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  1. I'm still lookin for a new map of the park since Carowinds is too lazy to put it on their website unlike KD(surprising).
  2. The Water Dummies say "haha hello we are the water dummies we get to ride Griffon almost two months before you do because the flowers have to be planted smf because we are better than you"
  3. So hurler is still a machine of torment? Can somebody post a map? Do they have those annoying computer voices on all the rides now like they do at Cedar Point?
  4. I am hoping that Steel Venom is going to Carowinds. I think they may be relocating it to a former paramount park. Rule out PKD(Volcano) and PCW. Maybe PKI should be ruled out too. PGA can kiss my @$$.
  5. I wonder if the fact that theres a new coaster in the back of the park will get more people on Mean Strreak. I believe Cedar Point said Mean Streak had more riders than TTD last year .
  6. Hurler at Carowinds those who went recently you know what im talking about.
  7. Whats with the whole topping of the coaster and the american flag thing?
  8. I cant wait to ride Griffon May 12th is the day I go over the edge. And April 14th is the day I dont see light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Ah three hour away home park goodness. They need more flats and the BB expansion sucked butt. HAHAHA Fear the Four isnt new. PKD also has it.
  10. Finally a coaster site with more west coast people. I live on the East Coast I have ridden Borg Assimilator at Carowinds. The load/unload times are terrable but the ride rarely breaks down. At least PGA has flats though Carowinds has little to no major flats at all.
  11. Ah a Proslide Mammothbowl. Im gonna sound stupid but I didnt know that Tilt a Whirls were made anymore Carowinds should get one.
  12. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND TO DO A TWISTED HORSESHOE ROLL??!!?!!? WTF Looks to me like two corkscrews with a turn between em. I wish people would stop saying its different its really just a standard coaster with fake rocks and a launch in the middle kinda like Cali Screamin reversed.
  13. I wish the drop was a bit higher and there were more inversions. Ha Wathell is here too. Oh and to the dude who thinks the launch is 57 mph thats the speed it gets from the hill the launch is actually 70 mph and it takes you up a 75 foot hill? COME ON that shoud be a loop.
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