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  1. Yeah i agree...........i loved thunderhead but it just didnt give me the thrill Lightning Racer did.
  2. How............dare you BGEs coasters are all AMAZING. Overrated Coaster id have to say.....Magnum XL-200....its fun but not a top 10 coaster.
  3. Ugh man I would love to go on all of those trips but my schedule just won't coperate me being a football player and 2 a day practice starts July 31st. I would LOVE to go on that east coast trip. Maybe I can go on a trip next year if the dates are before August.
  4. ....The Ropers complained to much about all the button pressing noises.
  5. Me Alpengeist Raptor Afterburn Volcano Wicked Twister Ill be riding Goliath at SFFT in a month and possibly Great Bear in October. Yeah ive only been on 5 inverts they all are awesome! -Football *loves inverted coasters and hasn't ridden an SLC yet* teen58
  6. If you like Shockwave more than B&M standups I NEVER want to go on a B&M standup! -Football *is having horrible cringing memories of Shockwave* teen58
  7. I'm going to Texas in late June for about a week........to visit my sister. We are going to visit Galveston, Kemah Boardwalk(BOARDWALK BULLET WOOO! GG WOODIE!), an Astros game, San Antonio, and whats the biggest to me: Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I've never been to Texas before, or a Six Flags, on a Batman clone, on a FoF clone, on a floorless coaster(cept Griffon), spinning coaster, or a Proslide Tornado. Naturally I would like to know what you guys think of SFFT and what should I know before I go. Also if any of the coasters will cause me crazy pain like Hurler at Carowinds did which pulled a few muscles...... Oh and is Flash Pass Gold(or regular for four people) worth it? My family is really thrifty sometimes.
  8. YOUR ALL WRONG! its a new scrambler......... Football *copies people too much* teen58
  9. I've only ridden one stand up. I could of ridden Mantis at CP and Vortex at Carowinds. I wish i did but oh well. Ive ridden Shockwave at KD. All i can say about it is PAIN.
  10. I did not like Mean Streak when I went.....I'd switch the MF and MS ratings if i had a PTR..........ugh i wanna go back to CP for Maverick, TTD, Blue Streak, Wildcat, Mantis, CCMR, and whatever credits i can get...........oh and 5,000,000 MF re-rides
  11. Did you know? Topple Towers are really really really really really really really BORING!
  12. hahaha, my thoughts exactly I rarely say this, but it really wouldn't kill them to also remove a few rides, the park is just cluttered with a bunch of rides that are pretty below average. Thats kind of sad because they don't have that many rides... Oh and another improvement give Nightborg Assimihawkator a fresh coast of paint black would look awesome.
  13. What a fun topic.... Kings Dominion: -Remove Shockwave -more trash cans I MEAN MAKE US WALK ON THEM!!!!!!!!! -Add a really tall roller coaster....158' is not tall......too me BGE: -Needs a modern flat or two. -ONE MORE coaster (for people saying it needs more animals........last time I checked Europe isn't known for its animals unlike Africa) Carowinds: -Add something to make me want to come back(no i dont like wave pools) -FRICKEN RETRACK HURLER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -MORE TRASH CANS your lack of >1,000,000 trash cans is a dissapointment for a CF park IoA: -maybe a few more rides CP: -obviously more trash cans we need them in the lake too -another coaster or two with inversions, -for the love of god do something with Mean Streak make it not suck -please stop going overboard with the safety voice things in the stations and on the smaller rides HP: -Hyper -a more recent flat like a top spin would be cool -free chocolate Family Kingdom -use two trains on Swamp Fox -give me a reason to come again instead of HRP
  14. They should of got the painters who did Goliath at SFFT. That coaster has one of the best paint jobs i've seen on a B&M. I kind of wish they'd paint dominator something other than orange and yellow there are WAY too many coasters now that are yellow or orange.
  15. I wonder if they'll put any sort of plants under it...Oh well unlike Scream theres no parking lot left lol. Im looking foward to seeing it when its done...........but seriously whats been with all the orange and yellow coasters lately?
  16. This is awesome i went to Hershey about 7 or so years ago I REALLY want to go back! Maybe next year I can convince my parents but theres still Dorney and Six Flags Great Adventure i wanna go to!!!! At hershey i still have to ride Storm Runner, SDL, Fahrenheit, Great Bear, and Sidewinder 8( I MUST GO BACK dang i hate being a teenager....
  17. A good ride for Rock & Roll Heaven would be a HUSS giant frissbee. Maybe they should put a scrambler in born in the USA.
  18. I can't wait to go here this summer when i go to Texas.........i doubt ill have the money or my parents will for the flash pass and the front seat on Goliath though. Looking foward to it, itll be my first Six Flags ever.
  19. Let's just make MF more modern by paintning it orange with blue supports like all the other latest tall coasters
  20. Is there a custom B&M Invert at any Six Flags parks??? Oh well I can't wait to ride Goliath im going to texas this summer and im going to SFFT for my amusement park down there itll be tight.
  21. Shapiro isnt done repainting all the kiddie rides in the SF chain every week.
  22. Good Photos. But to behonest if i went to Epcot i wouldnt be able to stay there for a day like i can for BGE. After test track and mission space id be bored out of my mind.
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