave advice, especially about the Flashpass. It really was worth every cent, in my opinion. So goes a day at Great Adventure. - Oni
  3. Well, I'm planning a trip to Great Adventure for either this Saturday or Monday. While this might not be the best time to go, being Labor day weekend and all, it's pretty much now or never. I'm just a bit unsure on a few things: 1. Would Saturday or Monday would be better as far as crowds/wait times go? I've heard the place gets crazy on Saturdays, but with Monday being a holiday and all I suppose it could be worse.... 2. I've been hearing that Kingda Ka and El Toro frequently don't open when the park does. Is this true, and if so, is there a time when they usually do open? 3. Flash Pass/Q-Bot: What would you recommend? Money's an issue here. The Gold Service for four people runs about $167, while the standard is around $70. Is the gold really worth the extra $100? And furthermore, does the standard service really help all that much? 4. Any suggestions on what to hit first, last, etc? Just general advice for getting on these rides without hour+ waits would be greatly appreciated, as I haven't been there in about 5 years. Thanks! -Oni
  4. I'd say SLC's have the craziest brakes. It bends the structure!! That's not supposed to happen! Also, Schwarzkopfs seem to stop pretty quickly, and the roughness of the brakes adds to the sensation. In particular, Raptor's at CP definitely caught my attention, along with Alpengeist. Maybe I should add B&M Inverts to the general list??
  5. ^Once claimed that I hid all the bacon^ V This person hid it. V
  6. Surprisingly, that's never happened to me. I'm a bit overdue for one of those lettuce gerbil invasions, though. I'll have to watch my back. So what's this life thing all about?
  7. It's the door on the left. Trust me on this one.
  8. If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college
  9. Just Finished: Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get Now Playing: Fastball - The Way Up Next: Coheed and Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic
  10. Yes we get together every tuesday. It's quite a festive occasion. Why?
  11. I was there on the last Saturday in June and I was able to walk on, even for the front seat. They wouldn't let me stay on, though. I had to walk all the way around and through the queue to get on again. Good thing it's an amazing queue! It was just strange. Lines for the Hulk and Spiderman were 60+, but everything in the Lost Continent area was basically forgotten by the GP. We even got into Mythos right away with no reservations! It's funny how some people are just too lazy to walk to the back of a park.
  12. ^^^My thoughts exactly. It's about time someone got that point across.
  13. The sun won't rise or set if you do that, but time will still pass, and eventually you'll hit the IDL and it will be a different day, so time will still be passing.
  14. I Be An Retarded - They Might Be Giants
  15. Because you paid a group of small rodents from Djibouti nine dollars and eleventy-six cents to perform a mongolian plate dance on your kitchen counter yestereday. The History Channel has theorized that the Knights Templar were also involved. If the moon is made of cheese, what is the Earth made of?
  16. I suppose you all are correct.... But coudn't they make a new version that's smoother, makes less noise, and is more reliable? Possibly taller? I mean, it's such a good ride experience, and so much different than other freefalls.
  17. WHY? Why must they close???? I love those things!!! Intamin should really bring them back....
  18. 99 with 90% humidity, which makes it "feel like" 119. ................^And that's what makes it a complete bitch to work outside. It would only be half a bitch if there was no humidity
  19. While I think they could have done more with the layout, I like the trains and that "low-to-the-ground" design. I've got the A-Team theme stuck in my head now after watching that video edit: Sorry you can't see the link in the quote...but it's there.
  20. ^exactly Your state of mind alters your perception of time. Minds do not like to sit idle, like while waiting in line. That's where boredom comes in, and makes things seem 10x longer, because your mind is searching for something to occupy itself with. Then, while you're on the ride, your mind is very active, and so you don't notice the passing of time as much. And about the car accidents, that's just your mind going "WTF!?!?! OMG!!! WE'RE GONNA CRAAAAASH!!" It's in the eye of the beholder, I suppose
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